No Clemency For Kelly Gissendaner

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Reports are coming in that the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles has rejected a plea for clemency by Kelly Gissendaner. The plan is to inject the mystery drugs at 7:00pm tonight. There is usually some last minute legal wrangling, and the actual execution will probably be much later tonight. Georgia is in snowjam anticipation, and the procedure may be postponed.
Mrs. Gissendaner has requested her last meal. “two Burger King Whoppers with cheese, two large orders of fries, popcorn, cornbread, a side of buttermilk and a salad with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots, cheese, boiled eggs and Paul Newman buttermilk dressing.”
The Gwinnett Daily Post tells the story of Kelly Renee Brookshire Gissendaner. Starting at ten years old, she was molested by a stepfather, neighbor’s stepfather, and uncle. Her first son was born two weeks after high school graduation. The first marriage, at nineteen, lasted six months.
Marriages two and three were to Doug Gissendaner. They had a baby, and divorced. After a divorce, Mrs. Gissendaner had another son. That babydaddy died of cancer.
There are indications that Mrs. Gissendaner is being executed because she did not snitch. “Owens received a sentence of life in prison and is eligible for parole. And while Gissendaner’s attorneys argued about the disparity, the man who prosecuted Gissendaner doesn’t buy it. “The offer was made to both of them,” says Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter. “The offer was made and Kelly Gissendaner decided to take her chances and go to trial. It’s kind of hard to argue how unfair it is, when you’ve kind of thumped your nose at the offer that would have gotten you the same sentence.” … Porter, who argued against clemency, says the sentence was fair and she got what she deserves.”
At the clemency hearing, a statement from Mrs. Gissendaner was read. “”There are no excuses for what I did, I will never understand how I let myself fall into such evil.”
“In the 53-page clemency application, daughter Kayla (the daughter of Doug Glissendaner) wrote: “The impact of losing my mother would be devastating. I can’t fathom losing another parent.” … Her supporters said she’s found God. “In the study of theology, [Kelly] has found a venue for reflecting on her own experiences, mistakes, relationships, dreams and faith, ” wrote Rev. Cathy Zappa.”
Picutures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. A detailed story, Kelly And Doug Gissendaner, is available at Chamblee 54. UPDATE: The execution has been postponed until Monday, March 2, at 7:00 pm.









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  1. Kelly And Doug Gissendaner | Chamblee54 said, on February 25, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    […] are from Georgia Department of Corrections, Murderpedia, WriteAPrisoner, and findagrave. UPDATE Clemency has been denied. The execution will proceed when weather […]

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