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@TheTweetOfGod Alabama’s gay marriage ban has been ruled unconstitutional in what is hopefully the first step towards Alabama being ruled unconstitutional. ~ where did he say that? i just discovered the podcast, which is a great accomplice for multi tasking. I have a que of downloaded podcasts already, with new product discovered all the time. I hope FC can keep going, but if he doesn’t then something will take its place. the blogosphere is a self composting ecosystem. ~ Devolving ~ Neil – You shouldn’t have sex with your friends Bob – Do you prefer your enemies? ~ Is a person perpetrating this product a booger? ~ @Kool_Aid_Wino Propaganda encourages the imagination of children. ~ The Grateful Dead used to have a saying, “Steal Your Face” ~ The next time they are needed in Atlanta we might have another governor. ~ Somewhere in hell, Lyndon Johnson does not know who Ann Althouse is. ~ When Georgia wants to execute someone, nothing will stop this. The state is determined to kill a man with an i.q. below room temperature. There are plenty of other men on death row that can be killed to provide a deterrent to future killers, and satisfy the blood lust of the kill a crook for Jesus crowd. It is a mystery why Warren Hill is so important. ~ Is anyone aroused by scrolling to the end of 174 comments whenever facebook tells you there is a new entry to this thread? ~ didn’t people used to say balls when they heard a lie, the way we say bullshit today? ~ Warren Hill died at 7:55 pm. Witnesses say the transition was peaceful. Apparently, the mystery drugs did the trick. The #blacklivesmatter crowd is silent. Apparently this black life does not count. ~ THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT AN ACTUAL NEWS ARTICLE, BLOG, OR CONSUMER PROTECTION UPDATE. ~ Three of the five men on the Georgia parole board are black. This is important to some people. ~ @pourmecoffee “I saw the best bloggers of my generation destroyed by glibness, tweeting hysterical naked.” ~ I think he was talking about Andrew Sullivan, who needs to keep his clothes on. ~ Personally, I hate to have to think of any man as of a definite race, creed, or color; so few men are really worth knowing that it seems a shameful waste to let an anthropoid prejudice stand in the way of free association with one who is. H.L. Mencken ~ The Old Testament is responsible for more atheism, agnosticism, disbelief — call it what you will — than any book ever written; it has emptied more churches than all the counterattractions of cinema, motor bicycle and golf course. A.A. Milne ~ @therebelgod We need to learn how to think morally ourselves. We cannot be dependent on a book or a pastor to dictate to us what is right and wrong. ~ It is difficult to say. ~ @polotek Your police wear a wristband in support of a murderer and claim first amendment rights. You ask for your right to live and you’re “radical”.@polotek @steveroggenbuck BULLSHIT Show me one policeman wearing a wristband supporting a murderer photoshopped pictures don”t count. ~ @hawkinsdotbiz Facebook Where a person can be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character assassination. ~ @marcmaron @serial if adnan killed the girl then it was the only one, so he is not a cereal killer ~ @marcmaron @serial didn’t you say in today’s wtf that you are going to give up twitter? maybe you are a serial tweeter ~ @AManShouIdBe @JesusIsAJerk Is your daughter sexually active? No, she just lays there and doesn’t do anything. ~ Contributions to the Black Conservatives Fund are not tax-deductibl as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. ~ You are blocked from following @KasimReed and viewing @KasimReed’s Tweets. Learn more ~ At the end of the video, the host says “that sure is the longest answer to that question that I got in this series”. He must not have talked to many Jesus worshipers. … a religion chock full of vocal chord self admiring motormouths. ~ a hi-q haiku – print blue black or sepia – go ammonia ~ Why is all this construction going on when we don’t have a dependable source of water? ~ I found a copy of that book at a yard sale last fall. ~ pictures from The Library of Congress. ~ selah










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