Bing Crosby And David Crosby

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LBGlass - 043z

LBGlass - 046z

LBGlass - 047z

LBGlass - 047za

Last night, PG was editing pictures while listening to Hardcore History 51 – Blueprint for Armageddon II. The show is three hours of a man talking about the first month of World War I. It has been called the worst August in history. Many say that Germany lost the war when it did not win in the first 900 hours. It took four years, and several million dead soldiers, for this phase of the twentieth century wars to be over.

At some point, PG took a break and looked at twitter. David Crosby was holding court. PG has written about Mr. Crosby before, and tweeted him several times. The tweets are usually ignored. Fair is a baseball hit between the bases. PG decided to try again.

@chamblee54 @thedavidcrosby Did you ever meet Bing Crosby?
@thedavidcrosby@chamblee54: @thedavidcrosby Did you ever meet Bing Crosby?” Yes I did
@FoxH2181 @thedavidcrosby @chamblee54 DC tells the late robin williams about it on youtube
@FoxH2181 @chamblee54 did you find the crosby /williams encounter on youtube?
@chamblee54 @FoxH2181 listening to a history podcast now – I may, or may not, look for it – there is so much to listen to & i have a big backlog.

PG eventually decided to listen to part one of the Robin Williams and David Crosby chat. Early in the show, David talks about being in the first class cabin of an airplane. David was in full hippie glory, in contrast to the general three piece suit ambience. Soon, a celebrity came on board, Bing Crosby. A man went up to Bing, and asked for an autograph. All that was available to write on was a can of beans. Bing Crosby was very gracious to the fan, which impressed David Crosby immensely.

There was an empty seat beside David Crosby, and Bing Crosby sat in it. “These other guys don’t know who you are, but I do. I like your music. ” And that is the story of David Crosby meets Bing Crosby. The rest of the interview was a comedian, who used to do too much coke, talking to a musician, that went to prison for doing too much coke. There was a lot of comedic riffing and character playing, which fans of Robin Williams might find enjoyable.

PG is easily amused, and decided to go for part two. David Crosby tells a story of going to see the symphony as a young boy. He is impressed by the sounds that are produced by all the elbows sawing on violins at the same time. David Crosby winds up as someone that likes to collaborate, to be a part of a team. At 24:01 of the show, David Crosby says, regarding CSN, “We do shit together.”

@chamblee54 @FoxH2181 @thedavidcrosby David Crosby on CSN at 24:01 “We douche it together”

David Crosby retweeted your tweet. @chamblee54 @FoxH2181 @thedavidcrosby David Crosby on CSN at 24:01 “We douche it together”

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

LBGlass - 090z

LBGlass - 104z

LBGlass - 134z

LBGlass - 134za

LBGlass - 134zb

LBGlass - 151z

LBGlass - 152z

LBGlass - 156z




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    […] @thedavidcrosby and viewing @thedavidcrosby’s Tweets.” Before blocking @chamblee54, this conversation took place. @chamblee54 @thedavidcrosby Did you ever meet Bing Crosby? @thedavidcrosby […]

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