BO And JS Promote Privilege

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Bill O’Reilly recently appeared on a tv show hosted by Jon Stewart. BO was promoting a book. JS was trying to make money. They call it show business.

The alleged topic of discussion was the murky concept of white privilege. The Jew, and the Irishman, shouted over each other for a few minutes, until it was time for a commercial break. At this point, they held hands and sang Kumbaya. Some people thought it was cool, while others were not so sure.

BO likes to whine about the “War on Christmas” every year. The solstice holiday should be about Jesus. Anyone who disagrees is a poopyhead. Does BO benefit from Christian Privilege?

An unintentionally ironic moment came when JS was reciting his white privilege talking points. “White people do more drugs in this country than black people but black people make up a far higher majority of drug arrests.” Holy meme, Batman.

The war on drugs hurts a lot of people. POC may indeed have it tougher than PWOC. The problem with racializing the war on drugs is that you tend to reinforce the status quo.

It is the old divide and conquer. Get the white people, and black people, fighting each other, and the government fucks everybody. If you make the war on drugs a race issue, you will divide the people. Instead of presenting a united front against the war on drugs, people are fighting over who is hurt by it more. The alcohol industry enjoys the spectacle.

Both BO and JS are employed by the corporate media. This industry is supported by advertising revenue, significantly from the alcohol industry. Those who sell adult beverages benefit from the war on drugs. The alcohol industry enjoys its legal monopoly. The alcohol industry, and alcohol users, enjoy legal privilege. The black people in prison are just a cost of doing business.

Pictures for today’s entertainment are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. These pictures were taken May 17, 1955, at Southeastern Movie Festival, a Motion Picture Theatre Owners and Operators of Georgia event.









Removed From Our Archives

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Only with consent. ~ NoNot (Translated by Bing) ~ Is that only pic? how do we know it is a cop? was the pic photoshopped? this thing seems fishy ~ The last time someone gave me a reality check it bounced. ~ It could be a template for a future work. Walt Whitman may have already said it better than either of us, in the public domain. ~ thinking you are “better” than other PWOC bc you oppose “racist humor” is not going to protect you from the consequences of prejudice ~ This item has not been released yet and is not eligible to be reviewed. ~ Meanwhile, American taxpayers support 53766 troops in Germany. ~ fact checking is not harassment ~ The Muslims I have known are great people. Admittedly this is a small percentage of that population. However, compared to my experience with Christians, the Muslims look pretty good. ~ Are you going to remind us of stonewall? ~ When facebook gives you a cat meme, throw it back and ask for a dog. ~ #NationalPoetryDay #rarvab tacky rhyme do dime toothpaste crime hear mime sneeze lime fornication time~ Why does the weeping willow weep? Because she is not poplar. ~ Your request has been sent. If chooses to allow email from your address, the message(s) that have been intercepted will be delivered immediately, and any future message(s) will be delivered without delay. ~ @TooMessedUp Nothing says “I am too busy” like an abortion. ~ Question Authority, because I said so ~ September 14, 2008 gasoline $4.19 a gallon ~ G-d ‏@TheTweetOfG-d The sooner the Pope accepts gays, the sooner they can help him do something about that wardrobe! #Hideous ~ @pourmecoffee Congratulations Chicago, named by Orkin as America’s most rat-infested city. So happy for you ~ @murderkroger · Before Columbus Day ends, you gotta steal someone’s tweet and claim it as your own ~ This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Kudos! ~ Unfortunately this poem has been removed from our archives at the insistence of the copyright holder.~ Isn’t writers tackle a more accurate phrase? ~ Too many capital letters. ~ Justice for ‘phobes would take the form of being a total top that cannot get it up. Which may be what is going on in this life already. ~ No matter how much conciousness you have about climate change, etc., the fact remains that you are more or less forced to eat food that is brought in using fossil fuels ~.. in the original version of this, I spelled consciousness conciousness. The other spell check options were contagiousness, precociousness, contentiousness. ~ joke over nothing ever survives ~ @NYTMinusContext another depressing article about my depressing sex life ~ What is your question, Joyce? As I said, Melanchthon sounds awfully Presbyterian to me. ~ It would be best to win this without a runoff. ~ Do you wear those to play soccer? ~ If an out GOP was running in my district ~ Either that wallpaper goes or I do. ~ If you were to put that image on your desktop, it would be wallpaper. ~ The fan on my computer. ~ Chat Free & Easy with Exotic Russian Babes! ~ Sorry, the video you have selected is not available for viewing outside of Canada. ~ Is that the bottom line? ~ Arguments only confirm people in their own opinions. Booth Tarkington ~ To live is to war with trolls in heart and soul. Henrik Ibsen ~ Has anyone ever had a pet yellow jacket? ~ helvetica no ~ Maybe the word/label/concept racism is obsolete. ~ are you paying for it, or Upworthy? ~ There was a pre-mortem memorial stone at short mountain. It said Faygele Baker of Bread, Giver of head ~ @fieldnegro @phillydotcom my experience is that commercial media outlets are frequently the home of computer meanies ~ You say more with one hug than you do with a hundred facebook confessions. ~ Why was a memorial stone carved several years before his demise? Also, I believe it was spelled Fegele, without the Y, at least on the stone. Or maybe Fagele. ~ after troy aikmann the cowpies should be used to such things ~ Last week there was an exchage between Mr. O’Reilly and Mr. Stewart about “white privilege”. The performance was apparently scripted. They shouted past each other, exchanging platitudes about the nature of privilege. Finally, in time for the commercial break, BO conceded that white privilege is a “factor”. Is this what you want to see on Meet the Press? ~ sometimes what you don’t say is more important that what the moving lips produce ~ Was that written by the little girl, or the alligator? ~ I remember that gathering well. Yes, I worked on that beautiful, impractical stairway. I was back in town, went out to go somewhere, and found a flat tire on my vehicle. When I went back upstairs, a message was on my machine about Michael. ~ In light of his annual “war on xmas” nonsense, BO could be called out on his Christian privilege. This is stronger than white privilege. Most POC are Jesus Worshipers, benefit from Christian Privilege. ~ pictures: “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









Facebook Confessions

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Deliver Me Lord

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02 - Copy






Oscar Wilde

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October 16 is Oscar Wilde’s birthday. On that day in 1854, he appeared in Dublin, Ireland. He is one of the most widely quoted people in the english language. Some of those quotes are real. Since he was a published author, it should be easy to verify what he really said. This is a repost.

One night in 1974, PG was talking to someone, and did not know who Oscar Wilde was. The conversational partner was horrified. PG became educated, and learned about a misunderstanding with the Marquess of Queensberry. Soon the “Avenge Oscar Wilde” signs made sense.

Mr. Wilde once made a speaking tour in the United States. One afternoon, in Washington D.C., the playwright met Walt Whitman. Thee and thou reportedly did the “Wilde thing”.

The tour then went to Georgia. A young black man had been hired as a valet for Mr. Wilde on this tour. On the train ride from Atlanta to Augusta, some people told Mr. Wilde that he could not ride in the same car as the valet. This was very confusing.

After his various legal difficulties, Oscar Wilde moved to Paris. He took ill, while staying in a tacky hotel. He looked up, and said “either that wallpaper goes, or I do”. Soon, Oscar Wilde passed away.








#DearWhitePeople Trailer

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Lizzie Bennett

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Yes, you should be outside in the sunshine. But no, you are going to find out Which classic literary character are you? Good judgement has nothing to do with it.

The first question is the binary classic, are you male or female? Next, you pick a time period to live in. The choices are rather limited, with today not an option. For much for living in the present.

What do you value most in life? The usual suspects…friends, family, wealth, virtue, etc… are available. The correct choice is a player who never spends time worrying about such trifles. He/she/it must pick an animal, a mode of transportation, and decide what is important in a significant other. Maybe this is why he/she/it never seems to meet he/she/it. What a load of she/it.

This character is afraid of something. Casting Madonna for the role. Running out of dope. The IRS looking closely at the tax returns. The condom breaking. Watch a Kayne West video with the sound turned up. The datamongers being fed information by playbuzz.

Pick an image out of the eight selections. What is your dream job? You realize that many dreams are nightmares. Last, you have to pick a movie from a box of pictures. So what if you have never seen any of these. That is why you have an imagination.

The answer is Elizabeth Bennett, a player in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. “You are Lizzie Bennett! One of the strongest females in literature, you stand by your opinions and you are fiercely independent. You have great loyalty towards your family and stand by their side no matter one. When you are in love you make sure not to lose your own personality, and you are very wise about who you trust.” Maybe choosing male was not that important after all. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

Now, this just does not work. PG is a cis male, with utterly no intention of alteration. Maybe the test needs to be redone. The second time, with male chosen, the suggested answers are different. Under qualifications for a significant other, “Someone who can challenge me” is an option. Under dream job, it is “anything as long as I’m rich.” It doesn’t matter. The answer is still Lizzie Bennett.










Psalm 123

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The Shroud Of Turin

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‏@Flyswatter Why are people so gullible about the Shroud of Turin? It was solved as a hoax in 1988! The Unsolved Mystery Behind The Shroud Of Turin Still Has The Power To Captivate

@chamblee54 @Flyswatter shroud has a documented 800 yr history how did ancient forgers create this? it is more interesting as fraud than as reality

‏@Flyswatter @chamblee54 Well, we know from testing that the “blood stains” are actually red hematite tempera paint. Seems like a forgery to me!

@chamblee54 @Flyswatter this image existed in the 14th century it was in a fire which melted silver handles on the box the man does not have a navel

‏@Flyswatter @chamblee54 We do know, however, that if this was actually the imprint of a man, it would be an imprint of the whole head. You’d see ears.

@chamblee54 @Flyswatter most jesus worshipers don’t like to listen they enjoy the image of their hero without ears

If you hang around twitter for long, you will not have writers tackle. PG had a discussion about the Shroud of Turin. This is a good subject for a long winded ramble. It is either a miracle of faith, or a miracle of deception. The two are closely related.

In 1978 there was a lengthy article about the Shroud in, of all places, Rolling Stone. The author went through all the possibilities for the Shroud being a forgery. He came to the conclusion that it is real. There is a lovely quote.

“You have to believe in some fourteenth century steppenwolf privy to now lost alchemical formulae, who had a knowledge of the peculiar pathology of crucifixion and the ways in which it was misrepresented in Christian ar undiscovered until the thirties; who procured a cloth from Palestine, one that was once in southern Turkey … and who mysteriously if not miraculously contrived by no known method a negative image to appear encoded with 3-D information only a computer developed for interstellar image analysis could read. And this character would have to have a pretty dry sense of humor .. because all that ingenuity would not become apparent to anyone till 500 years later. It takes, in other words, more of an effort and a more tortured manipulation of the facts to disbelieve in the authenticity of the shroud than it does to accept it.”

The shroud has a documented history going to April 1349. On December 4, 1532, there was a fire. It melted silver on the storage box, and would have destroyed any pigments in use at the time.

On May 28, 1898, Secondo Pia, an Italian amateur photographer, took pictures of the Shroud. When he developed the images, he saw the negatives. The negative was a positive image of Jesus.

There is an enormous amount of information about the Shroud of Turin. There are indications that the bearded image of Jesus is taken from this document. There are historic indications that the Shroud existed in the seventh century.

When Jesus was crucified, three nails were used. Two went in his arms. There is a space between the bones in the wrist where the nails (really spikes, which were pulled out and reused) went in. If the nails had gone in the hands the weight of the body would have pulled the hands down. When you drive a spike into this spot, the nerve controlling the thumb is broken, and the thumb turns inward. There are no thumbs of the image of Jesus in the Shroud. ( There is not a navel either, which is another can of worms. And yes, there were no ears. One of the Youtube lectures has an explanation for that. A slack blogger can only remember so much.)

In 1988, a sample of the Shroud was submitted for radiocarbon 14 dating. This is a scientific procedure that indicates the age of an object. The test indicated that the garment was created 1260–1390 A.D. Since then, numerous problems have been found with the test. Many people believe the radiocarbon 14 test to be discredited.

Since reading the Rolling Stone article, PG has not known what to make of the Shroud. If it is real, then how did a disfigured corpse create this remarkable image? If it is fake, how did a fourteenth century artist create a negative image of remarkable detail? It is a matter where having to have a belief, one way or another, is not an appealing option. Maybe it is best to accept it as a mystery.

Since we are never going to have a definitive answer anyway, maybe we can allow one more hypothesis. Maybe the Shroud of Turin was created before the crucifixion. Maybe some Egyptian mystics created this image as an act of prophecy. Maybe this image foretold the crucifixion/resurrection story. It was taken to Jerusalem at the proper time, to be seeded with the local pollen. The Egyptians were capable of building giant pyramids, and other miracles that we cannot explain today. Maybe they could draw a 3-D image on linen, and deliver it to the burial site of the man depicted in time for the burial.

Pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









The Voice Of William Blake

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In 1948, Allen Ginsberg was staying in Harlem. Things were not going well in his life. One night, he read “Ah, Sunflower,” by William Blake. He thought the voice of Mr. Blake was reading the poem for him. Later, something similar happened with “The Sick Rose.” Here is a tmi version of the story.

Sixty odd years later, PG is trying to recreate this incident. Instead of reading the work, PG is posting the lines at the feet of dogs. Instead of a Harlem building, with fancy brickwork, PG is in a Brookhaven house. The house was built in 1954. The sky is the same for Harlem and Brookhaven.

Perhaps the strangest bit of synchronicity involves the first paragraph of this text. PG had finished with the meme poem. The third game of the world series was on the tv, seen on a mirror behind the monitor. As PG typed the words “The Sick Rose,” a St. Louis player hit a ground ball. The fielder threw the ball to home plate, and a runner was tagged out. The catcher threw the ball to third base, and the ball got behind the baseman. The runner started to run, and got tripped by the third baseman. Even though he was tagged by the catcher, the umpire ruled that his being tripped made him safe. Is this as weird as hearing the voice of a dead English poet in a Harlem apartment?

Mr. Blake liked to illustrate his own work. Here is what he did for “The Sick Rose.” Whether using dogs is an improvement is a matter for smart people to decide. The text of these poems is copied from the Gutenberg Project. They are happy to get donations.

This is a rerun. The Cardinals are in the baseball post season again. The poem pictures have been redone. The original set was one of the early graphic poems. The techniques have a year of practice behind them. The results should be better.









Little Bit Of A Challenge

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This feature started with a tweet:
@MaxBlau Alternate title: Braves working “every day” to ignore public transit plan for new stadium. There is a link to an article, Braves working ‘every day’ on a parking plan for new stadium.
Braves executive vice president of business operations Mike Plant gave a luncheon presentation to some chamber of commerce types about the new ballpark. His lips were probably moving.

“they expect a game will attract about 10,000 cars. All of those will not arrive or depart at the same time. The stadium is used for baseball games only about 55 weeknights over a five-month period. “the impact is minimal… a lot of our fans will be coming from the north.””

The idea is that the 75/285 interchange is closer to the center of where the team’s fan base lives. The truth is that the site is on the western edge of this fan base. People in Gwinnett County will be just as far away from the Braves as they are with the team downtown. The only difference is the presence of rail transportation to downtown. When the team becomes the Cobb Crackers, the only way to get there will be by automobile and bus.

The impending disaster of traffic, and parking, is painfully obvious to anyone not on the Braves payroll. There will be lots of time to curse this decision while you sit in traffic. There was another comment in the article, which displays the lack of commonsense planning of this operation.

“The new stadium will differ in other ways from many major league venues, he said. It’ll face a different direction. “It’ll be a different position than Turner Field, with the outfield facing southwest. A left fielder might have a little bit of a challenge late in the day, but that’s what we pay them for.””

Traditionally, the baseball diamond has been set up with home plate in the south west corner. This began when all games were played in the afternoon. The idea is to minimize the effects of the sun.

As the linked chart shows, Turner field uses the traditional layout. Many of the other clubs do not. With most games played at night, it is not as big an issue as before.

It is tough to figure out exactly where Sun Trust Park will fit in. The site is, like most of Atlanta, a mass of hills and woods. There are high rise office buildings already there. It seems like the team is trying to fit a diamond shaped peg into a triangular hole. The results are likely to be uncomfortable. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.











Moon Zappa

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The current WTF Podcast features Moon Zappa. At no time does she say grody, gag me with a spoon, or boofoos. Today, she is the divorced mother of an eight year old, and buys quality apple butter.

Moon is the daughter of the late Frank Zappa. FZ did not do drugs, smoked Winston cigarettes, and spent all his time working on music. The four children, Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva, called the parents Frank and Gail. Mrs. Zappa stays busy these days selling her husbands music.

Once, Moon broke a finger in school. She called Gail, and waited. Eventually, the family Rolls Royce pulled up. Gail was driving, with Frank in the passenger seat. Frank quit driving when his first drivers license expired. Before taking Moon to the ER, they stopped to get Frank a burrito.

Gail and Moon were walking to the store one day, when Moon was very little. A car stopped, and tried to pick up Gail. Moon screamed “Fuck off pervert.”

Captain Beefheart was at the Zappa house one time. He had made a hole in the side of his nose with a pencil. When a finger was put over the other nostril, the nose became a whistle.

While listening to this show, PG was editing pictures from The Library of Congress. Some of these images appear with this feature. This is a repost.