Plein Air

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After watching the Falcons blow a 21 point lead, PG decided to do something different. He drove to West End, to take pictures of a drawing session on the Beltline. Traffic on I85 and I20 only backed up twice. PG arrived before the event was scheduled to start. He did a little setting up, and a lot of standing around. Sometimes it is best to stay in the background, causing as little trouble as possible.

The idea was to draw pictures of a model in real time and light. Since PG does not draw, he brought a camera. The model, Mona Reeves, soon appeared. She put her red shoes on, and struck a pose. People began to draw. The Sun sent a steady stream of light.

It was a sunny, warm, Sunday afternoon. The direct sunlight filtered through the trees. The lighting was challenging. At first, the model was in the shade, with a well lit background. PG wanted to use a flash. The model discouraged him. Eventually, PG found an angle where the background was dark enough to work with. Often things don’t work the first time you try.

There were white umbrellas, taped to bamboo poles, scattered throughout the site. This was both a challenge, and an inspiration. The umbrellas proved an interesting shape to photograph, but had a way of getting in the background, and causing trouble. When you are taking photographs, at an event designed for manual art, you have to do the best you can.

A three piece band, Whispers of Night, was setting up. The Beltline was supposed to be passable to any non artist who wanted to use it. The band, and the artists, were originally going to be on one side of the Beltline, with the other side open. As it worked out, the participants were scattered around the Beltline. Anybody walking through would need to negotiate the space.

The model was to the side of the Beltline. She was a couple of feet below the people drawing her. The location of the model provided lighting, and background, challenges. The location of the model was probably not a problem to the sketchers. The event was not designed for photography.

The Whispers of Night started to play. The artists drew, sketched, painted, created, and channeled the model onto the medium. Eventually PG decided that he had enough pictures, and left. The event was sponsored by Eyedrum, which enjoys whatever support you can give.











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