Aerosolized Homosexual Christians

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Did Amy Shumer shave off her beard? ~ Sharks don’t bother Fox talking heads when they go swimming. It is a professional courtesy. ~ other than Israel there are very few people you can cheer for in the middle east ~ Gays Have Aerosolized Homosexual Christians, Covertly Attacking Chemtrails ~ Were people allowed to invest in Mr. Trump’s business ventures? That would seem to be a form of gambling. ~ Complications are overrated ~ Mr. Trump should try carbon monoxide. ~ Post Has Been Removed The post or object that you were commenting has been removed by its owner and can no longer be commented on. ~ Tacky political memes qualify as taking the “name of the lord” in vain. If you have any questions, consult the third commandment. ~ 6 Obnoxious Phrases Everyone Says Without Realizing It ~ 6 obnoxious phrases everyone says without realizing it Literally, It’s Like Crack!, I Would Totally Hit/Tap That, Man, That’s Gay, No Offense, Haters Gonna Hate, Addicted, Like, Totes, That’s so ghetto, Sorry not sorry, It is what it is, That’s retarded, ~ This is too much food for thought, and is leading to mental indigestion. There is a dandy comment, in the thread following a rebuttal post. “I blame the acronym LGBT. I think it’s become a four dimensional matrix of oppression olympics.” ~ I hope this is not derailing this thread. If it is then I can delete, and discuss later. Who made the decision to use cis- as a prefix? As I understand it, cis- is the opposite of trans. I can appreciate the need for this word. What I do not appreciate is the word itself. Cis- sounds like sissy. The s sound is tough for some people to say. There should be another phrase that we can use to designate someone who utilizes the gender of birth. ~ Every sperm is sacred! ~ Also scared. ~ They’re not scared, they’re happy! ~ There is a .005% chance they will have to work. ~ Well I think that progress is not possible without deviation. And I think that it’s important that people be aware of some of the creative ways in which some of their fellow men are deviating from the norm, because in some instances they might find these deviations inspiring and might suggest further deviations which might cause progress, you never know. Frank Zappa (VPRO-TV February 1971) ~ The previous post was “Important Lessons We Can All Learn From Franklin Graham” This is a very, very short post. ~ @norm_1142 every day I see new applications of how a policy of “don’t tell people what to do” makes everyone happier. ~ @fieldnegro No Mr. Jindal, we don’t need to “pray”, we need to change the culture of guns in this country. ~ I publish a blog, . I have a twitter account, @chamblee54. For some reason, you have blocked me on twitter. Now, this is really not a big deal, but it is puzzling. I honestly don’t think I have so much as written your twitter address on any tweet of mine. I did quote you on the Planned Parenthood video in a post I wrote.I gave full credit, and included a link. Otherwise, I have had little contact with LGF, or even read it that often. Why did you block me? ~ “White liberals talk about race all the time” The problem is that nobody listens. ~ I Am NOT Cisgendered ~ I have mixed feelings about this. I was put off by the academicism of the first paragraph. I decided to scan the rest, and look at the last paragraph. I found myself agreeing with much of what he said. I am so tired of being labelled and pigeonholed. So many of the things that people use to judge me have little to do with who I am as a human being. The whole cis/trans clusterfuck is just one more source of conflict that serves little purpose. ~ Breaking Down HuffPost’s “I am NOT cisgendered” Tantrum ~ Matt makes a good point about the looney left, and then blows it by whining about media coverage. He also does not mention that the radical right is better armed than the looney left. ~ Humor rhymes with boomer, tumor, and rumor. It is designed to appeal to poets. ~ ppl who want a white pride movement probably need a bowel movement ~ without deviation from the norm progress is not possible ~ dumb de dumb dumb ~ I have only heard the first 25 minutes Truth be known, after the first two minutes it is not that great. But the opening story. You should hear it yourself, as told with a british accent. This man is in a bdsm dungeon. (spell check for bdsm is bdrm) he asks for a bunch of bananas the idea is to see how many he can stick in his butt after a few he cries uncle, and asks for a bucket to eliminate the product. In the minute that the hostess goes to try and find a bucket, the man starts to uncontrollably projectile eliminate the bananas There are 19 episodes of sex with strangers I have downloaded all of them, with the exception of the ones that sound boring, like sex with mormons. The banana episode is 3. Episode 2, Grindr in wyoming, is recommended. ~ ‏@WernerTwertzog Please grant me your pardon if my spell changer converted your name into an insult, obscenity, or vile liquid. ~ @Trepanatus Dennis Rodman just endorsed Trump. Parody and satire are now impossible. ~ uth pb o ~ I got to the question ” “Do you have the word ‘skanky’ in America?” Then the popup ad hit. ~ Pay ATTN: We share commentary, news articles, and videos that cover important societal topics as well as give you opportunities to take action. ~ I use firefox, for the time being anyway. Idk if what I saw was technically a popup. It is where a full screen thingie covers the entire window. Sometimes you can close it, sometime you cannot. ~ Faith is the excuse we provide to rational people who believe to be real the mad, antithetical fictions of the Bible. ~ pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









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