Chamblee 54 Election Guide

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Next Tuesday is the Georgia Primary. This is the day when the number of candidates is reduced from too many to two. The inevitable runoff will be held July 22. It is an “open” primary, which means you choose between the Demos and the Repubs.

When you vote in the runoff, you must choose the same party as the primary. This rule was enacted after the 1966 election. Many Repubs voted in the Demo runoff for Lester Maddox. He was generally conceded to be the Lester of the two evils, and was elected Governor through a quirk in the State Constitution. The election of Mr. Maddox should provide a warning to those who vote for a goofy candidate, in hopes of providing weak opposition for another candidate. This strategy can backfire.

PG lives in Dekalb County, Georgia. In District 81, House of Representatives, action, incumbent Scott Holcombe is unopposed in the Demo Primary. Someone is unopposed in the Repub primary. In the race for District 40 State Senate, incumbent Fran Millar faces opposition from Richard D. “Dick” Anderson. Mr. Millar mailed PG a flyer produced by Rosetta Stone. This is never a good sign. The US congressman for PG is Tom Price, who will win re-election.

Dekalb County is going to elect a new sheriff. This is a special election, and will be on the ballot for both duopoly parties. The candidates are Tony Hughes, Melvin Mitchell, Melody Maddox (Rumored to be the love baby of Lester Maddox), Jeff Mann, LaSalle Smith, Vernon Jones. Mr. Jones is the former county CEO, and the BFF of TV reporter Doug Richards. Mr. Mann, and Mr. Mitchell, have the money to send out slick mailers. Derwin Brown and Pat Jarvis have not commented.

Georgia has two high profile state elections. Nathan Deal has opposition in the primary, but will probably win. His probable opponent in November is Jason Carter, whose main qualification is being Jimmy’s grandson. The other Demo candidate for statewide office is Michelle Nunn. She is running for the US Senate. The primary qualification of Ms. Nunn is being the daughter of Sam “don’t ask don’t tell” Nunn. Maybe it is none of our business.

The election with the most money involved is the Repub contest for the US Senate. The incumbent is mercifully retiring. The most prominent candidates are Paul Broun, Art Gardner, Phil Gingrey, Derrick E. Grayson, Karen Handel, Jack Kingston, David Perdue. According to the polls, Ms Handel, Mr. Kingston, and Mr. Perdue are the leading contenders.

A popular truism is that when you don’t have anything good to say about someone, you should not say anything at all. Despite this, chamblee54 has written about Karen Handel one, two, three, four, five times. If you can’t be a hypocrite during an election…

A site called Politico had this item today. Perdue … had this to say: “She ran five times for five different races, got elected twice, didn’t finish either term.” Perdue was referring to Handel leaving the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to run for secretary of state, then cutting that term short to seek the governorship in 2010. … Handel seethed at those comments. “Would we be having this conversation if I were a man?” she said. “I would argue not.”

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










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