My Canary Bird

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Obnoxious Phrases

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There was click bait on facebook, 6 Obnoxious Phrases Everyone Says Without Realizing It. This is from Answers dot com, which always makes you click five times to get to the next line. Is this racist?

Since it was a picture file, you could not copy the bait line. You had to type it out. This will be handy when trying to find a text list of the 6 phrases. However, this was not on the front page of search results. To save the readers the labor of clicking through, here are the obnoxious phrases: Literally, It’s Like Crack!, I Would Totally Hit/Tap That, Man, That’s Gay, No Offense, Haters Gonna Hate, Addicted, Like, Totes, That’s so ghetto, Sorry not sorry, It is what it is, That’s retarded. Some bright readers will notice that 13 phrases are listed. Whatever.

The google page looks like a post can be milked out. Thought catalog has a top ranked result, and in an hour their server might finally open the post. Puffho contributes 22 Common Phrases We All Secretly Hate. “My bad.” “Sorry I’m not sorry.” “No worries.” “Chill out.” “Sunday funday!” “Everything happens for a reason.” Do you really believe that?

10 Things That Brits Don’t Realize Are Offensive to Americans is to be expected. It does not list tacky things to say, but rather general lines of conversation. An example: “Sex talk and toilet humor Like swearing, discussing what goes on between the sheets or on the loo is a lot less common among friends in the U.S. I only get to talk toilet trash when I’m back in the U.K., where I’ll happily spend an evening necking a full-bodied Rioja and discussing orifices.” Absolutely.

14 shitty sayings looked promising. Then a pop up arose. “No one likes pop-ups. Shit. Anyway, now that we’re here, I’ll tell you that if you like Wait But Why, you should give our email list a try. We’ll only send you 2-4 emails a month, right when new posts come out.” You can’t make this stuff up.

One bright spot in this affair is 11 Overused Phrases Dumb People Say. 1. “It is what it is” 2. The formula of: “How X was Y??,” How good was that steak?,” “How random was that?” 3. “I don’t give a rat’s ass” 4. “If someone would have told me a decade ago that in 10 years I’d be doing X, I would NEVER have believed it.” 5. “The dog wants out” 6. “…it does. It really does.” 7. “That is really unique.” 8. “I could care less” 9. “How do you REALLY feel?” 10. “You can’t win for losing.” 11. “I am NOT a happy camper.” In the comments, DrZack Martin adds “Just saying thanks wouldn’t just be enough, for the fantastic fluency in your writing.” Awesome.

The most ironic title in this collection is 12 things that only a douchebag would say. The use of a hygiene appliance as an insult is obsolete. When you hit the Continue button, the cursor goes to the next button on top of the page. When you hit next, nothing happens. It might be for the best. Maybe the authors credit will have to do. “Neil Bulson writes words for money. Some of them are even funny. Hey, that rhymed! As you can see, it is probably best not to encourage him.”

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. LOL









The Harder They Come

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T.C. Boyle wrote The Harder They Come. It is based on the story of Aaron Bassler. A young man takes the wrong drugs, is inspired by the wrong stories, kills two men, and is killed by the police.

In one book tour interview, Mr. Boyle talks about the violence in America. There usually is a recent event to refer to. With more guns, and more anger, people are getting hurt. Rather than deliver a lecture, Mr. Boyle tells a story.

Adam is a troubled young man. He prefers to be called Colter, in honor of a frontier hero. He spends most of his time in the woods of Northern California. Adam shacks up with Sara, another lost soul. Things go relatively smoothly until the house Adam lives in is sold.

While all this is going on, Adam’s father, Sten, tries to enjoy his retirement. One of Sten’s neighbors is fired up about the Mexicans growing dope in the forests, and wants to do something. The man goes hiking in the forests, looking for drug activity. He stumbles onto Adam, who is living in the woods. After a verbal confrontation, Adam shoots the hiker dead. Before long there is another killing in the forest, and a massive manhunt ensues. After coltering his way out of danger for a month, the police find Adam, with fatal consequences.

The story is well written and entertaining, as is all T.C. Boyle product. At times the plot takes twists that are tough to believe. Sara sees a police car in a parking lot, and wants revenge. People in this tale are always getting even for something. Sara goes into the police car, opens the cover to the gas tank, and pours a container of sugar water into the fuel. This does not seem likely.

There are no easy answers. Weapons are easily available to drug addled young men. Everyone who lives in a coastal paradise is angry. Eventually it all boil over, people get hurt, and PG has a story to read. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.








Transphobic Fascination

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Called Ugly By A Frog

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11. Thou shalt publish thy arguments in text format. ~ Not everyone received the message in 2000 to stop using colored text. ~ Isn’t the proper expression “text of color”? ~ That class was not very bright. They should have realized after the pebbles that the jar was not full. ~ @StoneCStudios 50 Cent’s name has more money than he does. ~ Nobody hates like Christians they think their ideas about life after death excuse their hate ~ top seven topics on Atlanta twitter right now #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow #IranDeal #PlutoFlyby #Steve Spurrier #BastilleDay #CowAppreciationDay #Planned Parenthood ~ The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable. ~ trees are all bark and no bite ~ Snopes has had a busy day with the #plannedparenthood video. It says that rapists use “unmarked police cars” to snare victims. However, dialing 112 is not a good idea. 911 is still your best bet. ~ @postcrunk constantly in the middle of billions of uniquely intersecting realities ~ Is that the Mod Squad? ~ I got blocked on twitter today by a “christian” website. I said that the Planned Parenthood video was a fraud, and anyone who believed it was an idiot. ~ Being heard talking the talk is much more important that walking the walk. In so many ways the ARF crowd is like overall society in that the image is more important that the reality behind the mask. ~ When you say blocked, do you mean unfriended? There are different layers of this. OK, you just answered that. I guess I have only been blocked twice by faeries, which isn’t bad considering. ~ Unfriending is hurtful. I have unfollowed a few people, but I don’t think I have ever unfriended anyone. If you change your mind later, and decide that Joe Blow really isn’t a poopyhead after all, then you still have that recorded slap in the face to deal with. Spell check suggetions… unfollowed unhallowed poopyhead pothead ~ @whittmman I am an acme of things accomplished, and I an encloser of things to be. ~ ‏@whitman632 I wish I smelled better. @chamblee54 You have been dead 123 years What did you expect? ~ This is just a bit north of the new baseball stadium. That move was partially justified by looking for a better neighborhood. ~ Damn I hate this yahoo email thing I had to delete the first time I wrote this and start over I added the link first, and then this idiot program tried to add what I wrote to the link. ~ KimKierkegaardashian ‏@KimKierkegaard No authentic human life is possible without a black leather jacket. ~ While the Gaza slaughter was horrible, what Israel is doing today might be worse. Along with Saudi Arabia, Israel is trying to sabotage a peace deal with Iran. ~ Has Caitlyn Jenner ever said what the preferred pronouns are? She might not be preferred. ~ Calling All Geniuses: Are you smart enough to be a Mensa member? ~ @nihilist_arbys It’s 3 am. You awake in a panic. You’re wasting your life? You’re alone? relax. You’re totally insignificant & you’ll die soon. Enjoy arbys. ~ If you like this post, please share it along: ~ The Ministry of Silly Walks ~ If you, say, call the number on a receipt and give feedback on your customer service experience in the hopes of winning $1,000, who verifies that the company actually awards a prize? ~ Quiz: Who Is Your Spirit Musician? Janis Joplin ~ The same people who verify the amount given to charity by shady merchandisers. ~ can white people be negatively affected by racism ~ can you say humbug in July? ~ People who label other people are a problem. ~ some ppl boast abt making pwoc uncomfortable this does not lead to positive change ~ It is socially irresponsible to post images of violence on the daily w/o supporting people’s mental & physical well-being. ~ Naomi Munroe sure does know a lot of big words. ~ the anagram for massive, with or without all caps, is me ass iv or save sim ~ KimKierkegaardashian ‏@KimKierkegaard Skirt is by Chloe. Heels are by Manolo. But everything that makes me impure comes from within. ~ This post has been removed. This post by Gawker CEO Nick Denton has more details. ~ July 17 is birthday of Phyllis Diller & Camilla Parker Bowles Looks are not everything ~ This posting has been flagged for removal. ~ ‏@alphabetsuccess The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn. – Bertrand Russell #quote ‏@chamblee54 What are you going to burn, the bridge or the cross? ~ Doesn’t someone have to shut up and listen, or is that obsolete? ~ this post begins with a condescending comment about the Alaskan native population. It goes downhill from there. I made it as far as the comment about Darren Wilson shooting Mike Brown because of prejudice, and getting away with it because of racism. This sort of simplistic rhetoric does not have any value. ~ When Jimmy was running for President, Lester Maddox said that Jimmy was a liar. Jody Powell replied. “Being called a liar by Lester Maddox is like being called ugly by a frog,” ~ Shut down the Canidrome, the world’s deadliest greyhound racetrack. ~ Mr. Brooks has taken book promotion to a new level. ~ is it as annoying when G-d talks about man as it is when man talks about G-d? ~ What do you think about the rumors the Caitlyn Jenner received the award as a quid pro quo for consenting with an interview with Diane Sawyer? ~ Wonder if the boat owner looks sad when he gets his credit card bill? ~ @WernerTwertzog All this fuss about #DonaldTrump is a waste of perfectly useful hatred. ~ You can always be sure to find uncertainty. ~ Did anyone else get back from riding a bicycle past a Buddhist monastery? ~ @whittmman Just because you have an irrational belief in a supreme being doesn’t mean there is one. ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









The Planned Parenthood Video Part Two

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Last Wednesday, a sensationalized video was released. Planned Parenthood was said to traffic is baby parts obtained through abortion. On Thursday, Radiolab released a show, Gray’s Donation.

Sarah Gray was pregnant with twins. The sonogram said that one baby would probably die, and that the sick baby was endangering the healthy baby. A decision was made to abort the sick baby. On the day of the procedure, something had changed. The abortion could not be safely performed. Both babies would be carried to term.

Thomas, the sick baby, lived for six days. Callum, the healthy baby, is doing fine. A decision was made to donate organs, from Thomas, to researchers. In the radiolab story, the mother goes to some of the labs, and learns what happened to the organs.

These quotes are from a story, Thomas Gray lived six days, but his life has lasting impact. “The next day, Gray met James Zieske, the institute’s senior scientist, who told her “infant eyes are worth their weight in gold,” because, being so young, they have great regenerative properties. Thomas’ corneas were used in a study that could one day help cure corneal blindness. … the Duke Center for Human Genetics in Durham, N.C., where even though the twins were identical, scientists found epigenetic differences in their cord blood, research that could one day help prevent Thomas’ fatal defect, anencephaly. … the researcher at the University of Pennsylvania who used the donation in her efforts to cure retinoblastoma, the most common form of eye cancer in children. … It is almost impossible to obtain normal retina from a child, The sample from Thomas is extremely precious for us.”

This is a unique case, as are almost all life or death situations. Things are seldom black or white, They are, pardon the pun, shades of gray. There are serious moral dilemmas involved in the use of some tissues for research. Nuance is not often communicated in 140 characters.

This does not stop the internet comment moralizers. “she a ghoul and a shyster dealer of death parts… praying on those mourning to accomplish ridiculous research” “Great story, but there is no way one of the priests should have claimed that it was OK to abort the sick baby in order to save the healthy one or the mother. The example used was completely wrong. … In Gray’s Donation there was absolutely an intention to kill the sick fetus. It would not have been an accident or unintended, and therefore there is no double effect, and is morally indefensible.”

In the Planned Parenthood video, much is made about pricing for the infant parts. Prices range from $30 to $100. In this study, we hear a researcher say “infant eyes are worth their weight in gold.” This might not be the best way to phrase this, since the tiny eyes probably don’t weigh that much. In a competitive free market, such an item would have a much, much higher price than $100.

One of the worst players in muddying the waters is the Catholic Church. A website called Life News has a misleading article, He Only Lived Six Days Outside the Womb, But Baby Thomas is Helping Cure Cancer. It ignores the fact that the mother opted for abortion, but was forced by medical circumstances to carry the twins to term. The post linked here has a header ad for Faith Focused Dating at “CatholicMatch.” Another ad promotes Affordable Biblical Healthcare.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.







Murder Statistics

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Nate Silver likes to keep busy during a non election year. He issued a report recently, Black Americans Are Killed At 12 Times The Rate Of People In Other Developed Countries. The Silver report was published June 18. The various internet content recyclers only picked up the story a day or two ago.

“If you’re a white person your chance of being murdered every year is 2.5 out of 10,000… If you’re a black person it’s 19.4, so almost eight times higher…. the murder rate for white Americans is similar to the murder rate for people living in Finland, Chile or Israel. The murder rate for black Americans, on the other hand, is similar to the rate found “in developing countries that are war zones even, like Myanmar, or Rwanda, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, places that have vast disorder.”

If there is one thing you can find on the internet, it is statistics. Since we are dealing with totals, not averages, the numbers used in this post should be fairly reliable. There might be some under reporting, or questions about how to deal with mixed race people. For the purposes of this post, we are going to take the numbers at face value.

The numbers used today are from 2013. The population of the United States was 316,128,839. Of this total, 77.7% are white, and 13.2% are black. There are 5.88 times as many white people as black people. There were 245,632,107 white people, and 41,729,006 black people. For purposes of this study, these numbers will be rounded off, to 316m total, 246m white, and 42m black.

Expanded Homicide Data Table 6 was produced by the FBI. For white people, there were 3,005 murders in 2013. This is 12 per million. For black people, there were 2491 murders in 2013. This is 59 per million. These numbers are different from those quoted by Nate Silver.

Who is committing these murders? For the white people, 2,509 (83%) were killed by a white person, and 409 (13%) were killed by a black person. (These numbers will not add up to 100%, as there are “other” and unknown killers.) For the black people, 189 (7%) were killed by a white person, and 2,245 (90%) were killed by a black person.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









The B-52s

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There used to be a chinese restaurant, on the Atlanta Highway, called Hunan House. One night, a few people shared a flaming volcano, and formed a band. The b52’s played their first show at a valentines day party in 1977. They were named for a bouffant hairstyle.

The b52’s were Ricky Wilson, his sister Cindy, Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider III, and Keith Strickland. The Wilsons and Mr. Strickland were from Athens. Miss Pierson and Mr. Schneider were from New Jersey. Planet Claire was the ancestral home.

Fred had lived in Atlanta before he moved to Athens. He stayed in an apartment on Monroe Drive, across from S&M clutch and brake company. PG knew some of his neighbors, and once rested his feet on a rug, formerly owned by Fred Schneider.

Somebody had connections, and The b52’s were playing shows in New York before long. They released a 45 on db records, “Rock Lobster” and “52 girls”. The first of the girls mentioned…there are only 23 named…is Effie. There was a famous whorehouse in Athens named Effies.

One night, they played a show at the Big Dipper, on Ponce de Leon Avenue. The Big Dipper was a former Maryland Fried Chicken, and is now something else. After the show, either Kate or Cindy was in the parking lot, talking to a local character named Beulah. As was his way, Beulah was talking about Mick Jagger this, Mick Jagger that. Finally, Kate had enough. ” Fuck Mick Jagger. One day Mick Jagger will come see me, me, me.”

The b52’s were a fun band. Ricky had an unusual style on guitar, and Kate played a farfisa organ. The girls always wore big hair wigs. Fred was somewhere up front singing.

On Labor Day, 1978, PG saw the b52’s in Piedmont Park. There was a third girl that day, Wendy, who wore an inflatable beach float, and danced. The only songs PG is sure they did were “Downtown” and “Rock Lobster”. A few months later, PG saw the b52’s at the Agora ballroom. The Brains opened.

Sometime in late 1979, the eponymous first album came out. It became a hit, with dance clubs all over playing “Planet Claire”, “Dance this mess around”, and “6060-842”. In the summer of 1980, PG talked with a former Athenian in a hostel in Cannon Beach, Oregon. He mentioned that Cindy was the only heterosexual in the band.

The years went by, and more albums were released. On October 12, 1985, Ricky Wilson died of AIDS. He is buried in Oconee Hill Cemetery, behind Sanford Stadium in Athens. He sold bus tickets at the Grayhound station in downtown Athens before he hit the bigtime.

The band continues to this day. At some point, “Love Shack” was released, and became a hit. It is probably the best known b52’s song today. This is a repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.


A Study Of Cusswords On Twitter

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There was a link on facebook to a Gawker situation, Do You Live in a “Bitch” or a “Fuck” State? American Curses, Mapped. The article has a series of maps, with unappealing red and blue splotches embedded. Each map is dedicated to a cussword: asshole, bitch, cunt, damn, darn, faggot, fuck, gosh, motherfucker, and shit. Red splotches means a word in a particular region, while blue splotches mean the phrase is less popular. Only three of the Carlin seven words are studied.

We only know that the words are being used on twitter. The technology is not advanced enough to determine if the words are used as a compliment, or an insult. Are these wirty dords employed as nouns, verbs, or modifiers? Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient only goes so far.

“Jack Grieve, a professor in Forensic Linguistics at Aston University in England, has been tweeting out maps of the U.S. with geotagged data from Twitter that show where in the country we are using which swearwords. Almost a billion tweets, from October of 2013 to November of 2014, were collected by Diansheng Guo at University of South Carolina, totaling nearly 9 billion words.” In other words, this is based on tweets. Peeps who communicate in 140 character segments are a tiny subset of the overall population. The utility of this group as a representative sample is questionable.

The results are amusing. Cunt is popular in New England, and not so popular in the south. This designation for vagina apparently has a latin root… cunnus also gave us cunnilingus. There was a tasteful comment exchange The 3 Legged Horse Quite disappointed with the lack of cunt usage in my area. tortfeasor “Tell me about it.” —Random desperate guy

There is a 333 mile wide zone around the southeast states, from Virginia to Texas. In this region, shit, bitch, and fuck are popular. Fuck and faggot enjoy great popularity with California tweets. New England and Utah are full of 140 character assholes.

On his twitter page, ‏@JWGrieve, round 2 has started. The words analyzed here are bastard, crap, douche, fuckboy, hell, pussy, slut, whore. The shit/fuck/bitch belt shows a propensity for pussy and hell. Slut is popular in Seattle, and the Texas rudder.

Jack Grieve has a website, where the cusswords are undigitized. He discusses other projects. “Here’s a map of the alternation between LOL and haha on Twitter, ignoring all of the other ways of signalling laughter, including variations on these two forms. This map clearly shows that regions with high LOL percentages also tend to have large African American populations. … So it appears that white speakers are taking the lead here and that African American speakers are resisting the incoming form haha.”

Mapping Lexical Spread in American English is another study. It studies the top rising words on twitter, for 2014. The winner is fuckboy, which is not a compliment. This noun is popular in New Jersey, Central California, and parts of West Texas.

“Identify emerging words from 2014 based on an analysis of a multi-billion word geocoded corpus of American tweets. The team at USC are in the process of compiling a multi-billion word corpus using the Twitter API, consisting of almost all geocoded Tweet from the US and the UK since 2013. These tweets come from the approximately 2% of users who are tweeting from a geo-tracking mobile device. The analysis presented here is based on a 8.9 billion word corpus of American Tweets from October 2013 to November 2014.The corpus contains approximately 980 million Tweets from 7 million users from within the contiguous United States. We first extracted the 67,000 words that occur at least 1,000 times in the corpus and identified rising words by correlating word relative frequency per day to day of the year using a Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient”

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Eleven Thoughts About Communications

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When you publish a list like the one below, you are placing a target on your back. Above the bulls-eye is the word hypocrite. PG does not claim to take all of these suggestions. What follows is a goal to work for, not a script for situation comedy. This is a repost.

When in doubt, shut up.

A halo is best worn over one ear.

If you want to be forgiven, forgive. If you want to be understood, understand.

There are few situations that cannot be made worse with anger and loud talk.

You have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you talk.

A douche is a hygiene appliance. The verb form refers to using this device for cleaning purposes. Neither the noun, nor the verb, is appropriate as an insult.

A sentence has one period, placed at the end. Do not place a period after every word to make a point. You should find another way to show that you really, really mean it.

Not everyone enjoys the sound of your voice as much as you do.

Ass is a noun. It refers to either a donkey, or a butt. It is not an adverb, nor an adjective. Do not place ass between an adjective and a noun.

Before you “call out” somebody for “racism”, drape a towel over your mirror.

The third commandment says to not use the word G-d “in vain”. The G word should only be used for worship, and respectful discussion. Improper uses include expressing anger, swearing, selling life insurance, and pledging “allegiance” to a symbol of nationalism.

Pictures are from the The Library of Congress.










The Planned Parenthood Video

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At some point yesterday, a video was released by The Center for Medical Progress. . It showed a secretly recorded luncheon with an official with Planned Parenthood. This official seemed to be discussing the sale of fetal body parts. Heads began to explode in teabagistan.

PG heard about it on twitter. He checked with Mr. Google. The sites reporting on the video included TOWNHALL, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, and the blaze.

@chamblee54 Has anyone checked with snopes? This sounds far fetched and many reporting on it are not dependable ‏@nickmiller Featured in @WORLD_mag Highly reputable news outlet.

Madworld I believe the ONLY reason abortion is legal in the US is because the biotech/medical/scientific community profits from baby parts. Mad scientists get to experiment baby parts and slip them into drugs/vaccines. Also, the CDC recently officially recommended circumcision, because baby foreskin, like aborted baby parts, is a profitable commodity with various uses–including cosmetics (look up foreskin fibroblast cells). Sadistic perverted sickos. Our govt will allow any sickening procedure if corporations will profit from it. (Comment at the blaze.)

As soon as you could say snopes the internet fact checkers were weighing in on the story. Planned Parenthood issed a press release. While the video may have a grain of truth, it sensationalizes a common medical practice. There is an ongoing ethical discussion about these practices. These issues will not be resolved by tabloid videos.

The best observation might be at Little Green Footballs. “The sentence I put in bold explains the section of the video where they do talk about money, specifically “$30 to $100 per specimen.” This is not a “purchase price” for the specimens — it’s for transportation and other incidental fees. Anyone who thinks human body parts would be sold for the ridiculously low price of $30 to $100 is (not to put too fine a point on it) a gullible idiot.

Yeah, Obama’s a Communist The “doctor” explains that there is a price range of $30-$100 per specimen. Since the abortion is already paid for, that disparity of pricing no doubt covers differences in quality. So yeah, you get what you pay for. (Comment at The Daily Caller.)

The luncheon in the video took place July 25, 2014. Why was this video released nearly a year later? Is it a coincidence that a nuclear deal with Iran was announced on this day? The video was somehow released, and was all over digital dingbat land within minutes. How this happened might be an interesting story. Pictures for this voyage to the underbelly of the internet are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.UPDATE: Part Two.










Blue Tail Fly

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Q: What does “Jimmy crack corn” mean, and why does he not care?—Matt, Columbus, Ohio

PG was trolling when there was a convergence of stupidity. (The site does not exist in 2012.) All his life he had heard “Blue Tail Fly”, and been embarrassed. And there, in (pardon the expression) black and white, was someone who wondered the same thing.

It seems as though “Blue Tail Fly” started out as a minstrel song. For those who don’t know, minstrel shows were white people putting on black makeup, and imitating African Americans. Minstrelsy is not well thought of these days.

The story of BTF involves a slave named Jim. A fly bit the pony the old massa was riding, the pony was offended, and threw the old massa off. He was hurt landing, and died. Jim still has to crack corn, but he doesn’t care anymore, because old massa has gone away.

Dave Barry took a poll once to find out the stupidest song of all time. The overwhelming winner/loser was “MacArthur Park”. The combination of over the top show stopping, while singing about a cake left out in the rain, makes this ditty a duh classic.

In the spirit of corny convergence, the video is a karaoke version featuring Donna Summer . Miss Summer is a talented singer, who happened to connect with Giorgio Moroder. Lots of singers could have hit the big time by fronting those records. Donna Summer hit the jackpot.

For a proper post, there needs to be a third stupid song. This is not about stupid bands, singing about being D U M B. Even though they totally don’t belong, there is a video of the Ramones included. PG saw the Ramones at the Agora Ballroom in 1983. This was after their prime, and before a homeless man caught the Ballroom on fire.

We still need a third stupid song, and PG wants to get this posted with as little research as possible. Just like some writer was once given twenty minutes to write a song, and he decided to do the worst song he could think of. The result was “Wild Thing”. PG used to have a 45 of someone who sounded like Bobby Kennedy singing “Wild Thing”. This video (of the Troggs performing “Wild Thing”) has the late Casey Kasem, and Portuguese subtitles. Let the good times roll.

This is a repost. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. This was downtown Atlanta in 1941.