Handist And Offensive

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As saturday morning turned into afternoon, PG was looking for text. Twitter had an entertaining entry. @DangerMindsBlog Hunter S. Thompson’s typical daily intake of drink ‘n’ drugs. The comments were charming. “It’s funny how everyone is obsessed with the truth of this absurd itinerary. This article made me smile and love HST more than ever. It’s what he stood for or symbolized that I respond to. We need more crazy fucking lunatics in this world and fewer anal-retentive fact-checking pussies.”

Maybe that is not a good idea for a post. There is always something in the archive. There were two stories in 2009 about word lists. Ten words was based on a story at YOU ARE REMARKABLE, where the last post was published November 21, 2014. “here are 10 of the most beautiful words in the human language. try sprinkling them throughout your next conversation & admire the way they feel rolling off your lips. watch how the listener’s eyes light up.”

The 10 words are: 01. adroit: dexterous, agile 02. adumbrate: to very gently suggest 03. aestivate: to summer, to spend the summer 04. ailurophile: a cat-lover 05. beatific: befitting an angel or saint 06. beleaguer: to exhaust with attacks 07. blandiloquent: beautiful & flattering 08. caliginous: dark & misty 09. champagne: an effervescent wine 10. chatoyant: like a cat’s eye.

Adroit is also the first word on the list. When PG was young enough to think it was funny, he read MAD magazine. There was a poem: Tigers Tigers fighting bright/In the ballparks of the night /Your pitchings fair, your fields adroit/So why no pennant for Detroit. (PG felt really stupid when he read
“The Tyger” By William Blake.
Maybe Allen Ginsberg read MAD magazine.)

A commenter at the original post begs to differ: “I take issue with the top word on your list. Adroit comes from the French word for “right”, as in “right handed”. It is the direct antonym of gauche, both in English and in its native French where it means “left”, as in “left handed”. As a non-right-hander I find both of these words to be handist and offensive.”

If this is enough text for you, it is all right to skip ahead and look at the pictures. These fine images are from The Library of Congress, taken at “Annual “Bathing Girl Parade”, Balboa Beach, CA, June 20, 1920.” The second rerun today is 12 Funny Words. It is based on a post at alpha dictionary, which is still producing. The post was sponsored by Chinese Lady #1 Most Trusted Dating Service in China.

As you may have noticed, the list posted yesterday was not the ten most beautiful words in english. It was merely the first ten, in alphabetical order. The fact that 01 rhymes with Detroit tells you more than you need to know. The second list….the 100 funniest words…. is also an a-z affair. The reality is that the last word is yahoo, and no z words made the cut. PG decided to edit the list for the convenience of the reader. It occurred to him that perhaps this said more about PG than about the list…what words did he choose, and why? Here is the list:

09 bloviate To speak pompously or brag. 23 crapulence Discomfort from eating or drinking too much. 24 crudivore An eater of raw food. 31 fatuous Unconsciously foolish. 32 fenestration Putting in windows. 39 fuddy-duddy An old-fashioned, mild-mannered person. 57 klutz An awkward, stupid person. 59 la-di-da A saying indicating that something is pretentious. 61 logorrhea Loquaciousness, talkativeness. 73 osculate To kiss. 83 rhinorrhea A runny nose. 92 troglodyte Someone or something that lives in a cave. Spell check suggestions: crapulence/corpulence, crudivore/divorcee.







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