What Did She Tell You?

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Until last week, Chamblee54 participated in the writing contests at Yeah Write. This is a privately run affair, and is not a free speech zone. The powers-that-be at YW can do whatever they like. The story that follows is not a free speech issue. It is just puzzling.
The contest that starts today’s tale is Gargleblaster-180. The idea is to submit 42 words, based on the prompt “what did she tell you?” The contest has recently become a moderated event. Almost no rules, other than the 42 word mandate, were published. Chamblee54 published an entry, Whitehall Street in response to this prompt. Getting the backgrounds to match on the panels took some effort.

pearl told peter she is pregnant baby daddy peter wants to marry pearl do big man thing what peter does not know pearl was formerly known as paul gender reassignment can grow pretty boobs paint happy face but cannot create productive womb

The next day, there was an email. “Your submission this week is unsuitable for publication and has been removed from the grid. Our editorial standards respect the diversity and dignity of our audience. I know it seems desirable to appear “edgy” but yeah write does not accept posts which insult or demean any person based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits. Based on the nature of your post this week, your entries will no longer be welcome at yeah write.” Rowan Grigsby submissions editor |
yeah write ‏@yeahwrite1 12:03 pm Do only black people talk like this? An excerpt from @freefringes’ submission to #yw181 #nonfiction #thugkitchen
The tweet referred to a post, 2 of Amerikaz most wanted for their tahini sauce, I guess, whatever that is. It seems as though some white people are producing a cookbook, tumblr, and kitchen sink around the concept of “Thug Kitchen.” Take a few recipes, season liberally with profanity, and you have the latest culinary sensation. Freefringes did not like “Thug Kitchen.”
The post had an “edgy” feel to it. Chamblee54 perceived just the slightest taste of anti-white seasoning. Is this racist, prejudiced, or just plain tacky? Does the “Thug Kitchen” have a recipe that uses a can of worms?
In any event, this post just might “insult or demean any person based on race, color, etc.” Chamblee54 was curious. A twitter exchange happened.
Luther Mckinnon ‏@chamblee54 12:19 pm @yeahwrite1 @freefringes Is that post a violation of yeah write editorial standards?
Erica Mullenix ‏@freefringes 12:22 pm @chamblee54 teaching people how to be better humans? Probably not, but I’ll double check @yeahwrite1
Luther Mckinnon ‏@chamblee54 12:23 pm @freefringes @yeahwrite1 when you find these editorial standards please let me know
Erica Mullenix ‏@freefringes 12:27 pm @chamblee54 I think you are protesting some sort of missing due process from your hate speech last week. There is none. @yeahwrite1
Luther Mckinnon ‏@chamblee54 12:30 pm @freefringes @yeahwrite1 hate speech? saying that mtf transperson cannot get pregnant is hate speech?
Erica Mullenix ‏@freefringes 12:36pm @chamblee54 and the fact you are attempting to equate calling out racism with your destructive views validates our decision @yeahwrite1
Luther Mckinnon ‏@chamblee54 12:38pm @freefringes @yeahwrite1 so you are saying that Whitehall Street is hate speech?
Erica Mullenix ‏@freefringes 2:30pm @chamblee54 why are we still discussing this? There are other writing communities you can join. Just not this one @yeahwrite1
If anyone can explain the logic behind these tweets, please do so in the comments. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.











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