Organization Management

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Never submit passwords through Google Forms. ~ @KimKierkegaard Use one tenth of the power which is granted to you, use it to the utmost. Be the hottest mom in the entire world. ~ Piper . I see what you mean… Alice `s report is neat, last saturday I bought a new Citroën 2CV sincee geting a check for $6322 this – 4 weeks past and also ten grand this past munth . it’s certainly the easiest-job I have ever done . I actually started 10-months ago and almost immediately began to bring home at least $84 p/h . ~ I saw this a few weeks ago. It was “liked” by someone who died a month earlier. ~ People need to quit killing people over parking spaces. ~ Future home of something quite cool. If you’re the site owner, log in to launch this site If you are a visitor, check back soon. ~ Is NAACP changing to NAAPOC? ~ The acronym IANAL has never been more appropriate. ~ If you were to replace the colon with a comma, that would have a totally different meaning. ~ By commenting, you agree to our terms of service and to abide by our commenting policy. ~ @pourmecoffee Kanye is evolving into Andy Kauffman. ~ Is Organization Management an oxymoron? ~ What about the citizens who believed them? ~ Faith is a five letter word, with i at the center. ~ There is no justification for using unmanned aircraft to kill women and children. Are we really any more civilized? ~You know I’ve noticed a certain anti-intellectualism going around this country ever since around 1980, coincidentally enough. I was in Nashville, Tennessee last weekend and after the show I went to a Waffle House, and I’m sitting there and I’m eating and reading a book. I don’t know anybody, I’m alone, I’m eating and I’m reading a book. This waitress comes over to me (mocks chewing gum) “What you readin’ for?” Wow, I’ve never been asked that; not “What am I reading,” “What am I reading for?” Well, goddammit, you stumped me. I guess I read for a lot of reasons — the main one is so I don’t end up being a fuckin’ waffle waitress. Yeah, that would be pretty high on the list. Then this trucker in the booth next to me gets up, stands over me and says [mocks Southern drawl] “Well, looks like we got ourselves a readah.” What the fuck’s going on? It’s like I walked into a Klan rally in a Boy George costume or something. Am I stepping out of some intellectual closet here? I read, there I said it. I feel better. ~ All photos are used strictly for educational, parody purposes, and fall under copyright law’s fair usage terms. Any questions or issues, please contact the webmaster.~ If someone is giving a shit away, who wants to receive? ~ It is now the 8th most dangerous neighborhood in america. ~ “trigger/content warning” when a transcript appeared in the campus newspaper: “Racism/racial slurs, ableist slurs, antisemitic language, anti-Muslim/Islamophobic language, anti-immigrant language, sexist/misogynistic slurs, references to race-based violence, references to antisemitic violence.” ~ No hats no sunglasses and please don’t send in photos taken in the bathroom with the tub and toilet in the background. ~ “hear how Indigenous People feel about white appropriation.” That should read how SOME indigenous people feel about non native appropriation. ~ @NotFunnyJ If you plan on being overtly cruel to a waiter or waitress just remember that “employees must wash hands” is a loosely enforced law. ~ ‏@PeterRollins Twitter tip: Avoid the taxing need to critically engage with others by simply attributing insidious motives to those who disagree with us ~ ‏@postcrunk just because we disagree doesn’t mean we should hate each other ~ U got serious issues and dont belong amoung faeries…ur a bully based on indignant rightousness…like a mormon or cult member. Blocking u. ~ @jmshiveley Jesus: This is my body *breaks bread* Jesus: This is my blood **pours wine** Jesus: This is YOUR last supper **locks doors** *pumps shotgun* ~ Alladin is now Alladis. ~ Is there a community for people who like to use big words? ~ cannabloism typo of the day ~ Can it walk and chew gum at the same time? ~ “self-obsessed meeting the arse-obsessed” which one is which? ~ I read a long, long biography about Lenny Bruce. He was not a very nice man. I don’t know if he was a candidate for sainthood. The busts were as much a matter of angering important people socially as about the use of obscenity. In the end, the drug use reduced him to being a pathetic character. I am not sure what his motives were, but I suspect it was not “so we could communicate.” ~ Maybe the anti racists can feel some solidarity with those who do not meet their standards ~ *sprinkles salt on unsuspecting slug* ~ pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









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