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It is a popular line. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The credit, or blame, for this gem is assigned to Ben Franklin. Did he really say it? What was he talking about?

The good news is that Mr. Franklin did say these words. (Here is the text. ) What follows was written by a lawyer. Prepare to be confused.

The words appear originally in a 1755 letter that Franklin is presumed to have written on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly to the colonial governor during the French and Indian War. The letter was a salvo in a power struggle between the governor and the Assembly over funding for security on the frontier, one in which the Assembly wished to tax the lands of the Penn family, which ruled Pennsylvania from afar, to raise money for defense against French and Indian attacks. The governor kept vetoing the Assembly’s efforts at the behest of the family, which had appointed him. So to start matters, Franklin was writing not as a subject being asked to cede his liberty to government, but in his capacity as a legislator being asked to renounce his power to tax lands notionally under his jurisdiction. In other words, the “essential liberty” to which Franklin referred was thus not what we would think of today as civil liberties but, rather, the right of self-governance of a legislature in the interests of collective security.

Mr. Franklin was writing on behalf of legislators who wanted to assess a tax. The quote is used by tax hating conservatives. The modern conservative wants to send a hundred thousand troops to a conflict eight time zones away, and pay for it with tax cuts.

Another article tells much the same story, but with a couple of twists. There is a google gimmick that shows how often a quote is used. The BF quote was little known until the twentieth century.

The techcrunch article introduces a dandy word for the rampant misuse of quotes. The word is contextomy. This explanation is from Matthew McGlone of the University of Texas at Austin.

“‘Contextomy’ refers to the selective excerpting of words from their original linguistic context in a way that distorts the source’s intended meaning, a practice commonly referred to as ‘quoting out of context’. Contextomy is employed in contemporary mass media to promote products, defame public figures and misappropriate rhetoric. A contextomized quotation not only prompts audiences to form a false impression of the source’s intentions, but can contaminate subsequent interpretation of the quote when it is restored to its original context. …”

Episode 39 of The Fallacy-a-Day Podcast deals with contextomy. The spell check suggestion for contextomy is contentment. Pictures for this feature are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










Twitter Titter

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Mandatory Placebos

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@mbsycamore i would say this compares, but i really don’t care enough what some of y’all think ~ Dear Jack Lalaine Juicer: I’m done with you. I can not believe youre parts are THAT dissimilar as to not even fit closely enough for me to make this work. You suck. I’m going with Breville. THere’s is cheaper and has a higher RPM motor. ~ did the police shoot anyone? ~ can black people be racist ? ~ You dog ~ Very soon this site will be famous among all blogging people, due to it’s nice posts ~ Obviously our country should be run by politicians chosen by our sarcasm. ~ At least you cropped out the date and time on the edge of the picture. ~ This content is currently unavailable The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page. ~ THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR COMMUNITY SAFETY PURPOSES ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE USED TO THREATEN, INTIMIDATE, OR HARASS. MISUSE OF THIS INFORMATION MAY RESULT IN CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. ~ Follow the money. ~ I thought it was a professional courtesy. ~ You forgot the Ramones. They would have made a great oldies band, if they didn’t all die from drugs and/or cancer. They may be the most unpretentious band ever. No one analyzed their songs for clues to how to live your life. Just beat on the brat with a baseball bat. ~ Why do people put up signs, for politicians to read, that say not to lie, steal, worship graven images, use sacred names improperly, commit adultery, or covet the property of others? ~ Profile summary Internal server error. ~ you’re a fungi, i mean fun guy ~ @pourmecoffee Governor Orders Mandatory Placebos For Everyone ~ Is Aunt Ativan her sister? ~ Labels are so limiting. ~ thank you for posting the words as text below the image copy paste is more efficient than typing practice ~ @ElleOhHell If someone pays you a compliment, standard practice is to argue with them until they realize they were wrong. ~ I just got a robo call. The speaker was Pat Boone. Yes, he is still alive. The candidate he supports is David Perdue. He says he is opposed to Obamacare because it will cut medicare benefits. You can’t make this stuff up. Does the 60 plus association really think this is going to make me vote for that idiot? ~ If Mr. Perdue is stupid enough to send a call like this to people who think like you and myself, is he smart enough to be in the senate? The spell check suggestion for Perdue is duper.~ I got one too, stating that Obamacare would INCREASE senior medicare expenses $2400 A MONTH!!! and 400,000 georgians would lose healthcare coverage… ~ You are well enough 24 hours later to talk about it on facebook. That is a good sign. ~ Christie smelling like a rose? Or perhaps the feces that is used to feed the rose. ~ Slack singular is something the world needs more of. How did slacks, plural, come to mean a type of pants? ~ Maybe the presumption of innocence should be extended to accusations of racism. ~ Last summer there was a community controversy about what might be called harassment. There were some vigilante calls for “community building”. ~ Maybe this is a good discussion for me to stay out of. ~ Keep an eye on the blog. There may be a commentary soon. If you get tired of the text, you can always look at the pictures. ~ @marcmaron I’m in a war of attrition with my muse. ~ Percolator coffee is mighty hot when it comes out ~ did you really just read all that text ? 11 big words will get the word count up to 666 ~ pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library” ~ selah









Pass The Popcorn

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PG was editing pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Some of these images decorate this post. He had been working on a batch of pictures for a few weeks, and was weary. It was time to blow through the remaining 200 images, and get them out of the way. What this means is to focus on what you are doing, and ignore the distractions.

Sometimes, the old fashioned interruptions intrude. At one point, the telephone rang. The recorded voice of Pat Boone (?) urged PG to vote for David Perdue in the coming election. Did you know that Obamacare is causing cutbacks in Social Security? Did you know that the Republicans think you are a total idiot for believing this nonsense?.

The online noise machine can provide background sounds. There was an eight part youtuber, with Henry Miller reading “To Paint is to Love Again.” Every fifteen minutes a segment would run out, sometimes in the middle of a sentence. When this happened, you had to bring firefox up to start another segment. What has happened on facebook in the last fifteen minutes? There are urban legends of people using a device in the bathroom, so they will not miss a facebook status update while taking a dump. As people used to say, when you were leaving, keep in touch.

One status provoked 139 comments. PG ran out of popcorn. “White queers should really check themselves when you think it’s okay to show up to a party in blackface. Whether or not you think it’s artsy there is a history of racial oppression that goes with blackface. You’re not being cool, you look foolish, you should edit yourself and check your fucking privilege.”

Someone in New York had a Rocky Horror Show party. A person paid homage to the opening number, which features a pair of lips against a black background. This detail did not come out until 45 comments had hit the innertubes.

It was a lively discussion. PG is a known caucasian. He does not know what it is like to live as a POC. PG does suspect that some incidents do not merit high octane rhetoric. In this virtual town hall meeting, an party costume became a chance to opine about “the relationship between systemic racism and oppression.” So many big words, so little time.

“… epic insensitivity to the experiences People of Color face in our white supremacist society, which is totally uncool, and an example of implicit racism. The fact that Cher would not even consider that painting her face and body could be offensive is blatant proof of her privilege.”

Meanwhile, the pictures were not editing themselves. After a while, PG is less picky about details. Fewer dates are looked up. Just get it done. Perhaps this is when PG does his best work… without being a perfectionist, and just being focused on getting the work out.

“To dismiss someone’s comments and to challenge the fact that Cher’s look resembles blackface and could offend someone is the exactly a page from the playbook of white supremacy. The very act of saying this isn’t racist is you forcing your asinine opinion on people. … We can only move forward with open dialogue and not by dismissing people’s feelings.”.

“I mean for real. No shade let’s talk about trauma and white supremacy. This idea that there are not competent black leaders is implicit here. The reality that white supremacy is a constant trauma white folks can choose to pay attention to is real. The fact that “lifetime minority status” for people of color shortens the lifespan is fact. Any ou going to tell my home girl that she is out of line for developing community, decolonizing and coping strategies smash that system girl it’s tired and dying out anyways. I’ll be dat black supremacist for you any day of the week.”

Part of the background sound was the Lester Bangs Interview May 13th 1980. Mr. Bangs was a rock n’roll journalist. He died April 30, 1982, after overdosing on Darvon, Valium, and NyQuil.

The interview was fun, with a 34 year perspective. He says that the Rolling Stones should continue to play until they are sixty. Would you rather listen to Tony Bennett? The 2014 reality is the septuagenarian Stones playing in stadiums, while Tony Bennett does duets with Lady Gaga.

Eventually, PG ran out of steam, and went to sleep. The next morning saw the end of the pictures, while listening to Peggy Caserta talk about Jania Joplin. Miss Caserta wrote a book, Going Down With Janis The opening line: “I was stark naked, stoned out of my mind on heroin, and between my legs giving me head was Janis Joplin.”

You are going to miss something. Another facebook exploration began: “How can we respond to public accusations about things like rape or police brutality when the evidence isn’t clear? I’m not okay with violence but I also firmly believe in the idea of innocence until guilt is proven.” This assumes that the incident is your business to be concerned about.

Somehow, this is connected to the next to last comment of the Rocky Horror discussion. “The contents of this conversation are bigger than all of us, white people need to realize that and stop taking everything so personally.” Maybe the non-white population could do this as well.











Plein Air

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After watching the Falcons blow a 21 point lead, PG decided to do something different. He drove to West End, to take pictures of a drawing session on the Beltline. Traffic on I85 and I20 only backed up twice. PG arrived before the event was scheduled to start. He did a little setting up, and a lot of standing around. Sometimes it is best to stay in the background, causing as little trouble as possible.

The idea was to draw pictures of a model in real time and light. Since PG does not draw, he brought a camera. The model, Mona Reeves, soon appeared. She put her red shoes on, and struck a pose. People began to draw. The Sun sent a steady stream of light.

It was a sunny, warm, Sunday afternoon. The direct sunlight filtered through the trees. The lighting was challenging. At first, the model was in the shade, with a well lit background. PG wanted to use a flash. The model discouraged him. Eventually, PG found an angle where the background was dark enough to work with. Often things don’t work the first time you try.

There were white umbrellas, taped to bamboo poles, scattered throughout the site. This was both a challenge, and an inspiration. The umbrellas proved an interesting shape to photograph, but had a way of getting in the background, and causing trouble. When you are taking photographs, at an event designed for manual art, you have to do the best you can.

A three piece band, Whispers of Night, was setting up. The Beltline was supposed to be passable to any non artist who wanted to use it. The band, and the artists, were originally going to be on one side of the Beltline, with the other side open. As it worked out, the participants were scattered around the Beltline. Anybody walking through would need to negotiate the space.

The model was to the side of the Beltline. She was a couple of feet below the people drawing her. The location of the model provided lighting, and background, challenges. The location of the model was probably not a problem to the sketchers. The event was not designed for photography.

The Whispers of Night started to play. The artists drew, sketched, painted, created, and channeled the model onto the medium. Eventually PG decided that he had enough pictures, and left. The event was sponsored by Eyedrum, which enjoys whatever support you can give.











Four Way Rules

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This is a double repost . These two features have been repeated before , with text added. Whether the text adds value is a judgement question. For today’s entertainment, the added value text will be included. Historic pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. This was written like David Foster Wallace

Two features, posted two times each, is four. These two features are about rules for living, that come in groups of four. There is a symmetry about four. Four Beatles, Four seasons, four corners, four elements. This number is a homonym partner with for and fore.

When PG was a kid, his grandmother lived in a side apartment, in a house on Virginia Avenue. The owner of the house was Mrs. Stuckey. (PG never learned her “real” name, and assumed that checks were made out to Mrs.) There was a framed piece of paper in Mrs. Stuckey’s hall. The top said “The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do” , and featured the logo of the Rotary Club. The four rules were simple, on the surface.
Is it the TRUTH?//Is it FAIR to all Concerned?//Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?//Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
The four way test was written by Herbert J. Taylor. In 1932, Mr.Taylor took over the bankrupt Club Aluminum Company of Chicago. Trying to revive the company during the depression, Mr. Taylor wrote a code of ethics, that would be the basis for the company’s actions.

Many said that the four way test was not practical for the business world. The balancing of integrity and ambition can be daunting. It was said that
“This emphasis on truth, fairness and consideration provide a moral diet so rich that it gives some people “ethical indigestion.”
PG maintains that fair is a baseball hit between first and third base. Sometimes, the umpire makes the wrong call. In the “real world”, the different points of view in a dispute make rendering a fair judgment a difficult task, if not an impossible one.

There is a story about the revival of Club Aluminum.
” One day, the sales manager announced a possible order for 50,000 utensils. Sales were low and the company was still struggling at the bankruptcy level. The senior managers certainly needed and wanted that sale, but there was a hitch. The sales manager learned that the potential customer intended to sell the products at cut-rate prices. “That wouldn’t be fair to our regular dealers who have been advertising and promoting our product consistently,” he said. In one of the toughest decisions the company made that year, the order was turned down. There was no question this transaction would have made a mockery out of The Four-Way Test the company professed to live by.”
How did the sales manager learn of the intentions of this buyer? Was he tipped off by one of the “regular customers” who feared competition? Was this “regular customer” lying? Many inspirational stories leave out crucial details.

As it turns out, Club Aluminum did sell enough product to emerge from bankruptcy.
“By 1937, Club Aluminum’s indebtedness was paid off and during the next 15 years, the firm distributed more than $1 million in dividends to its stockholders. Its net worth climbed to more than $2 million.”
Club Aluminum cookware was cast, not spun. It is heavy, and is a prized collectors item today. As for the Club Aluminum company
” Standard International Corporation bought it in 1968. Regalware made and marketed Club Aluminum for a while, but went out of business in the mid-1980s. The brand name was eventually obtained by the Mirro Company.”
This is a repost. Philosophy and rules for living is always a crowd pleaser. Whether or not you practice what you preach is beside the point.

There is a story above. A company, facing bankruptcy, turned down a huge order because of concerns about how the product would be resold. Today, this seems quaint. Today, the moral thing to do would be to take the order, keep your factory busy, and not worry how it was going to be resold. While some pretend that moral rules are unchanging, the truth is that they do change with the times.

This reminds PG of a story from his days as a blueprinter. With ammonia developed prints, every print is fed by hand, and you have the option to adjust the speed of the machine. Slower prints mean less background, which to some is a higher quality print. (This is not an issue with digital printing. Some change is indeed progress.)

The company PG worked for was affiliated with a small, family run company in a neighboring city. This company was run by an old fashioned lady, who insisted on adjusting every print to get the perfect background. This was different from the company PG worked for, which ran large jobs for the big city market. To his customers, quality meant getting an acceptable print, DELIVERED ON TIME. Who had the higher standards? Maybe that is a question for the customer to judge.






These thoughts are for you to use. They were articulated by a man named Don Miguel Ruiz. They are called the Four Agreements. . HT to activecitizen54..

PG does not claim to live up to these ideals. Number two is especially tough for him. The main thing is to try, and to always do your best. This is not about what you believe or think, it is about what you do.

agreement 1–Be impeccable with your word – Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

agreement 2–Don’t take anything personally – Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

agreement 3–Don’t make assumptions – Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

agreement 4–Always do your best – Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.






Way Of A Serpent

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70s Trivia Guru!

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For PG, the seventies were the years between 15 and 25. Arguably, you are old enough to know what is going on. Possibly, you did so many drugs that you cannot remember very much. When you are looking for text to go between the pictures (from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”) neither accuracy nor maturity is a factor. Which leads to today’s quiz, Can You Answer These 14 1970s Trivia Questions?

The seventies were the decade after the sixties. Much of the action blamed on the sixties took place in the seventies. Many of the current commentaries are written by people whose grandparents were born in the sixties. During the seventies, recent history was often classified by the decade. Decade thinking is more properly spelled decayed.

You have to wonder about the people who compiled this test. “The 70s represented a massive rise in anti-war demonstrations. One of the best-known demonstrations resulted in the National Guard shooting into a crowd at a university, killing 4 innocent people – what university was it?”

In the early seventies, something called Vietnamization took place. The fighting in Southeast Asia was done more by native troops. The American combat troops were starting to come home. There were fewer causalities. The American people were mostly opposed to the war by this time. The government quit trying to win, and was looking for the fig leaf peace treaty, hopefully in time for the 1972 elections. The first earth day was held, and interest in ecology took root.

The bottom line is that anti-war demonstrations declined during the seventies. The protest part of the sixties peaked about 1968. After four students were killed at Kent State, people decided that protest was not as much fun. The person who wrote this test missed question two.

“What was the highest grossing movie of the 70s?” If you mean which flick made the most money, it was probably “Star Wars.” If you mean which one grossed out the most people, it was a tie between “Jaws” and “The Godfather,” with “Love Story” a serious contender.

While PG intends to finish the quiz, and get a result (a non-seventies way of doing things,) he will probably get tired of writing about it soon. Maybe the sponsors of the quiz should be noted. On question 2 of 14, there is a header ad from IBM: “Defeat every gamer’s enemy: High Ping”. Under the NEXT QUESTION> is an ad asking “Know The Bible?” The reader is linked to

“Who was the best selling musical artist of the 1970s, having sold more than 300 million albums?” “The best selling singer of all time died tragically in the 70s – who was he?” Most people do not have access to sales figures, and many know enough not to trust the ones they do see.

Maybe the key phrase is “died tragically.” Elvis Presley was sitting on the throne. Bing Crosby was walking off the golf course. His last words: “It was a good game.” Given the general feng shui of this exam, the answer is probably Elvis. Jimi Hendrix is the third possible answer.

By question 12 of 14, the writer is running out of steam and/or drugs. “The “Thrilla in Manila” took place in 1975 – what was it?” The choices were Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, the final battle in the Vietnam war, the most tightly contested election in history. The header ad promotes getting a graduate degree at the University of Georgia.

“What famous 70s TV character is this?” The choices are Archie Bunker, Sonny Bono, and The Fonz. Since Mr. Bunker and Mr. Bono were real people, the answer must be The Fonz.

Question 14 of 14 is a trick question. You must sift through the facts carefully here. “What was the name of the scandal that rocked Richard Nixon’s presidency in 1974?” The possible answers are the bay of pigs incident, Munich massacre cover up, Watergate. The seventies were a time of reading between the lines, even if you couldn’t see them very clearly.

PG got 12 questions correct. This earns the doobie-ous title of 70s Trivia Guru!. He missed questions 5 and 11. Number 5 is about a video game launched in 1972.

Number 11 makes PG think something weird is going on. “TV’s longest running game show was launched in 1972, and it still runs everyday! What show is it?” The choices were Family Feud, The Price is Right, and The Hollywood Squares. When PG took a second shot at the quiz, he chose TPIR. The quiz says this is the correct answer. PG is certain that he saw TPIR as a kid in the sixties. Maybe that was in black and white, and the color edition of TPIR was launched in 1972.











District 2 Candidate Debate

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There was a meeting with the candidates for the Brookhaven city council, district 2, thursday night. PG walked to the event, and took a seat towards the back of the hall.

The meeting started on time. Three, of the original four, candidates were there. Charlie Barry had already dropped out. In his opening remarks, Bill Brown announced his withdrawal from the race. Both Mr. Barry and Mr. Brown endorsed John Park.

Mr. Park spoke, followed by remaining candidate Tim Nama. The meeting was moderated by someone from the Chamblee city council. He wore a tie, and was a bit of a jerk. The moderator requested that the audience refrain from applause.

There were a series of questions for the two candidates. Both feel that Pink Pony should remain open, that the Brookhaven Redevelopment Referendum is a bad idea, and the Ashford Park Greenspace is a good idea. There is little difference between the two men on the issues.

Truth be told, either man should do a fine job if elected. Mr. Park has a pleasing personality, and would bring ethnic diversity to the council. Mr. Nama has experience in construction, and was Chairman of the Brookhaven Zoning Board of Appeals. The residents should do well with either man in office. It is also helpful to not have a runoff.

One of the questions was what training would you want to get if you were elected. Mr. Park said he would ask Mr. Nama to teach him a few things about zoning. Mr. Nama wanted to learn more about parks, plural. Mr. Park has also discussed the concept of Mr. Nama running for Mayor.

Mr. Nama worked with Citizens for North DeKalb and Brookhaven Yes. These were the committees that put together, and promoted, the proposal to create the city of Brookhaven. This was a matter of concern for PG. During the election to create the city, a group sent a series of controversial mailers out. PG wanted to know if Mr. Nama was connected to the Brookhaven Ballot Committee.

When you entered the meeting hall, there were filing cards to write down questions on. PG wrote down his question, which was ignored by the moderator. Finally, there was a call for questions from the audience. The moderator indicated that PG was to speak.

“We will hear from the man in the blue shirt. Will you please stand up and tell us who you are”
“I am Luther McKinnon. My question is specifically for Mr. Nama.”
“By the rules of the debate you cannot ask a question of just one man.”
“Ok, I can ask it of both men. Mr. Nama said”
“Did you hear what I said. Please take a seat.”

PG was not pleased. After a few more people asked questions, the moderator apparently asked PG if he wanted to ask his question. After a bit of wrestling with the moderator, PG got out the question “Were you affiliated with the Brookhaven Ballot Committee?” The moderator cut PG off. Mr. Nama said no. This was all that needed to happen.

After the meeting, PG talked to Mr. Nama, who explained his role in the creation of the city. Mr. Nama was offended by the mailers, just as PG was. Both men agreed that the matter should be put in the past, and to move forward with the city.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








Monica Lewinsky And Jay Bakker

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Political correspondent Monica Samille Lewinsky gave a speech recently. The venue was the Under 30 Summit, sponsored by Forbes magazine. MSL has something in common with Malcolm Forbes.

If you are looking for a mature discussion of the courage displayed by the forty something MSL, perhaps you should look elsewhere. If something good should turn up, then it will be an accident. This is going to be just as tacky as the MSM coverage, of young MSL.

The speech begins with the correspondent saying “My name is Monica Lewinsky.” In the runup to a recent Georgia execution, a popular slogan was “I am Troy Davis.” More recently, a photo appeared of a man, allegedly a Missouri policeman, with a wrist band saying “I am Darren Wilson.” If someone were to market shirts with the slogan “I am Monica Lewinsky,” it might be a popular item.

The speech is nothing to be excited about. MSL was treated dirty online, but her family helped her get through it. Tyler Clementi had a bad online experience, and did not deal with it as well. We should quit bullying each other, and play nice.

MSL is on twitter, with three tweets and 73.5k followers. @MonicaLewinsky social activist. public speaker. contributor to vanity fair. knitter of things without sleeves. The three tweets: #HereWeGo ~ excited (and nervous) to speak to #Under30Summit ~ #gratitude #overwhelmed #thankyou

After listening to the entire message from MSL, PG was feeling less snarky. Bullying and shaming is hurtful. The pride that people take in hurting people is disgusting. (Anti Racists should take heed, but probably will not.) It was tough to know which way to go with this commentary.

Jay Bakker retweeted ‏@RyanMiller Excellent podcast on Love, justice, mercy, chaos, Driscoll & forgiveness with @jaybakker & @JosefGustafsson

When the PTL club petered out, Jay Bakker was a kid. He went through a similar public humiliation as MSL, only he was just the son of the guilty parties. Mr. Bakker has gone on to a career of his own as a professional Jesus worshiper. This is not always an honorable calling.

At the seven minute mark of the linked podcast, Mr. Bakker said: “At a certain point you have to take responsibility for yourself. and realize that you weren’t completely manipulated into a situation. The weird situation is people want to blame these leaders but at the same time we have to remember that we followed them.” No claim of inerrancy is made for this transcript.

PG was only able to listen to thirty five minutes of the podcast. At some point, Mr. Bakker said the church was losing relevance because of some, probably gay related, issue. Mr. Bakker said it was sad. PG, on the other hand, is thrilled that the cult of Jesus worship is losing relevance.

One of the youtubers had a biblical comment about MSL. Proverbs 30:20 Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness. MSL was not married when employed by the government. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Concrete Events

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There were two events in Atlanta yesterday. In the afternoon, some people decided to play in the freeway. The fishwrapper reports Protesters temporarily block Downtown Connector.

The action was a protest against police brutality, and Micheal Brown. The hashtag involved was #blacklivesmatter. How this action will affect life in Missouri is uncertain. Maybe this helped a Missouri team win game two of the world series.

After the pumpkinfest event went out of control, many have drawn comparisons between how things are handled. The word is that white children can go crazy, without consequences, while black children get shot by police. The incident on the downtown connector was at least one time where unarmed black people engage in dangerous activity without being shot.

A mile or so northwest of the Grady curve is the Krog Tunnel. The venerable passage sits under the railroad tracks between Cabbagetown and Inman Park. It is a concrete palimpsest of graffiti, with new offerings spraypainted all the time. Some call it iconic.

Some doofus thought it would be cool to block off this thoroughfare, and have a party. The neighborhood disagreed. The city said go ahead. The Krog Masquerade was set to happen. Lots of neighborhood people were not happy with the arrangement.

Last night, the neighbors got revenge. Krog Tunnel buffed in protest of Masquerade ball. The crazy quilt of street art was painted over. After the party, the tunnel art will get a fresh start, with a new background. It is part of the process. #krogisnotforsale

Pictures for today’s entertainment are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. These pictures were taken May 17, 1955, at Southeastern Movie Festival, a Motion Picture Theatre Owners and Operators of Georgia event.