Snow Jam 14

Posted in Georgia History by chamblee54 on January 28, 2014



The bosslady gave permission to leave at 1:30. The first problem was getting off the complex. There was a line of slow moving cars, going out the back door. Going up the hill, PG felt the beginnings of a skid. Atlanta is a city of hills. This did not look good.

Turning right onto Spring Road was the start of more waiting. It took about a half hour to get a few blocks away from the retail giant headquarters, across I285, and onto Cumberland Parkway. A decision was made to stay off I 285, and take Highway 41 over the river. It was a very slow go, with a few cars stopped completely in the road. After you got past Mt. Paran, the traffic cleared up a bit, and it was a smooth ride to West Paces Ferry.

West Paces was smooth going, until you got to Northside Drive. Then the cars were moving very, very slowly. It was a bit mysterious why. There was not much snow, and with all the cars on the main roads there was little ice. Of course, in Atlanta, GA, a snowstorm is time to panic. It is what we do.

When PG got to the Governor’s Mansion, he started to take pictures. It was 2:47 pm. A lady near Peachtree said that cars were not moving there either. The radio said that as bad as the surface streets were, the interstates were much worse. If that wasn’t enough, there was a fire at the Marta five points station. The passengers were going from Civic Center to Garnett Street on buses. When the trains started to roll again, it was single track on the north south lines.

West Paces Ferry became East Paces Ferry, and PG looked for a way to get to Peachtree Road. The side road took a long time to negotiate, but by that time the clock was a non issue. Peachtree was slow and sticky through Peachtree Dunwoody, although arguably not much worse than a regular rush hour. After crossing Peachtree Dunwoody, Peachtree mysteriously cleared up. PG went through the Redding Road underpass, over a few more roads, and far enough into his driveway to avoid the sliding cars. It was 5:00 pm. Three hours longer than usual.



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