Streets Alive Atlanta

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It would have been a good day for doing nothing, except things were happening all over town. The Duluth Festival and the Candler Park Festival would have been great. However, this was a Streets Alive Sunday. There was a circle, starting at N. Highland, going up North Avenue, down Boulevard, and back up Highland/N. Highland. The route was closed to motorized vehicles.

PG and Uzi got a late start, even by their slack standards. It was fourish before getting towards town. The streets around L5P all had signs saying only residents could park there. Finally, a street appeared without the signs. PG parked the vehicle, and walked uphill towards the Carter Center.

The plan was to go to North Avenue, and go around the loop as far as was appropriate. N. Highland was full of people, bicycles, and dogs. After ignoring the liberal compulsion to go into Manuels, the walkers turned onto North Avenue. The street was much less crowded. This was in spite of the circus in front of Masquerade. Maybe murder Kroger had a sale.

After crossing Glen Iris, and going up the hill, the street got even less crowded. A pack of skateboarders went down the hill at breakneak speed. One almost wiped out in front of PG. Soon after that, a policeman came by talking on his radio. PG kept walking.

Boulevard was almost deserted. There was a church, with loudspeakers sharing a message. About this time someone made a time reference, and PG checked his phone. It was 5:30, with the street party ending at 6:00. By this time it would have been a longer walk to go back, than it would be to finish the loop. Neither PG nor Uzi had expected to walk this much.

After taking the left onto Highland, the crowds started to appear again. An official came by to say that the event was closing in five minutes. There were enough sidewalks now to finish with no problem.

A crisis arose when PG got to a familiar bend in the road. He walked down one side street, and could not find his car. A little walk later, over another hill, the next street off N. Highland had the vehicle. All that remained was dinner at the Piccadilly cafeteria.








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  1. Atlanta Streets Alive | Chamblee54 said, on June 11, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    PG has written about ASA before. […]

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