District 2 Candidate Debate

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There was a meeting with the candidates for the Brookhaven city council, district 2, thursday night. PG walked to the event, and took a seat towards the back of the hall.

The meeting started on time. Three, of the original four, candidates were there. Charlie Barry had already dropped out. In his opening remarks, Bill Brown announced his withdrawal from the race. Both Mr. Barry and Mr. Brown endorsed John Park.

Mr. Park spoke, followed by remaining candidate Tim Nama. The meeting was moderated by someone from the Chamblee city council. He wore a tie, and was a bit of a jerk. The moderator requested that the audience refrain from applause.

There were a series of questions for the two candidates. Both feel that Pink Pony should remain open, that the Brookhaven Redevelopment Referendum is a bad idea, and the Ashford Park Greenspace is a good idea. There is little difference between the two men on the issues.

Truth be told, either man should do a fine job if elected. Mr. Park has a pleasing personality, and would bring ethnic diversity to the council. Mr. Nama has experience in construction, and was Chairman of the Brookhaven Zoning Board of Appeals. The residents should do well with either man in office. It is also helpful to not have a runoff.

One of the questions was what training would you want to get if you were elected. Mr. Park said he would ask Mr. Nama to teach him a few things about zoning. Mr. Nama wanted to learn more about parks, plural. Mr. Park has also discussed the concept of Mr. Nama running for Mayor.

Mr. Nama worked with Citizens for North DeKalb and Brookhaven Yes. These were the committees that put together, and promoted, the proposal to create the city of Brookhaven. This was a matter of concern for PG. During the election to create the city, a group sent a series of controversial mailers out. PG wanted to know if Mr. Nama was connected to the Brookhaven Ballot Committee.

When you entered the meeting hall, there were filing cards to write down questions on. PG wrote down his question, which was ignored by the moderator. Finally, there was a call for questions from the audience. The moderator indicated that PG was to speak.

“We will hear from the man in the blue shirt. Will you please stand up and tell us who you are”
“I am Luther McKinnon. My question is specifically for Mr. Nama.”
“By the rules of the debate you cannot ask a question of just one man.”
“Ok, I can ask it of both men. Mr. Nama said”
“Did you hear what I said. Please take a seat.”

PG was not pleased. After a few more people asked questions, the moderator apparently asked PG if he wanted to ask his question. After a bit of wrestling with the moderator, PG got out the question “Were you affiliated with the Brookhaven Ballot Committee?” The moderator cut PG off. Mr. Nama said no. This was all that needed to happen.

After the meeting, PG talked to Mr. Nama, who explained his role in the creation of the city. Mr. Nama was offended by the mailers, just as PG was. Both men agreed that the matter should be put in the past, and to move forward with the city.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








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