Your Own Yoko Ono

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when people around you sing praises of someone that hates on you even though you have never done anything to hurt someone but because someone finds your opinions distasteful is your self respect a big enough band aid to cover damage ~ The billion dollar football stadium fad may be spreading to San Diego. “The stadium would be home to the Chargers, the San Diego State Aztecs, the Holiday and Poinsettia Bowls and events including bar mitzvahs, weddings, proms, reunions, corporate gatherings, monster truck jams, music festivals and religious ceremonies,” ~ If there are two involved, is that a doobie? ~ A record company suit to David Byrne: You are your own Yoko Ono ~ The red hair was fake all along. ~ Sincerity is important. Once you can fake that, you have got it made. ~ You’ll never be bored again. ~ The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page. ~ According to wikipedia the expression OK originated in the Choctaw nation. Is it appropriate for European Americans to use OK as a term of approval? ~ Don’t the individual nations that comprise Native America have individual names, and job descriptions, for what we call shamans? I would imagine they have different viewpoints about people outside their nation referring to this concept. Also, isn’t it white privilege/white savior to tell PWOC how tribal people want to regulate language? This does not consider the condescention implicit in lumping all the separate nations under the catch all phrase “native americans.” ~ semantic discussions are useful for division, confusion, and distraction this is probably why they are popular in politics religion and the white savior industrial complex ~ @WernerTwertzog Life is meaningless. Thanks, Obama. ~ Can we work out your IQ? ~ How Christian Are You? ~ ‏@WernerTwertzog If you join the Nihilists, they will give you a very useful tote-bag. ~ question authority, because i said so ~ Isn’t shaman an english word? Don’t the different nations have different words for this function? ~ There is a truthdig article beginning: Noam Chomsky is America’s greatest intellectual. Superlatives are not what they used to be. ~ So much to listen to, so little time. ~ Thank you to our advertisers for their support in bringing you these inspiring stories. Please click next to continue. ~ all things are possible in a world without g-d ~ You might want to go see what they’re up to! Perhaps you will like their blog as much as they liked your comment! ~ @Flyswatter Understanding your own privilege @chamblee54 thank you for using privilege without a racial adjective both people in this story are white ~ Has anyone asked BHO what he would have done? He never had to make a public stand yea or nea, like HIllary did. If he had been in the US Senate, and had defense industry campaign contributors to answer to, it might have been a different story. ~ ‏@postcrunk postmodernist expression is limited to appropriation and allusion ~ what happens after we run out of clever things to say ~ @SaraJBenincasa My favorite thing about writing is whining about writing. ~ @robertwrighter @annalthouse … the blonde moment was letterman esque carson ogenic leno vative ~ @wonkette “Josh Duggar Touched GOP Presidential Candidates W/ Same Hands What Touched His Sisters’ ~ @JesusIsAThug My favorite verse in the scripture is the one about how you have to share every Christian pic on Facebook to get into Heaven ~ pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









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