Disciple Discipline

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The facebook link showed the way to a buzzfeed quiz, which promised to tell “Which One Of Jesus’s Disciples Are You?” “Reveal your New Testament alter ego.” PG does not know all of the disciples. There is Peter, Judas, and the others. In any event, this test will be a good excuse to post pictures, from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

This being bf buzzfeed, the questions are meme embedded in pictures. In other words, if you want to repeat the questions, you will have to type them out. The first question is about what country you would like to visit. In ancient Palestine, international travel was rare. Countries like Brazil, and Czech Republic, were way in the future. This is a non biblical question.

This is a goofy quiz. You are asked to choose a color, and a baby animal. You are asked to pick a month. Nine months are listed, from april to december. This coincides with the Mary’s reputed arrival date. The quiz is posted in February. Evidently, living in the present was not a disciple characteristic.

It gets better, You need to “choose a random household object.” The choices include sliced bread, scotch tape, and a tape measure. Maybe this is product placement advertising. This hypothesis might explain “choose a winter olympics event.”

The last one takes the prize. “Pick a Jesus.” You choose from nine pictures, winking Jesus, earnest Jesus, dancing baby Jesus, dime store Jesus, black Jesus, southpark Jesus, impressionist Jesus, dining Jesus, and crucified Jesus. So much Jesus, so little time.

At the end of the page, PG was drawing a blank. It seems as though he did not choose a household object. After clicking on scotch tape, the page went immediately to the answer, Saint Jude.









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  1. biochicklet said, on February 23, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Well, now are you going to research St Jude? I see commercials on TV about that hospital that saves kids with cancer for free. You are probably a good guy and need not do any more digging. I have no interest in religion at all. I do want to know what you think of unblogging. That means people that don’t look at their stats or care anything but, good reading. My advice for unbloggers is to talk to no one for at least 1 year.

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