Slaughterhouse-Five Part Five

Posted in Book Reports, War by chamblee54 on August 6, 2015

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This is part five of the chamblee54 modification and reconstruction of Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut. Parts one, two, three, and four have already been published. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

Chapter six begins with Paul Lazzaro making a spectacle of himself. He is mad about something, as usual. The English POW, known here as the Blue Fairy Godmother, says something. Mr. Lazzaro says to go fuck yourself. The English POW says that he has tried. Being in captivity four years has it’s downside. Mr. Lazzaro goes into detail about the revenge awaiting the English POW. This inspires KV to say “so it goes.” SIG 057. There is no connection to Heinz 57 steak sauce.

Paul Lazzaro made friends with Roland Weary on the POW train. Mr.Weary and Mr. Lazzaro had a similar approach to etiquette, before Mr. Weary died. SIG058. Roland Weary is not related to Roland Kirk, aka Rahsaan, aka the modern miracle of the tenor saxophone. PG saw Roland Kirk the night Richard Nixon resigned. Roland Kirk played three saxophones at the same time, and talked a lot. Roland Kirk was blind, and said the audience was too ugly to look at. Roland Kirk said Stevie Wonder wanted to make a lot of money, so he could have an operation and see.

Billy Pilgrim, the protagonist of SF, is also on the Paul Lazarro’s hit list. BP can time travel, and has memories of the future. BP knows how BP is going to die. It will be February 13, 1976. BP will be a celebrity, and give a speech, in Chicago, before a large crowd. The USA will have been divided into 20 smaller nations. Chicago has been nuked by “angry Chinamen,” to use a phrase considered politically incorrect in 2015. SIG059.

As some of you may know, this was not an accurate prediction of life in 1976. This was the bi-centennial year. On February 13, people were just starting to take Jimmy Carter seriously as a Presidential candidate. It is probably just as well that Amerika was not divided into 20 countries. We once had the United States, and a Confederation of 11 states that did not get along very well. That did not work out very well, at least for the Confederate states.

After BP is finished with his speech, a crazy person shoots him with a high powered laser gun. SIG060. BP is dead for a little while, and then timewarps back to 1945. Even Jesus, when he made his much ballyhooed emergence from the cave, returned to 33A.D. Billy goes back to wartime Germany. The food was better than what was available on Tralfamadore, except for Montana Wildhack.

In 1945, the Amerikans are about to be shipped out of the intermediate POW care facility. The British are overjoyed at their departure. Paul Lazzaro is running his foul mouth, like a dog that will not quit barking. If Mr. Lazzaro was a dog, a policeman would kill him, and check for rabies. SIG061.

Maybe it was the British officer. Not the Blue Fairy Godmother, but the one who gave the POW a lecture on hygiene while in captivity. It is said that men, who lose pride in their appearance, soon die. SIG062. The British officer says that the men are going to Dresden, which will never be bombed. We will hear those famous last words a few more times.

The Amerikans go to the train. The dead hobo is beside the tracks, unmoved. SIG063. The trip to Dresden takes two hours. When they get there, the narrator says it is “Oz.” Another comment is made about the safety Dresden enjoys. SIG064. The POW are paraded through the town, to the amusement of the residents. These residents will be dead soon. SIG065.

The men are taken to Schlachthöf-funf. The english version of that should be obvious. The cattle killing place was mostly empty. Most of the livestock had been eaten, digested, and excreted by this time. SIG066. The umlaut was copied into this text from the online .pdf. Accuracy in media is not just for wingnuts and moonbats. Spell check accepts wingnuts as being a real word.

This is the last SIG of chapter six. It is SIG066, which contains 2, out of 3, of the digits in 666. It appears on page 144 in the dead tree SF used for this report. The number 144 also means gross, as a unit of measure. 144 is 12 times 12, or 6+6×6+6. If you add 1+4+4, you get 9, so 6 does turn out to be 9. Jimi Hendrix don’t mind.

OK. There are only 11 paragraphs here. If we are going to do the rainbow text thing, we need to have at least 12. If there are 13 or 14, that is even better. We can throw in the turquoise layer between the green and blue, which is pretty groovy. Originally, this filler was going to be from another blog. However, the blogger said “I’d appreciate it if you take out your reference to my blog since it’s a bit negative.” It its place we will have one star reviews from Amazon.

This was a book club selection, but always had thought of this as a classic anti-war book that I’ve heard throughout my adult life. I kept reading this hoping there would be some sort of plot line or hidden message, but didn’t seem to uncover it after reading the entire book. The end of the book was slightly easier to understand, however there didn’t seem to be a coherent paragraph in the book.

First off, in order not to offend anyone who loves this book and will rave about it at gallery openings and trendy wine book clubs, I do understand its place with readers as a literary classic. As an avid reader who cares more about quality writing, themes, plot, character development, etc this book was awful. Everything that can be complained about is why this book is acclaimed, but if you hate an incomplete story with no beginning or end, or just comprehensive storytelling, this book will make you wonder about the sanity and sobriety of its fans.

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  1. kjeanne28 said, on August 6, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    I’d appreciate it if you take out your reference to my blog since it’s a bit negative.

    • chamblee54 said, on August 6, 2015 at 4:46 pm

      My apologies for the negativity. I have deleted your passage. In its place I have one star reviews from Amazon.

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