Medical Waste

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There is a story going around, Aborted babies are being incinerated to provide electricity in the United States. Supposedly, medical waste is produced in British Columbia, shipped into Oregon, and used for fuel to generate electricity.

“‘Medical waste,’ in this brave new world of ours, includes amputated limbs, cancerous tissue, and the bodies of murdered children. I don’t have any long tirade for you. I just need you to understand what’s happening here in your one nation under God. We are incinerating slaughtered babies so that we can charge our iPhones and power our televisions.”

The local BS detector runs on batteries, Ding, ding, ding. To start, this product was shipped across an international border. Does US customs allow medical waste to come in?

The picture, on top of the blog post, shows a red plastic bag labelled biohazard. If you look in the dumpster behind the hospital, you will see a lot of plastic bags. When you burn plastic, toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere. If you are using recycled matter as fuel, it cannot be contained in plastic. Is there someone at the power plant that unties the bags, and dumps the fuel into the fire?

Power plants use a large volume of fuel. Making electricity requires a lot of heat, to boil the water, to push the turbines. The medical waste from the participating hospitals in British Columbia probably would not generate a whole lot of power. Since this matter is wet, it probably does not burn well.

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Of course, when you are a religious enthusiast, you enjoy believing things that others find preposterous. When you denounce abortion, no rhetoric is too extreme. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








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