Calling Out

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I can’t find any references, but I don’t think Miss O’Connor was bff with Carson McCullers ~ Has anyone ever admitted to doing those voices? ~ ‏@mbsycamore The only thing worse than nostalgia is nostalgia for nostalgia. ‏@chamblee54 @mbsycamore what about yesstalgia ‏@mbsycamore @chamblee54 Yesstalgia does sound more dangerous. ‏@mbsycamore Oh, no—I just responded sincerely to an ironic post. ~Hannah Gee · this article is pretty racist to both whites and blacks. why is buzzfeed always trying to divide us? Mark Ramsey · Because it increases their traffic. ~ maybe BF can just send some of that traffic to my blog ~ Is she the best we can do? ~ glisten ~ “Calling out is rarely a comfortable experience, but it IS an opportunity for growth and for building a truly inclusive, radical community.”. If someone says something inappropriate, then the person should deal with them in a quiet, private manner. Only that person should deal with the offender. It should not be an excuse for the gossip machine to crank up, and have the entire “radical community” defriend and defame this person. Should I remind you that this is a human being we are dealing with?And that maybe, just maybe, this person has a side to his/her story? Our “inclusive” community is going to be built on gossip, backstabbing, and community vengence. Is this what you really want? ~ I wonder if any of these people calling for action have ever been “called out”. ~ transcript ~ This so called radical community can be awfully self righteous, and good at ignoring our own flaws. …”learn about this and hopefully be more thoughtful and heart-centered in their words and actions going forward”… That includes taking a look at ourselves. Make sure that we do not become the evil that we think we are fighting. ~ That assumes that Jesus is the Christ. ~ I reposted a story at my blog today. It is about the start of the Sharon Needles meltdown. I saw something wrong happening, spoke out, and was villified. I see the way people came to Melissa’s defense, and remember the way I was treated two years ago. ~ If you have defriended a person, that person is not going to put much value in your wonderful opinions. This is a bit of residue from the anti racism crusades we have endured. ~ The following quote is about body parts. “As I have noted in the past, vaginas are like, a thousand times tougher than testicles. Those ladyparts are basically tough as tractor tires. Our balls are as tough as tissue paper. We get flicked in the nuts by a badminton birdie we’ll double over for twenty minutes, moaning and rocking back and forth. Our balls are like little yarn-bundles contained in a thin, wifty sack of outlying flesh. They unspool like bobbins of delicate thread when damaged. Women on the other hand push entire people out of their lady-realms like divine fucking beings. So, maybe that vagina-analog isn’t the best insult, misogynist dudes. Kay? Kay.”Chuck Wendig (contemp.) American novelist, screenwriter, game designer “Burning the MRA Playbook,” Terrible Minds blog (29 May 2014) ~ When we talk about inclusion, we might want to consider what could be called creepism. There are people that you simply don’t like. Should these people be shamed, and excluded from the community? ~ Many of these comments say more about the critic than they do you ~ There are always going to be people who simply don’t like each other. Some times it is mutual, some times it goes one way. If you don’t like me, then I don’t like you. This can be a problem in creating a safe space ~ is true religion an oxymoron? ~ Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









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