Coercively Assigned Male At Birth

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I sense that this is greatly exaggerated. Hank Aaron is simply not a big deal anymore. ~ If he is like most of the professional Jesus worshipers I have known, Mr. Hagee routinely violates the third commandment. ~ Hairy Krishna Hairy Krishna Hairy Hairy Krishna Krishna Hairy Rammer Hairy Rammer Hairy Hairy Rammer Rammer ~ don’t you have blog/facebook acct? Your twitter monolog would be much easier to read in order instead of scrolling backwards – In comment orgies like this, and the recent SFQP bash, there seems to be a few people who do the bulk of the talking. I wonder how many people actually wade through the comments, but never participate. I do know that ” social ridicule and ostracism” are very real parts of these discussions. Then there is this: “I’m willing to sacrifice the comfort of white folks in order to work towards the incredibly radical idea of a space with less white supremacy.” ~ if man is not liberal @ 20, he has no heart if man is not conservative @ 40 he has no brain does this describe you at 40? ~ BHO is a good mimic ~ @TooMessedUp My fat friend forgave me for laughing at his weight problem… I guess he really is the bigger person. ~ I don’t think a shart circle is a good idea. ~ Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion. John Adams ~ Crazy — a nonscientific term meaning that the person to whom one applies that label has a world picture differing from the accepted one. Robert Heinlein ~ If lawyers don’t make money on something it doesn’t happen. ~ Maybe some anti spam action is appropriate. ~ I saw a tweet saying “we should start treating all white supremacist groups as the domestic terrorists they are #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches” While it is highly probable that ws are responsible, it is also possible for something else to be going on. Rival church groups. Insurance. A gay person alienated by the anti gay rhetoric of the jesus worship church. ~ They got a one pointer. ~ @whittmman He puts today out of himself with plasticity and love, ~ @nihilist_arbys Draw the blinds. shut out the sun. Cry. The pile of meat has been on the table for weeks. Just eat it & go back to bed. Arbys: edible. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon Today is Canadian Fourth of July on the metric calendar. Celebrate politely. ~ When the CVS burned, some media perps commented on sports fan rioting involving PWOC. ~ Why would a sign about stealing and lying be in a government building? ~ The verbal abuse culture of the Jesus worship church, both black and white, needs to end. ~ They are the ones who can afford to fly. ~ 35741 ~ Donald Trump is an idiot. ~ Most of them are jokes about LaToya Jackson. She has a similar last name to Maynard Jackson, the former mayor of Atlanta and the co-namesake of the facility. I suspect LaToya Jackson moved out of the ghetto a long time ago. ~ The Hartsfield part of Hartsfield-Jackson is former Atlanta Mayor William B. Hartsfield. He is the namesake of “Willie B.” the gorilla at Zoo Atlanta. ~ It might not be racist, but it is not very funny. This joke is worn out. ~ Was it gift wrapped? ~ Truman Capote was on the couch when Lester Maddox was a guest on the Dick Cavett show. After the Governor walked off, Mr. Capote talked about the time he went to the Pickrick. (The fried chicken restaurant owned by Lester Maddox.) “All I’m going to say is, it was not finger licking good.” ~ smiles work better in lower case letters ~ How do jokes about Hartsfield Jackson airport contribute to systemic oppression? If they do not then they are not racist, according to some people. Or maybe it is time to put the expression racist on the shelf, and think of a new insult for people you don’t like ~ Can you, or will you, odd? ~ Did the founding fathers foresee the day when the descendents of their slaves would have easy access to handguns? ~ Is it racist to complain about watermelon oreos? ~ This is a graven image, installed in a facility where stealing and bearing false witness are routine. ~ @nihilist_arbys Today, celebrate a crumbling empire by shoveling fistfuls of Arbys meat into your bloated face and then drunkenly blowing off your toe ~ “CAMAB is an acronym. It stands for Coercively Assigned Male At Birth. ~ The past few years, I have been picking up flags that have fallen to the ground. Today, I put my rescue flags on display. ~ @whitman632 I’ve never encountered a leprechaun who I didn’t want to kick in the nuts. ~ government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mob ~ The quote is legitimate. Mr. Roosevelt made the comment in a speech during his 1936 reelection campaign. A certain amount of hypocrisy can be expected in an election speech. It should also be noted that this was a few years before World War Two. ~ I hope this person was visible. Riding a bicycle on Hiway 92 is risky. ~ Mr. Roosevelt was a good performer. In this speech, he denounces war profiteering. (2:25) A few years later, he wanted America to get into World War Two. We played hard ball with Japan, who took the bait and attacked. Germany declared war on the United States after Pearl Harbor, which insured our entry into the European conflict. Mr. Roosevelt saw that World War Two would mean the end of the depression. As for BS, it is too early to know what to make of him. I suspect he is playing the role of an alternative to Hillary. If Hillary is elected, she will probably reward BS with a position in her administration. ~ That is a Brookhaven lawn. Whatever was planted sixty years ago is still there, along with whatever weeds have taken root. Just keep it cut short, and it is all green. ~ @falwellinhell How can you tell if it is false doctrine? Are the preacher’s lips moving? ~ pictures for this inappropriate use of bandwidth are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah










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