Called Ugly By A Frog

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11. Thou shalt publish thy arguments in text format. ~ Not everyone received the message in 2000 to stop using colored text. ~ Isn’t the proper expression “text of color”? ~ That class was not very bright. They should have realized after the pebbles that the jar was not full. ~ @StoneCStudios 50 Cent’s name has more money than he does. ~ Nobody hates like Christians they think their ideas about life after death excuse their hate ~ top seven topics on Atlanta twitter right now #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow #IranDeal #PlutoFlyby #Steve Spurrier #BastilleDay #CowAppreciationDay #Planned Parenthood ~ The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable. ~ trees are all bark and no bite ~ Snopes has had a busy day with the #plannedparenthood video. It says that rapists use “unmarked police cars” to snare victims. However, dialing 112 is not a good idea. 911 is still your best bet. ~ @postcrunk constantly in the middle of billions of uniquely intersecting realities ~ Is that the Mod Squad? ~ I got blocked on twitter today by a “christian” website. I said that the Planned Parenthood video was a fraud, and anyone who believed it was an idiot. ~ Being heard talking the talk is much more important that walking the walk. In so many ways the ARF crowd is like overall society in that the image is more important that the reality behind the mask. ~ When you say blocked, do you mean unfriended? There are different layers of this. OK, you just answered that. I guess I have only been blocked twice by faeries, which isn’t bad considering. ~ Unfriending is hurtful. I have unfollowed a few people, but I don’t think I have ever unfriended anyone. If you change your mind later, and decide that Joe Blow really isn’t a poopyhead after all, then you still have that recorded slap in the face to deal with. Spell check suggetions… unfollowed unhallowed poopyhead pothead ~ @whittmman I am an acme of things accomplished, and I an encloser of things to be. ~ ‏@whitman632 I wish I smelled better. @chamblee54 You have been dead 123 years What did you expect? ~ This is just a bit north of the new baseball stadium. That move was partially justified by looking for a better neighborhood. ~ Damn I hate this yahoo email thing I had to delete the first time I wrote this and start over I added the link first, and then this idiot program tried to add what I wrote to the link. ~ KimKierkegaardashian ‏@KimKierkegaard No authentic human life is possible without a black leather jacket. ~ While the Gaza slaughter was horrible, what Israel is doing today might be worse. Along with Saudi Arabia, Israel is trying to sabotage a peace deal with Iran. ~ Has Caitlyn Jenner ever said what the preferred pronouns are? She might not be preferred. ~ Calling All Geniuses: Are you smart enough to be a Mensa member? ~ @nihilist_arbys It’s 3 am. You awake in a panic. You’re wasting your life? You’re alone? relax. You’re totally insignificant & you’ll die soon. Enjoy arbys. ~ If you like this post, please share it along: ~ The Ministry of Silly Walks ~ If you, say, call the number on a receipt and give feedback on your customer service experience in the hopes of winning $1,000, who verifies that the company actually awards a prize? ~ Quiz: Who Is Your Spirit Musician? Janis Joplin ~ The same people who verify the amount given to charity by shady merchandisers. ~ can white people be negatively affected by racism ~ can you say humbug in July? ~ People who label other people are a problem. ~ some ppl boast abt making pwoc uncomfortable this does not lead to positive change ~ It is socially irresponsible to post images of violence on the daily w/o supporting people’s mental & physical well-being. ~ Naomi Munroe sure does know a lot of big words. ~ the anagram for massive, with or without all caps, is me ass iv or save sim ~ KimKierkegaardashian ‏@KimKierkegaard Skirt is by Chloe. Heels are by Manolo. But everything that makes me impure comes from within. ~ This post has been removed. This post by Gawker CEO Nick Denton has more details. ~ July 17 is birthday of Phyllis Diller & Camilla Parker Bowles Looks are not everything ~ This posting has been flagged for removal. ~ ‏@alphabetsuccess The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn. – Bertrand Russell #quote ‏@chamblee54 What are you going to burn, the bridge or the cross? ~ Doesn’t someone have to shut up and listen, or is that obsolete? ~ this post begins with a condescending comment about the Alaskan native population. It goes downhill from there. I made it as far as the comment about Darren Wilson shooting Mike Brown because of prejudice, and getting away with it because of racism. This sort of simplistic rhetoric does not have any value. ~ When Jimmy was running for President, Lester Maddox said that Jimmy was a liar. Jody Powell replied. “Being called a liar by Lester Maddox is like being called ugly by a frog,” ~ Shut down the Canidrome, the world’s deadliest greyhound racetrack. ~ Mr. Brooks has taken book promotion to a new level. ~ is it as annoying when G-d talks about man as it is when man talks about G-d? ~ What do you think about the rumors the Caitlyn Jenner received the award as a quid pro quo for consenting with an interview with Diane Sawyer? ~ Wonder if the boat owner looks sad when he gets his credit card bill? ~ @WernerTwertzog All this fuss about #DonaldTrump is a waste of perfectly useful hatred. ~ You can always be sure to find uncertainty. ~ Did anyone else get back from riding a bicycle past a Buddhist monastery? ~ @whittmman Just because you have an irrational belief in a supreme being doesn’t mean there is one. ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









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