Decades Of Popularity

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using the knob handle lock makes it easier to lock yourself out ~ Will you take monopoly money? ~ this will mean work for some law firms, when the inevitable challenge lawsuits are filed ~ I drive by there every afternoon. It is a great place to sit in traffic ~ “Respectability politics will always be in conflict with drag, an art form with countercultural subversion at its heart. When these parvenus create new taboos around language, they’re practically begging drag queens and kings to violate these taboos.” Many queers fancy themselves as taboo breakers. However, the various queer communities have their own taboos. Violate them at your own risk. ~ a great song for an overcast sunday ~ All we know about Jesus… or think we know … is what the council of Nicea chose to tell us. What you say about Jesus says more about you than it does Jesus. ~ that’s ok mom why don’t you try the mashed potatoes ~ Not respecting an office populated by ambitious politicians is a good start. Maybe you could extend this to not respecting the so called son of g-d. ~ the large print giveth and the small print taketh away ~ I just realized what the abbreviation for I Love Lucy was.~ In paragraph one you say “full paragraphs necessitate the formation of full thoughts, which only come to those who write because they actually have something to say.” Paragraph five was “Fine. Maybe not.” ~ There is a town in Pakistan called Mybad ~ Item Five is the truth. You might get called racist. You simply cannot believe everything that people say. With the internet, it is so easy to provide a link to the quoted item. The person making the statement is responsible for providing the supporting source information. Like I said earlier, some people call asking for backup information racist. It makes you wonder who has the problem. ~ Yes, that is insulting to a dog’s ass. ~ With the earth running out of oil, and the government bankrupt, can we afford the Blue Angels? ~ Is Jimi at monterrey the one with Otis Redding on the other side? ~”I don’t care how likable Obama is in interviews or how kind he is on an interpersonal level. He’s a war criminal.” ~ ditto bush clinton bush reagan carter ford nixon johnson kennedy eisenhower truman roosevelt hoover coolidge ~ if bho had a son he would not look like any of these children ~ few things are in more abundant supply than unique people ~ we call our group radical faeries so we can tell ourselves apart from your group of ordinary faeries ~ twitter suggests following @PeeWeeHerman, who is followed by @SharonNeedles it is better to follow him than to sit in front of him. ~ it is more than a parable it is three units of bull ~ I don’t know how, or if, this fits in, but I am going to throw it out. I read this neat quote today. “If G-d hides in the details, maybe we do as well”. ~ Q- Bette, Barbra, Kylie, Donna, Diana, Madonna. Have ANY female pop artists enjoyed decades of popularity without a wildly devoted gay fan base? A- Margaret Thatcher ~ that is an attractive graphic presentation of the thought ~ “Apparently it’s hip now to call people racist, sexist, bigoted etc. just for being ignorant.” Maybe the person applying these labels is the ignorant one. Especially when this person thinks that something worthwhile will happen as a result. ~ This post was auto abbreviated by facebook. The last sentence fragment of the shortened post: ” After class, I finished an ass… See More ” ~ The tree museum charges more than a dollar and a half these days ~ Is this about Cliven Bundy? Why is anyone paying attention to him? The spell check suggestions include cloven bunny.~ “anthropological consensus” sounds like an oxymoron. ~ Did you know that the Pythagorean Theorum (singular) can be disproven? I was told that by a geometry teacher in tenth grade. She took part in the army LSD experiments, and said a shot of whisky would do more for you. And no, a hypotenuse is not a device for hanging people at a ninety degree angle. ~ that is innoveracist ~ A meme is different from a peanut butter sandwich. There are too many words in that meme. If they had stopped after “negativity”, there would not be two words at the bottom by themselves. The result is a top heavy graphic. The words “in your life” do not add anything to the overall message. This is not negativity, this is editing. ~ if only cleaning up after a dinner was as easy ~ When the housing discrimination was going on, the Clippers were the worst team in North America. Maybe continuing to own them was the punishment. ~ why did the white trash fight for the right of their snooty neighbors to own slaves? ~ pictures from The Library of Congress. ~ selah








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