American Reflexxx

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There is a video making the rounds these days. It was produced two years ago, in Myrtle Beach SC. It shows a pretty person, wearing scanty clothes, behaving in a provocative manner. The person, a cis female named Signe Pierce, , wears a mirrored visor. The crowd cannot see her face.

The drama opens with an intoxicated young man hitting on the performer. This is one of the acts that was clearly directed at the performer. In another, a young lady sneaks up from behind and pushes the performer down onto the sidewalk.

There is a lot of talk in the video. Apparently it was recorded by the Alli Coates, who followed the performer around with a video camera. People speculate about the gender of the performer, among other things. Most, though not all, of the talk is not complimentary.

This running commentary is odd. You never see a pair of moving lips to go with the comments. You don’t know when the comments were made. There is very little variety in the voices. How a moving video camera got these high quality sound recordings is a mystery.

The video is getting quite a reaction these days. The person whose facebook posting PG saw went into a purple prose phrenzy. “PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO. Its is the most important experimental documentary i’ve seen in years. Its a devastating & revealing portrait of society’s reaction to an unusual but confident person.People argue that someone willing to attack a stranger based on their appearance must hate themselves, and in this case they’re literally attacking a mirror on legs. I cant do this film justice with a write-up please just check it out.” This technicolor text can be found on a tumblr, Sleazeburger in Paradise.

In real life, Signe Pierce and Alli Coates are a romantic couple. They live together in LA’s Echo Park. “We fell in love in cyberspace, which is rather fitting. … The couple met on Tumblr and OkCupid. Signe found Alli’s photography on Tumblr, and a week later by coincidence (or algorithms), Alli messaged Signe on OKCupid.”

“In our home we have artwork by a few artists that work with cyberfeminist themes, such as graphic design duo Sarah Faith & Nicole Killian and photographer Elizabeth Renstrom. Pam Anderson is the centerpiece of our shrine. The female form is beautiful and should be celebrated rather than shamed, and Pam is a great representation of unapologetic, unabashed femininity. — Signe and Alli”

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This institution celebrated its 215th birthday April 24. Picture #06661 was taken in Texas, at the Galveston Bathing Review, 1926.

UPDATE The following conversation was on twitter.
@kjmelara I want to have an open dialogue about #AmericanReflexxx
@chamblee54 @kjmelara #Americanreflexxx is phony you never see the moving lips of ppl making the comments
@kjmelara @chamblee54 who the fuck is you
@chamblee54 @kjmelara are you from Myrtle Beach?
@kjmelara @chamblee54 Stay out of my mentions troll.
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