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At the 20:00 mark of the latest Risk show, Kevin Allison tells a story. He used the word caucasian to describe himself. His friend, who knows about such things, said that you can’t call yourself Caucasian.

The word Caucasian is derived from the Caucasus mountains. This is a region in Asia where Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia exist, not always in harmony. The thinking goes that many different types of people live in this region. It is not accurate to describe people of European origin as Caucasian.

According to wikipedia, the three primary races of mankind are Caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid. Mongoloid refers to the people of East Asian, while the Negroid people originated in sub-saharan Africa. Both Mongoloid and Negroid are considered tacky, with the latter devolving into the dreaded n-word. Maybe it is natural progress to label Caucasian as politically incorrect.

If you google the phrase “is Caucasian,” the search suggestions are a race, white, an ethnicity, racist, a culture, a color, still used. The ever trenchant Urban Dictionary says Causcasian is “A ridiculous way of saying “white person”. Used mostly by Americans.” PG finds this ironic. The first person he knew who used the c-word regularly was a Black Muslim named John Ali.

The UD has a page for something called the Caucasian Donut. “When an exceptionally large white girl finishes oral sex on another exceptionally large white boy and proceeds to collect his jizz and puts it on a pastry of her choice.” It has an ad, with the slogan Join Hillary for America.

So the c-word, in addition to being pretentious, is scientifically dubious. Most people who use it have never heard of the Caucasus mountains. But is it (cue dramatic music) Racist? This post thinks so.

“Caucasian, literally, refers to people native to the Caucasus, but it has become interchangeable with any number of ‘White’ populations, most of wh1om trace their ancestry to Europe. One gets the feeling that the term ‘White’ fell out of favor and was replaced by ‘Caucasian’ much like ‘Black’ was replaced by ‘African-American’. But the roots of such terminology are a bit disturbing; it was postulated that the natives of the Caucasus exhibited the idealized physical appearance so the Caucasus were believed to be the birthplace of mankind. The logic behind this idea — the assumption that Whites exhibit the best physical appearance — is implicitly racist. Additionally, we now know our species first appeared in Africa, so the biology isn’t any good either. The connotations of the term Caucasian along with the geographical absurdity of using that term to describe all Europeans or Whites are the two main reasons we should abandon the term.”

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









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