Fruit Cake

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A facebook friend put some fruitcake facts on the internet. PG saw a chance for some text to put between pictures. He would be nutty as a fruitcake to turn down this chance. This is a repost.

Fruitcakes were buried with the dead in Ancient Egypt. It’s true. Ancient Egyptians used to fill the tombs of the dead with all the supplies that they would need to enjoy the afterlife, including food and water. Fruitcake was often put into the tomb of a deceased person because a fruitcake soaked in a natural preservative like alcohol or fruit juice would last a long time. It was thought that the preserved fruitcake would not spoil on the journey to the afterlife. Fruitcake was a staple food of other ancient Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian and Mediterranean cultures as well

Candied fruits are used in fruitcake because using sugar was the only way to preserve the fruit long enough to get it back to Europe from the Middle East. When the Crusaders began carrying exotic fruits back to their European home the fresh fruit would spoil long before they were able to get it home. Ingenious traders began drying the fruits by candying them with sugar which made them an even more delicious treat and preserved them indefinitely. Once the candied fruits were sent to Europe and to other parts of the world they were baked into cakes so that they could be shared with family and friends on special occasions.

Fruitcakes will last for years without spoiling. It’s true. A fruitcake that is properly preserved with an alcohol soaked cheesecloth that is then wrapped in plastic wrap or foil can be kept unrefrigerated for years without spoiling. In the past, before refrigerators came along, families would make fruitcake for holidays and special occasions months in advance of the actual event and then let the covered fruitcakes sit wrapped in an alcohol soaked cloth until the event happened. As long as the cloth was remoistened with alcohol occasionally the cakes not only didn’t spoil, they actually tasted richer and sweeter because they had been soaking in brandy and rum for a couple of months.

To millions of fruitcake consumers, the town of Claxton GA is very special. This south Georgia town, just down the road from Reidsville, is home to Claxton Fruit Cake . The story of the Claxton Fruit Cake company is a sweet one. Savino Tos founded the Claxton Bakery in 1910. He hired Albert Parker in 1927, and sold him the business in 1945. Mr. Parker decided to sell Fruit Cake to America.

No story about fruitcake is complete without mentioning the “Fruitcake Lady”. Marie Rudisill , an aunt of Truman Capote, wrote a book of fruitcake recipes. She became a tv celebrity, before going to the bakery in the sky November 3, 2006.

The urban dictionary has nine listings for fruit cake. The ones for homosexuals and crazy people are there. UD gets creative with this selection: “The act of releasing green chunky diarrhea onto your partners face then, ejaculating on it, then punching him/her in the nose causing the colors to mix together to form a fruit cake like color.”

If you tire of jokes about fruitcake, you can go to The society for the protection and preservation of fruitcake . (If you click on the “new URL”, you will be invited to join in the green card lottery.) There used to be a link on the society page that enables you to buy Fruitcake Mints. “Keep your breath fruitcake fresh with these festive mints! Turns out, the baked good actually tastes decent in mint form.”

Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”




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PG had heard about yet another celebrity making offensive comments about queers. Since PG had never seen, nor heard of, the tv show the celebrity was in, it was questionable how much concern it deserved. After a few days of facebook firestorm, PG began to wonder just what the man said.

Mr. Google had a list of 299 million places to look. On the first page, there was a link. PG clicked on the link. After a few seconds, an auto start video started to play. It was a commercial for a Dove soap product, designed for the use of men. There was no place to turn the noise off. PG left the site.

On the second page of the google list was a link to What the Duck? This was the article, in GQ magazine, that quacked up America. It seems like a writer went to Louisiana to listen to Phil Robertson. The writer is surprised that Monroe, LA, is pronounced MUN row.

The sensational quote is presented, without any context, early on in the piece. Any casual readers will see it before the attention span runs out. There are other bizarre quotes. Supposedly, black people in Louisiana were happier under Jim Crow. (FWIW, “He and his wife, Korie, adopted a biracial child named Will and are dedicated advocates of the practice.”) “Islamists” are a “society where there is no Jesus.” And on, and on, and on. Spell check suggestion for Islamists: Misogamists, Alarmists.

The article paints the picture of a man, perhaps well meaning, who simply cannot keep his mouth shut. “While Phil proselytizes, I lean over to Willie (Phil’s son), who is playing a video game on his phone. Boy, it’s hard to get a word in with him! Willie nods knowingly, barely looking up. I get the sense he’s heard all this before, many, many times.”

The article keeps coming back to the “faith” of Mr. Robertson. He does seem to believe what he says. So did the people who flew planes into the World Trade Center. At some point a person has to ask what it says, about Jesus, to be represented by Phil Robertson. (Not to mention Pat Robertson, who has no doubt been confusd for Phil.) Maybe we should just leave it at that.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. These are Union Soldiers, from The War Between the States. Their targets fired back.

Al Pieda

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These days, PG is up at 5:30 am., He hits the road at 7:45. On this Thursday, he was downloading files from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Some of their fine images accompany this report. While his eyes and fingers were busy, his ears were listening to Glenn Loury and John McWhorter, a.k.a. the black guys on

The problem with multi tasking with tbgobh is when you hear something that requires a sound clip. You have to interrupt your downloading to create a dingalink. Doctors Loury and McWhorter like to talk about the quandary of being a proud black man, and what role to let it play in your life. To them, many people are more concerned about their race than they are other parts of life, to their detriment. Not everyone is pleased by what they have to say.

PG has mixed feelings. He doesn’t think much about things in terms of being a white person. Is this the way it is, or is it white privilege? Life can be confusing.

At some point, the conversation turned to Wayne Williams. He was convicted of killing two of the missing and murdered children in 1982. PG had heard, somewhere, that DNA testing was going to be done on Mr. Williams. Then nothing more was heard. What would Mr. Google say about this? It seems as though DNA testing “strengthens” the case against Mr. Williams.

This is part of the problem of working on the internet. You have access to amazing collections. You are also tempted every minute. There are millions of ways to kill time online. If you don’t stay focused, you will never get very much done.

After the Wayne Williams search… or maybe before … PG thought of a conversation he had the day before. Someone said that Ann Coulter had been attacked onstage, and her body guards pulled the attackers away. There were supposed to be videos available.

A youtube search of “Ann Coulter attacked” brought up the embedded video. This was the work of Al Pieda. “… an international terrorist group consisting entirely of pastry chefs. The organization consists of clandestine cells known as “bakeries,” which are believed to operate mostly within Estonia, Albania, and the less-interesting parts of Iowa but mostly in the Wigan area. Al Pieda has claimed responsibility for several heinous crimes, including the assassination of Betty Crocker in 1996,”











Warning: Author

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The War On Christmas

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Merry Christmas used to be a greeting of good will. It meant, I am happy that you survived the year, have a nice holiday. It was not an in your face gesture, designed to express a religious opinion.
Christmas used to be a time of peace on earth and good will towards men. There were parties, gift giving, and holiday time from school and work. The religious part has always been there, but if you wanted to ignore it you could.
Now, the Jesus Worshipers want it all. The fact that our culture is dominated by Jesus worship is not good enough, they want it all. And they don’t care if it offends you. Peace on earth, and good will towards men, is an obsolete concept.

We don’t know when Jesus was born. Some scholars say he was born in the spring, but it was a long, long time ago. When the early Christians were trying to convert the Romans, they decided to have a birthday celebration for Jesus at the time of a pagan holiday. It is the winter solstice, the time of renewal at the end of the year. It is an ideal time for a religious feast.

Many people, PG included, have been hurt by Jesus. Christianism is an aggressive religion, and if you don’t agree, you can expect to be insulted and humiliated. As society becomes more and more secular, the Jesus worshipers get more aggressive. Many people have come to see the birth of Jesus as something to be mourned, rather than celebrated.

PG used to enjoy saying Merry Christmas. To him, it was a greeting of good will. Now, it is taking sides in a nasty fight. Maybe the proper thing to say is have a nice day.

And now for something completely different. PG found this recently, and it is not original to him. If you really need a link to the original, we will look harder.

When I was young and impressionable, I heard the Co-Adjutor Archbishop of Bombay preach on the subject of Christmas. He made the point that the adjective “merry” actually means “to be showing the influence of alcohol”, that is to be at least partially drunk. So to wish someone a Merry Christmas is really to wish them a Drunken Christmas.
And he went on to point out that as drunkenness is a sin, and moreover it is illegal to ply an infant with alcohol, a “merry Christmas” not only treats the birth of Christ as an occasion for sin, it also excludes the guest of honour Himself from the celebration.
That is a perversion of the meaning of Christmas — yet how often do we hear “true Christians” insist on saying “merry Christmas”? Why don’t they just wish the world happiness and joy?

This holiday feature is a repost. The pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








Bubba The Redneck Rabbit

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Santa Claus Is A Woman

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This is a collection of facebook comments. Some of them were posted. Some were not. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ The 2010 California rebellion could not have taken place in a state covered by the Voting Rights Act. ~ When I first saw that, I thought you said Impeach Nancy Reagan. ~ Georgia has open primaries. You can vote in the one you want to. In the runoff, you must vote in the same party party ballot that you chose in the first election. In 1966, Republicans helped Lester Maddox get the Democratic nomination for Governor. The same party rule was enacted after that election. ~ There is usually more action in the Republican primary. ~ In 2006, Ralph Reed was running for Lt. Governor. I thought he needed to spend more time with his family, and voted in the Republican primary. This was the year when Hank Johnson ran against Cynthia McKinney. As much as I wanted to help Mr. Johnson in the runoff, I had voted in the Republican primary, and could not participate in the Democrat runoff. ~ You might also want to follow:@LAYS The perfectly crispy chip that has been America’s favorite snack for 75 years. ~ Don’t watch this on your smart phone while driving ~ In what missions did U last serve? ~ Is that a threat, or an existential threat? ~ I’m going to pray for you ~ Defriending someone. It is not a word or phrase, but an action. It is almost always done without any interaction with the person being defriended. ~ a muse or a mess? ~ a smear campaign might be fun, but would also make you look bad ~ Didn’t you try that with a hammer one time? ~ Patsy Cline is the music for a pretzel commercial. That is wrong. ~ that’s mister dammit show some respect for your elders ~ Did she kill her ski instructor? ~ why are globes always displayed with the northern hemisphere on top? if you are in space you are just as likely to see it with the south on top. ~ I haven’t seen a seven digit phone number in quite a while ~ And we are better? Our government, which we support with our taxes, is murdering these people with high tech weapons ~ There are 2,830,000,000 results for “are you the same in real life as you are on facebook” ~ Only if Rudolph is the daddy. ~ I have never figured out when you cease being the child of people and your own person. Some people never do. Everyone has their own way of dealing with this. I only know the path I have taken, and continue to take. It is fun to read about others. ~ Maybe you should put them in the trash. Our sewers are overworked as it is. The thought is cool, but the application is flawed. ~ has anyone clicked on the headphones expecting a video to start? ~ I hope those bedsheets are bulletproof. ~ This sounds like some of these self loathing white liberals who carry on about racism. ~ Leon Russell was the arranger. ~ One nit picky point. The first name of Mr. Gandhi was Mohandas. Mahatma is a title for Indian royalty. The use of this title to describe Mr. Gandhi is not appropriate. ~ I don’t know anything about working with wikipedia. I suspect that it might be more trouble than I care to deal with. I find it ironic that you list Mother Theresa one notch above Christopher Hitchens. ~ Band I was given: The White Stripes Do I like them: no Seen them?: no Favorite song: Jolene I had never heard of the White Stripes before receiving this challenge. I found a you tube video of a live performance. I did not enjoy it. After fifty minutes, I turned it off, and put Joni Mitchell on. ~ Many Atlanta neighborhoods are full of trees. Just find a place with little traffic near your residence, and go. When biking in Brookhaven I often feel like I am living in a resort. If you can drive for a few minutes, the Chattahoochee river is lined with fabulous parks. ~ This is disgusting. To say that the qualification for queerness is to buy a t shirt. ~ Those drawings did not include a parking lot. ~ Do you ride the artist and martyr bus? ~ A tree cannot say what a forest looks like. Of course, if the forest is empty, the talking tree would not make a sound. If a tree falls in an empty forest, does the chainsaw make a sound? ~ He probably does not snore ~ What is it about white privilege that makes people write so badly? The piece Mouse linked to is horrible. This is true of most posts about race and privilege that I see. If you want to educate the public, you should first educate yourself about how to write. ~ The second to the right is probably very popular ~ Comodify is a great word. Pronounce one way and you turn something into a commodity. Pronounce the second vowel another way, and you convert the subject into a commode. ~ @BretEastonEllis Listen to #kaynewest talk wonder how much I want to hear 13 minutes in he says occupation is creative genius ~ wouldn’t that be the labor department? ~ Firefox has issues. I installed a new version the other day. It was loaded with flaky extras, which are basically glorified viruses. If you are not very careful with your installation you will get one in your system. No matter how many times you delete it, it keeps coming back. Firefox used to be a great program, but it has gone over to the dark side. ~ The area around the new braves stadium is in transition. There was a proposal recently to buy out and tear down a bunch of apartments on nearby Franklin Road. If the Braves think they are getting away from black people, they need to take a closer look at their new home neighborhood. ~ Are you sure it was not his face? ~ Cher had her first hit song in 1965. And she looks much better than these “newcomers.” ~ The first time I heard of Kayne was when he pulled his stunt at an awards show. I have heard little of his all caps music. Recently, I listened to the first thirteen minutes of a podcast with Kanye. He said he lists his occupation as being a creative genius. I stopped listening. ~ what if plymouth rock had landed on the mayflower? ~ another bit of caucasian semantics bites the dust ~ is the water safe to drink? does the ninth most dangerous business apply there too? ~ most internet tests have multiple choice answers, where you frequently choose the least bad answer. happy gobble day ~ Many Christians like to be forgiven much more than they like to forgive. ~ Thank you for reminding me about this. My favorite was #27 alligator. ~ This is going to be a classic. Three hours of the band tuning up between songs. ~ Why do you say it is a Hungarian stew? That is ghoulish, not ghoulash. ~ I wonder how many of the people mourning Nelson Mandela own diamonds. They come from South Africa. The mine owners were a part of apartheid. ~ The Domesticities would be a good name for a horror movie or web hosting service. ~ There are similarities between all three. ~ If you want to borrow some text, the King James version is public domain ~ With all due respect to Mr. Mandela, I have always wondered how he became the only anti apartheid leader that seemed to matter in the west. I am sure that he had rivals in that movement who did not appreciate him. ~ Who ran the movement when Mr. Mandela was in prison? ~ saturday haiku ~ feline canine ursuline ~ animal pundit ~ I had a customer once on the second floor. The building had no elevator. Their jobs usually involved a dozen or so heavy boxes. It was a few steps from the parking spot to the stairs, and a few steps from there to the office. In other words, a hand truck was useless. I would lug the boxes up to the office, they would find a mistake in the job, and I would have to go back and get the job when it was returned. One day, in front of a Catholic church, one of the box tops fell off, and hundreds of pages from a job went all over the road. The company eventually went out of business. They owed my employers a great deal of money when this happened. ~ How about our weather for their money? ~ Do you have a link? Or was this a rhetorical question? If the former, I would like to see it. I can take it, and write some text to go between the pictures. If the latter, I can click “like” and be done with it. If this test is about racial attitudes, and points out possible racists for community opprobrium, the I am not sure what course of action I want to take. ~ I would have respected @fieldnegro more if he ignored #megynkelly ~ This article is pathetic, so unprofessional, looks like it was written by a madonna fan or something. ~ Selah









Mithras Is Born

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Until 2009, PG had never heard of Mithras.

Mithras is a Persian deity, from the Zoroaster tradition.(That is pronounced Zor uh THRUS ta.) Not much is known about Mithras … did he really exist, or was he a legend? There was a cult of Mithras in the first century Roman empire.

There are supposed to be similarities between Mithras and Jesus. These include the virgin birth, the birth on December 25, and rising from the dead after three days. Some spoilsports say the early christians grafted Jesus onto the legend of Mithras.

One indication that this might be true is The Catholic Encyclopedia.
“Some apparent similarities exist; but … it is quite probable that Mithraism was the borrower from Christianity.”
This is a repost. Pictures from The Library of Congress .

Holiday Solo Drink

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Judy Roasting On An Open Fire

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SFFILK (Not his real name) passes along a story about Mel Torme. It seems like Mr.Torme was eating a leisurely breakfast at a food court in Los Angeles, and a quartet appeared singing Christmas songs. They wound up performing “The Christmas Song” for co- author Torme…and the singers had no idea who he was. It is a good story, better told in the link. This is a repost.

According to the inerrant Wikipedia, Torme colloaborated with Robert Wells , until they had a falling out. One afternoon, on the hottest day of July in 1945, Mr.Torme went to visit Mr.Wells, and saw the first four lines of “The Christmas Song” (including “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose”). The lines were on a note pad, and the two agreed to beat the heat of summer by completing the song. Supposedly, Mr. Torme did not like the song very much. After three divorces, he probably didn’t see many of the royalties.

Mel Torme was the music director of the ill fated “Judy Garland Show” in the early sixties. He wrote a book about it… The Other Side of the Rainbow: With Judy Garland on the Dawn Patrol . The story is that Miss Garland would get blasted, call Mr. Torme in the middle of the night, and pour out her troubles. While the show did not last longer, there are some great youtube clips left over.








Personality Test

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The instructions for some things are confusing. Maybe the true indicator of The iPersonic Personality Test. is whether or not you can decipher the instructions. The first time PG tried, he got it wrong.

TIPT has four parts. There are twenty statements in each part, in two groups of ten. One set of statements is the opposite of the other. An example would be “I often like to have a lot of people around me. ~ I need a lot of time alone.” For each of the four parts, you choose a block of statements.

When PG tried the first time, he thought you should click on which lines of each group applied to you. He noticed that when you select one line, and then select another line, the first line becomes unselected. Unless you use the control key, this is how computers work. There was not a box to check beside the individual lines. It was confusing.

The lines of the statements might make the foundation of a mashup poem. “i am not easily worked up ~ my idea of a holiday dream ~ is more than a solo trip to pup ~ perhaps a lonely island scheme.” PG copied all the test lines, and clicked one of the block boxes to get to the next page. Using this method, the test said “Social Realists are popular persons full of energy … have a marked social streak.”

The second time around, it began to sink in that you chose the group of statements, rather than the individual lines. Most people get this right away. Maybe there is a test taker personality type.

By this time, PG was getting tired of this test. He glanced over the sentences, rather than reading every one carefully. He looked at a few statements, and chose the best one. “Reliable Realists are down-to-earth and responsible-minded. They are precise, reserved and demanding. Their most prominent quality is reliability and they will always make every effort to keep any promise given.” Photographs today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Mythology Horse

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