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Once upon a time, cigarettes were advertised on television. One new brand was a cigarette for women, Virginia Slims. The ability to kill yourself with tobacco was presented as being a privilege. Some wondered why women would want to take up this filthy habit.

Today, African Americans have the “privilege” of using the n-word. What a deal. A nasty word, which degrades both the speaker, and the spoken of. Why would anyone want to use that word?

Apparently, millions of people do. Recently, an individual named Piers Morgan wrote a piece in an English newspaper about the n-word. Mr. Morgan calls those six letters “a grotesque, odious, evil stain on the English language. It symbolises everything multi-cultural America has fought so hard to move on from – white-run, imperialist, violent, sexually malevolent barbarism.” As the lady in Ferguson, MO, said, “I CANNOT BELIEVE I STILL HAVE TO PROTEST THIS SHIT!!”

@aamer_rahman In other news today: White Guy Blames Black People for Centuries of Racism. Lol #PiersMorgan #GotItAllFiguredOut
@DakShepard God, please let me live free from the need to tell POC what they should do to stop getting racisted at. Please let #PiersMorgan, too. Amen.
@tariqnasheed So #PiersMorgan is running the ol “the-reason-we-practice-white-supremacy-is-because-Black-people-use-the #NWord ” con game I see
‏@kim_tastiic #PiersMorgan is liberalism personified. ‘Nuff said..
@Adam_M_Ali#PiersMorgan’ “article” confirming the ignorance of Whiteness to the INTERNAL discourse within the Black community, it’s now dictating to.
‏@Virtuous_Queen_Show me the statistical data and research that proves eliminating the Nword will dismantle racism n inequalities. @piersmorgan #PiersMorgan
@BriannaChevonneShow positive black families on prime time tv and not the Good Times struggling ones…then you’ll be equal…NOT! #PiersMorgan

Sometime between the last cigarette commercial, and the first dark skinned POTUS, America was charmed by “The Bill Cosby Show.” Here was a “positive black family on prime time tv.” As @BriannaChevonne could have told you, we are equal…NOT!

Bill Cosby has been interesting. PG grew up listening to the comedy albums. Mr. Cosby earned lots of money selling Jell-O, and with a hit tv show. Mr. Cosby, it is whispered, is a mean, crotchety old bastard. There are also those troubling stories about sexual assault.

Asking for “public input” is always a risky business. This is even more true when the beloved entertainer is accused of rape. This didn’t stop Bill Cosby Inc. from putting out the Cosby Meme Generator. People were invited to paste comments onto charming pictures of America’s favorite funnyman. What happened could have been predicted. Thus was born #cosbymeme. The spell check suggestion for #cosbymeme is #cosmetology. You can’t make this up.

@NarcoVelvet I will now be participating in the #CosbyMeme fun. Because I cannot even believe this is being allowed to happen right now.
‏@Dukeweiser Cmon Bruh At least his app asks for consent. #CosbyMeme ”
@elonjames I think Bill Cosby still thinks he’s America’s Dad and not America’s creepy Uncle who’s not allowed to visit anymore… #CosbyMeme
@InsaneBHawksFan @_poeia “I put the bibity bopity in her drink and then my boopity doopity in her poopity.” -Bill Cosby #cosbymeme
@ritchtp #fact more Blacks wrote a #CosbyMeme than were employed to write a cosby show.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.











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