Good Bye Andrew Sullivan

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As is often the case these days, the news came on twitter. ‏@JoeMyGod Andrew Sullivan To Stop Blogging: Citing recent health issues, his marriage, and the stresses brought on by 15… Joe had a link to his blog, where there was a link to the Sullivan facility.

Back during the Clinton administration, Mr. Sullivan had been the editor of some high faluting magazine. There was talk about having a gay, English, catholic in this conspicuous position. Eventually, he left, and started what was once called a “vanity website.” The first time I heard the word blog was in reference to Mr.Sullivan. It was short for web log.

At some point there was a piece, Why I blog. “Rudeness, in any case, isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a blogger. Being ignored is. Perhaps the nastiest thing one can do to a fellow blogger is to rip him apart and fail to provide a link.” The Dish never linked to Chamblee54.

There were links to some good stories at The Dish. There was a bit of foolishness. An obsession with the parentage of Trig Palin was given much play. It is ironic that Mrs.Palin is seen as an embarrassment to the conservative “movement,” at a time when Mr. Sullivan retiring. The similarity of the conservative movemeny to a bowel movement is more obvious than ever.

Not everyone is upset by the departure of Mr.Sullivan.
@gaywonk I’m going to honor Andrew Sullivan’s retirement by talking down to everyone I meet and trying my best to blend in with straight people.
@thejoshuablog Is it me, or was #AndrewSullivan’s deathbed confession eerily similar in tone to Norma Desmond’s speech at the end of #SunsetBoulevard?
@DostoevskyShade It is sad that the only time ever that #AndrewSullivan has trended on twitter is when he announces an end to his writings that no one reads.
Tonight’s Episode of Amazing America with Sarah Palin: Mom Hangs Out with Ted Nugent!

There are reports about the death of blogging. These are rather exaggerated. The days when any Joe Blow could set up shop in mom’s basement, and instantly get a million followers, are probably over. Twitter, and Youtube, are where a lot of the action is. 600 words has been reduced to 140 characters, or talking into your cell phone camera for mass consumption.

Blogging is like writing poetry… the supply greatly exceeds the demand. There are people who write blogs because they enjoy it. Chamblee54 is one. It is a fun game, even if Andrew Sullivan ignored Chamblee54. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. These details are from picture #06665, “Bathing Beauty Pageant, 1925, Huntington Beach CA”







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