Lemony Snicket And His Money

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PG was trolling twitter when he found this: ‏@Number13Press Lemony Snicket pledges up to $100,000 in racist joke apology. Who/what is Lemony Snicket? What did this person say? How can this joke be worth $100,000? Did he ever fork out the change?

Lemony Snicket is the pen name of Daniel Handler. Apparently he is not related to Chelsea Handler. Mr. Handler told a “joke” at the National Book Award affair about a black lady who was “allergic to watermelon.” Toothpaste flavor was not involved.

Knickers were twisted coast to coast. Mr. Handler was called out, and out, and out. Mr. Snicket took to twitter, and said my bad.

@DanielHandler My remarks on Wednesday night at #NBAwards were monstrously inappropriate and yes, racist. -DH [1/4]
@DanielHandler It would be heartbreaking for the #NBAwards conversation to focus on my behavior instead of great books. So can we do this? -DH [2/4]
@DanielHandler Let’s donate to #WeNeedDiverseBooks to #CelebrateJackie. I’m in for $10,000, and matching your money for 24 hours up to $100,000. -DH [3/4[
@DanielHandler Brown Girl Dreaming is an amazing novel and we need more voices like Jacqueline Woodson. -DH [4/4]

The mea culpa tweets were dated November 21. It is now November 24. Presumably, the 24 hours are over. A check on google does not reveal how much money Mr. Handler will need to match. It also is not known whether the money was ever sent. This is a problem when people make a show about donating money in the future. There is seldom any proof that the donation took place.

When googling Daniel Handler, the first suggested search is “net worth.” He wrote an article for the New York Times in 2007. It began: “Let’s start by saying I have a lot of money. I’ve acquired it by writing children’s books about terrible things happening to orphans, and this seems like such a crazy and possibly monstrous way of acquiring money that I give a lot of it away.”

The tweet at the top of the page linked to The Guardian. It has a lively comment section. ArkEton “A paltry $100k and an apology? It’s time we stop letting these people off so lightly. Making a racist joke is the worst thing in the world. It should be highly illegal and they should go to prison for a very long time. An apology? Like that makes it okay? Damn you racists.”

Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









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