Triumph Of The Pink Pony

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In the Brookhaven City Council election meetings that PG has seen, the Pink Pony has a been a topic of discussion. Almost nobody wants the city to spend money trying to shut down the exotic dancing emporium. Some have wondered how who wanted this action taken in the first place.

On October 6, The Supreme Court of Georgia ruled in favor of Brookhaven. The club, which can afford lawyers, filed legal devices to stay open. Finally, in time for the election, the city decided to hold peace talks with the club.

Tuesday, the talks bore fruit. Brookhaven OKs ‘transition’ deal with Pink Pony. “The Brookhaven City Council on Tuesday agreed to a settlement deal with the Pink Pony that will allow the strip club to stay open and operate with nude dancing and serving alcohol during a six-year “transition” period to come into compliance with city ordinances.

In exchange, the Pink Pony will pay the police department $225,000 a year for the six years to cover public safety costs, reimburse the city for its legal fees, donate land near the club along Peachtree Creek for a city park, and contribute up to $75,000 for the park.”

Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams opposed the deal. She read a statement. “I am calling on my colleagues to not succumb to political pressure from a strip club. I consider any kind of payment outside of regular licensing fees to be a bribe. At no time has this effort been a religious or moral crusade. It is about having legal, constitutional laws and enforcing them.

Other cities have gone down this path, but settlements with strip clubs have led only to more litigation and problems. Today, the City of Houston, the City of El Paso, and Horry County, South Carolina (where Myrtle Beach is located) are in court because of settlement agreements with strip clubs from years ago. Other powerful strip clubs are suing, arguing that the city’s agreement to take money to ignore their laws is nothing but a bribe, and that it violates the Equal Protection clause of the US Constitution as well as federal anti-trust laws.”

A brief conversation with Mr. Google does not show any evidence of these lawsuits in Houston, El Paso, or Horry County. A search for “El Paso strip club lawsuit” uncovered Man Dies Getting Lap Dances At El Paso Strip Club “El Paso County sheriff’s officials said a 67-year-old man died at an El Paso County strip club Friday night. The manager at the Red Parrot strip club said that the man, identified by sheriff’s officials as Robert Gene White, was getting lap dances, but when it came time to pay the dancers, he was unresponsive.”

My Horry News does not seem to know about the case Mrs. Williams mentions. It does have a quote from “Scott Bergthold, a Tennessee lawyer who has been hired to represent the county … “They were bumping and grinding and rubbing their body parts on patrons. That’s not protected speech.”

Another version of the Brookhaven – Pink Pony detente came with the headline Despite bribe charge, Brookhaven folds on Pink Pony case. “In an astounding turn of events, the Brookhaven city council has surrendered to the Pink Pony strip club and will allow it to operate for six years in defiance of the city’s ordinance on sexually oriented businesses and in return for $250,000 a year to the city.” This article was written by Dick Williams, the husband of Rebecca Chase Williams.

Mr. Williams used to write for the fishwrapper. He said some interesting things in the recent report. “Mayors of several other cities were contacted and opposed the Brookhaven action but would not comment on the record. One who did not wish to be identified said, “If I want to sell drugs in Brookhaven, can I just pay the city a fee and set up shop?” A call to the FBI, which has prosecuted strip club owners in several cities, wasn’t returned.”

The City of Brookhaven allows alcohol to be served. In facilities where the employees keep their clothes on, there is no legal harassment. Alcohol is a drug. The misuse of alcohol can have serious consequences. Alcohol users have legal privileges. Indeed, if a person wants to sell legal drugs in Brookhaven, they can just pay the city a fee, and set up shop.

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