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Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on August 8, 2015

A facebook link woke up PG the other day.It was an article for the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Out of the Woods. It was about a place, in the Central Time Zone, where head for the hills has a new meaning. The article is about a “radical faerie” redoubt, known in the article as “the commune.” Many say the author violated the trust of the participants in researching the piece, that the privacy of the facility was compromised, and that bad things are going to happen. Others say it is part of the process, and the sun will rise tomorrow, and hopefully bring more rain. The farm is currently under noseeum occupation. The insects contacted by the NYT had no comment.

The article has a golly gee tone, while missing, or distorting, radical details. The outhouse is universally known as the chapel. You go with g-d, number two only. Number one is distributed in a place away from foot traffic. Visitors are constantly told not to pee in the chapel. If someone does pee in the chapel, everyone in the county learns why this is a bad idea.

The best feature about the place is the land. PG has been to the establishment many, many, times, and always feels a surge when he gets on the last dirt roads. The land is a collection of ridges, with steep ravines. The stream of consciousness flows through the bottoms… not the only bottom available.

Years ago, one of the ridges was reserved for wimmin who camp, and was called wimmin’s ridge. About twenty five years ago, the wimmin camping spot was moved to another ridge, and wimmin’s ridge became sex change ridge. PG hasn’t heard that expression in years. The NYT dude was charmed. The spell check suggestion for wimmin is swimming.

As was mentioned earlier, this is a bastion of radical faerie retro reality. PG does not care for the r-word (radical), and just says faeries. That is a minority opinion. Speaking of minorities, most of the folks at the oudekerk are PWOC cis males. Many are Jewish. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a fashionable presence at the resort, are a glittering by product of the Roman Pedophile Church. Recovering baptists, like PG, are tolerated.

With the internet, there is information. If one knows where to look, one can learn about the place. One portal reports “Household Income 48k, Property Value 29k, Local Ethnicity 88% Caucasian.” Someone else says “Dietary Practice: Omnivorous (plants and animals) Alcohol Use: Yes, used often. Tobacco Use: Yes, used seldomly, or ceremoniously.”

One site lists a recent tenant, “The Foundation For Fermentation Fervor, Inc.” This is probably connected to Sandor Katz. He likes to make tasty fermented food. He has written books, including Wild Fermentation: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation (DIY).

The article recieved many comments. This one stands out. Copy/paste blog journalism is wonderful. Femmy Rose Liberty, TN “Readers should know that the Board and Steward’s of “The Commune” have a years-long standing consensus of zero-visibility on the Internet. This boundary was shared with the author and photographer of this article and is in the minutes of our meetings. Publishing our location goes against this boundary and is indicative of the cultural imperialism associated with corporate media and unchecked privilege. I’m extremely disappointed in the New York Times and Alex Halberstad for exploiting “The Commune”. Changing our name to the “Commune” is not enough. By embedding us within an article that also talks about “the faeries on the mountain” you might as well have used our name. It also is EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC that every photo is of a white person who, as far as I know, identifies as a cisgendered man. This only maintains the white privilege and sexism that plagues our community and the queer movement in general. This article invisibilizes so many people who make up our community. To associate himself with Captain Cook and compare our community to Harry Potter novels speaks to the colonial mindset of the author and the New York Times’ journalistic style. I’m devastated and disappointed and will never trust the New York Times again.” This comment was recommended 153 times. Blessed Be.


















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