What Do You Mean By Jesus?

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A blogger, using the name Culture Monk, posted a piece with the title A pastor’s secret sins…REALLY??? It is a familiar story. A professional Jesus worshiper is confronted about the improper conduct of an associate, and gets nasty. It turns out that the nasty senior pastor is also fooling around. It does not end well.

PG saw the story when there were no comments. He made the first one. If you want to be noticed, be the first comment that people see. One comment was edited, and is available in full at the original post.

Chamblee54 I see Jesus through the people that believe in him. My experience has been horrific. Since I don’t agree with the scheme for life after death, I see no reason to make excuses for Jesus.

Lee Don’t blame Jesus for the sins of the so-called “Christian Church.” Jesus reserved his greatest condemnation for the religious hypocrites of his day … Read Matthew 23 … You have been hurt, not by Jesus Christ, but by corrupt human beings who falsely claim to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Culture Monk Well said Lee. One of my goals in writing articles such as this one is not to condemn Jesus… but to condemn the hypocrisy of people who use the name of Jesus…….

It really comes down to what you mean when you say Jesus. The spirit that people make so much noise about has little in common with the man who lived in Palestine. If you don’t consider the Bible to be “the word of G-d,” then you might take what it says with caution. We really don’t know what Jesus said. All we know is what the magic book says.

To PG, it is impossible to separate Jesus from the misery that Jesus worshipers have caused. It is all part of the same entity. When a believer uses Jesus to hurt his neighbor, that is Jesus in action. When you say that you have been hurt by “corrupt” human beings, you are making excuses for Jesus.

A big part of the scheme is forgiveness for sins. Some say that Jesus paid the price for your sins. If that is the case, then Jesus can take the blame for what you do in his name. It should be noted that most Jesus worshipers are more interested in being forgiven, than in forgiving.

Is this hypocrisy, or just seeing Jesus as it really is? PG remembers the time when he learned the true nature of Jesus. He was working with an aggressive preacher. The man would lose his temper, and use Jesus to hurt people. He got plenty of support from other believers.

One day, the bully for Jesus had another temper tantrum. PG was shouted down and humiliated. When the tirade was over, the bully for Jesus got a phone call. The first thing he did, after picking up the phone, was to shout “I never felt better in my life.”

PG sees Jesus as a source of misery in his life. Nothing would please him more than to go the rest of his life without being confronted by the so-called son of G-d. If PG ever hears about the scheme for life after death again, it will be too soon. If you don’t agree with something the first ten thousand times you hear it, then it is highly unlikely that number ten thousand and one will make any difference.

Many Jesus worshipers are selfish. If they see someone being made uncomfortable with their verbal abuse, they turn up the volume. “I don’t care what man thinks, I care what G-d thinks.” This is another black eye for Jesus.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










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