The Voice Of William Blake

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In 1948, Allen Ginsberg was staying in Harlem. Things were not going well in his life. One night, he read “Ah, Sunflower,” by William Blake. He thought the voice of Mr. Blake was reading the poem for him. Later, something similar happened with “The Sick Rose.” Here is a tmi version of the story.

Sixty odd years later, PG is trying to recreate this incident. Instead of reading the work, PG is posting the lines at the feet of dogs. Instead of a Harlem building, with fancy brickwork, PG is in a Brookhaven house. The house was built in 1954. The sky above is the same, both for Harlem and Brookhaven.

Perhaps the strangest bit of synchronicity involves the first paragraph of this text. PG had finished with the meme poem. The third game of the world series was on the tv, seen on a mirror behind the monitor. As PG typed the words “The Sick Rose,” a St. Louis player hit a ground ball. The fielder threw the ball to home plate, and a runner was tagged out. The catcher threw the ball to third base, and the ball got behind the baseman. The runner started to run, and got tripped by the third baseman. Even though he was tagged by the catcher, the umpire ruled that his being tripped made him safe. Is this as weird as hearing the voice of a dead English poet in a Harlem apartment?

Mr. Blake liked to illustrate his own work. Here is what he did for “The Sick Rose.” Whether using dogs is an improvement is a matter for smart people to decide. The text of these poems is copied from the Gutenberg Project. They are happy to get donations.









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  1. The Shepherd | Chamblee54 said, on November 2, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    […] as well as graphics. “The Shepherd” was written by William Blake. It is not known if Allen Ginsberg tripped out over this poem. Some say the Shepherd is really Jesus. PG thinks this is tmi. The text […]

  2. […] of things slip by him. He did develop an admiration for Allen Ginsberg, which led to William Blake. One night, with the World Series in the background, PG found a poem by Mr. Blake, The Tyger. “Tyger […]

  3. The Voice Of William Blake | Chamblee54 said, on October 15, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    […] of these poems is copied from the Gutenberg Project. They are happy to get donations. This is a rerun. The Cardinals are in the baseball post season again. The poem pictures have been redone. The […]

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