The GD Ad

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As you may have heard, this sunday is the stupid bowl. It is the end of the NFL season, the excuse for lavish parties, and a showcase for advertising. Every year, companies spend billions of dollars producing ads that will stand out … which is not always the same things as outstanding.

A cheesy website company called godaddy is taking a shortcut. They produced an ad. Adorable puppy is tossed out of a pickup truck. After surviving an Indiana-Jones-like journey, adorable puppy finds a way back to the farm. Danica Patrick sees adorable puppy, and says adorable puppy has just been sold. The sale was made on a godaddy produced website. In the final shot, adorable puppy is seen in an open shipping box, leaving in a delivery van.

Allegedly, there has been a facebook/twitter/talkshow outrage. This facebook exchange is what PG saw. This exchange is what alerted PG to the existence of this ad.

Anyone who works in dog rescue is totally appalled by this ad on many counts. And all the nut jobs out there just call us liberal PETA psychos for hating this ad. WTH? … Not just the puppy mills, but the selling of dogs on these sites. Some end up as bait dogs or in the hands of animal abusers. Remember Puppy Doe? Also showing the puppy getting thrown out of the truck even by accident gives teens the idea to throw them out of moving vehicles for sports even more than they already do. Especially when the ad shows that the puppy survived. Most end up mamed and killed. They die a slow death where they land. Not a good ad at all. I’ve tried to educate people, but a lot just think I’m a PETA loving crazy liberal. … ___ you are a responsible, well-informed, and compassionate person. Anyone who would label you otherwise is ignorant.

PG saw this exchange, and wondered if he was missing something. “all the nut jobs out there just call us liberal PETA psychos for hating this ad.” Where are these people? More Americans are concerned with how much air is pumped in Tom Brady’s balls.

Which got PG to thinking. Just how much outrage was there about this ad? Who made those angry tweets? Does anyone, outside of the “PETA loving crazy liberal” cabal, really pay attention?

Maybe, just maybe, this is manufactured outrage. By making a show of pulling the ad, godaddy has gotten lots of people to look at it. Instead of competing with the big money sponsors on sunday, godaddy gets lots of attention on wednesday. It is standing alone, which is also different from outstanding. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. These men were Confederate soldiers, during the War Between the States. They did not pull their advertising because of a few angry tweets.





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