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Matt Walsh is a blogger. He used to have a radio show, but now intends to make his fortune as a writer. The product today is The two steps to getting 30 million hits on your blog. Yes, he has 30mil hits on his facility. This is 28,821,568 more than Chamblee54.

He has two suggestions for blogging success. Have good content, and plan to be a success. The first is common sense, which is usually a rare commodity. The second is motivational speaker pablum. Raw ambition is seldom fun to read.

Mr. Walsh is a self proclaimed conservative. The last post, before the 30 mil thing, was about abortion. It was textbook straw man rhetoric. He said that some people, who oppose policemen killing puppies, are pro choice. An entire post was spent calling both of these people hypocrites. At last glance, there were 1029 comments. Yes, this sort of thing is popular.

The first time PG heard about Mr. Walsh was a couple of weeks ago. A facebook friend posted a link to a story about people who have great confidence in themselves, and base it on having great confidence in themselves. They are planning to be successful. The post featured a quote, allegedly by Marilyn Monroe. The quote is phony. PG has not seen a comment by Mr. Walsh about the dubious quote. Maybe, if you admit making an error, you are not planning to be a success.

Towards the end of today’s post, Mr. Walsh sells his scheme. “If you don’t have these two covered, I guarantee that your blogging exploits will fail, and fail spectacularly.” It depends on what you mean by failure. PG does not consider himself a failure. He is doing something that he enjoys. A handful of readers enjoy it. His skills as a photo editor have improved spectacularly. Maybe the 30 million hits will come some day. Maybe not. It has been a good ride so far, and it is far from over.

If anyone is interested, Chamblee54 has a page on How To Blog. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This are Union Soldiers from The War Between The States. They did what they thought was right, and did not worry about being popular.





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  1. politicalconnection said, on February 27, 2014 at 11:59 am

    What Matt doesn’t tell you is that he wears the Pax Romana symbol as a tattoo on his arm, and it appears for good reason, since in one of his articles he exalts the new Jesuit Pope as a great man. When a blogger appears from nowhere and is considered an overnight success, one must ask questions. Those who understand how Google, social networking farms, and other internet controls are used to limit or to promote those who “they” want to succeed, must not be naive.

  2. Profanity Free Post | Chamblee54 said, on March 1, 2014 at 8:21 am

    […] and excretion, rather than the father and son. PG learned about CM in the comments at the thirty million hit dude, Matt Walsh. His latest offering relates to this issue. The title is Dear America, you’re too […]

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