Surviving The McMansion Next Door

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Many houses in the metro area are doomed. When you have a little fifties tract house sitting on platinum land, the future is obvious. If you are happy in your little house, you might have neighboring houses torn down. Construction can be a painful process.
PG got a document, Homeowner Survival Kit During Construction. Some of the text is reproduced below. There were document copies, which are available here.
The rules in these emails are for pre-Brookhaven Dekalb County. You might want to do a little research, and see what the rules are for your area. The different governments have different departments governing construction. Some are going to be more responsive than others.
1- Zones are highlighted for your area. If you see unsafe or dangerous acts, call your zone inspector, or chief, and register your complaint.
2- If your property, fences, plants trees, home, is damaged, first get name of worker/equipment operator, supervisor, and finally company, make complaint, then determine who is liable for repairs, and, more importantly, who will pay.
3- Obtain business cards from all vendor companies, or names and phone numbers from the signs or equipment. You may need them later.
4- Keep a log of various operations, i.e. grading, silt fencing, foundation, footing, framing, waterproofing, etc., again for future reference.
5- If workers use yard as toilet immediately call area building inspector. There should be a porta potty installed for every ten workers.
6- Female homeowner should dress appropriately to discourage negative attention by workers.
7- Remember, these suggestions are only a few of the possible acts that may be violations of the international residential code for one and two family dwellings, 2000, which is in use in GA currently. DeKalb County, and Brookhaven, also have building codes.
8- The development department officials work for you, the tax payer. Don’t hesitate to call any one of them if you feel there is a need.
Pictures are from The Library of Congress.







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  1. Pomeroy Watson said, on July 4, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    Waste of time!

    They’ll still build these pretentious conspicuous consumption nightmares. Worse, when They find out who’s complaining, they’ll make life a Living Hell for you for the rest of your life…until You are force to move out of your own town, that is.

    You forget to mention the Mentality of McMansion owners. They are entitled dipshits with not only money coming out of their asses but Power and Influence. They don’t like you, they keep their grudges and feed them. Most are of the Italian-American breed of Mafia/Mafia-like/Mafia-wanna-bes. Right Wing Authoritarians they might even “own” the local police!

    I live in a little town once known as Old Tappan in Northern New Jersey.
    The real estate bastards have Raped this place.
    I can’t even walk my Own Street anymore without Them whipping out their phones ready to report “attempted trespassing” should I come to close to their property border. The police Have No Choice but to Respond, and in this day and age, it doesn’t take much to hype them up into thinking you’re a potential terrorist or some such. They do that and they can (legally!) strip you of your basic American rights as a citizen!

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