Concrete Events

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There were two events in Atlanta yesterday. In the afternoon, some people decided to play in the freeway. The fishwrapper reports Protesters temporarily block Downtown Connector.

The action was a protest against police brutality, and Micheal Brown. The hashtag involved was #blacklivesmatter. How this action will affect life in Missouri is uncertain. Maybe this helped a Missouri team win game two of the world series.

After the pumpkinfest event went out of control, many have drawn comparisons between how things are handled. The word is that white children can go crazy, without consequences, while black children get shot by police. The incident on the downtown connector was at least one time where unarmed black people engage in dangerous activity without being shot.

A mile or so northwest of the Grady curve is the Krog Tunnel. The venerable passage sits under the railroad tracks between Cabbagetown and Inman Park. It is a concrete palimpsest of graffiti, with new offerings spraypainted all the time. Some call it iconic.

Some doofus thought it would be cool to block off this thoroughfare, and have a party. The neighborhood disagreed. The city said go ahead. The Krog Masquerade was set to happen. Lots of neighborhood people were not happy with the arrangement.

Last night, the neighbors got revenge. Krog Tunnel buffed in protest of Masquerade ball. The crazy quilt of street art was painted over. After the party, the tunnel art will get a fresh start, with a new background. It is part of the process. #krogisnotforsale

Pictures for today’s entertainment are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. These pictures were taken May 17, 1955, at Southeastern Movie Festival, a Motion Picture Theatre Owners and Operators of Georgia event.









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