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Is arrogance etymologically connected to air head? ~ I am glad it only takes one hand to work a mouse. ~ What you say about Jesus says more about you than it does him. ~ Sin? Sin like love was a word hard to define. It came in two bitter but vastly different flavors. The first lay in violating the taboos of your tribe … The other meaning of sin was easier to define because it was not molded by the murky concepts of religion and taboo: Sin is behavior that ignores the welfare of others. Robert Heinlein ~ @postcrunk white men get called racist for behaving with the autonomy of a black man ~ I have always felt that Donald’s primary talent is media manipulation. The last two weeks either shows that he has lost the touch, or that using the media is uglier than I thought it was ~ we will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security ~ A brief consultation with Mr. Google does not show a source for that quote. ~ The following replies are approved. To see additional replies that are pending approval, click Show Pending. Warning: These may contain graphic material. ~ @chescaleigh @KidFury @crissles @gracyact @SholantyTaylor “busy organizing a klan rally” that is not right ~ Google ads has a sick sense of humor. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon If Trump wins the election, this country will have hell toupée. ~ In discussion forums, a troll is anybody who tells the truth ~ All I see is a blank space. Facebook is not working again. ~ Whoops! There was a problem previewing this document. ~ ‏@alwaystheself Then again, maybe France’s black population is safer if the CIA thinks they don’t exist. ~ If you ask where your phone is, don’t be surprised if they say you are talking on it. ~ donald trump anagrams into pot drum land, plot and drum, rum dot plan d ~ @MarkEglinton @thedavidcrosby the truest words spoken on the twitter forsaken platform that is g-d since its inception. ~ The spell check suggestion for retweeted is regretted. ~ There is a point beyond which perseverance can only be termed desperate folly. Karl von Clausewitz ~ how many have died from gunshots while america was fussing over an obsolete flag? ~ You are going to go to the puniteniary ~ 9 Facts That Show White-on-White Crime Far Exceeds Black-on-Black Crime and How Media Outlets Conceal It ~ EPISODE 21: BLOODLINES (6.5.2015) ~ I, Racist ~ 8 Truths About Race That Every White Person Needs to Know ~ 3- Feed the hamsters that power your server. It is irritating when you look at where a picture should be, and see a blank space. Then you see the comments, and wonder what they are talking about. ~ @WernerTwertzog Whatever does not kill me, is disappointing. ~ Blakes needs to stock up on popcorn. ~ @VeryShortStory If storytelling is his bag does it matter if it is paper or plastic? One is renewable but costs much more to ship. ~ @whitman632 Poetry allows one to exhale with passion. ~ THE LAND OF HEART’S DESIRE ~ #‎FreeTheNipplesAndTheVowels‬ ~ Post Has Been Removed The post or object that you liked has been removed by its owner and can no longer be liked. ~ Post Has Been Removed The post or object that you were commenting has been removed by its owner and can no longer be commented on. ~ forgive me if I sound ignorant. but what is a troll? ~ We should have a contest. Someone copy an informational email. Then see how long it takes someone else to look it up on Snopes. ~ ask them which one cleaned up the place ~ Join us in our effort to change our world with Empowering Narratives. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. ~ I have numerous issues with the culture of attitude mongering, aka positivity fascism. Unfortunately, this article does not have many practical suggestions for improvement. ~ pictures from The Library of Congress. ~ selah ~











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