Keyboard Cretins

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I talked to a physical therapist once who likes travel shows. If you are in a place of healing, you should not be subjected to stressful media product. ~ I am so happy to live in district 81. ~ Maybe it is the ability to find something later. ~ at 332 am, chamblee54 had one visitor since one am… someone in Canada viewed “Does Mitt Romney wear a wig?” ~ Prager University is not an accredited academic institution and does not offer certifications or diplomas. But it is a place where you are free to learn. ~ While you are at Prager University be sure to see “What They Haven’t Told You about Climate Change” and “The Iran Nuclear Deal” Those guys give free speech a bad name ~ Do you think I should put “arguing with racists, transantagonists, and misogynists on Facebook” as a line on my resume? ~ @JoyceCarolOates “More than one way to skin a cat”– deeply offensive to all cats, as both micro-aggression (as speech) & hate-crime-threat (as action). ~ Prager University, aka PU, is an ultraconservative joke. They might have some good points in this video, but those points can be found elsewhere. This is an example of a broken clock being correct twice a day. For a better example of the PU way of thinking, check out their videos on climate change, or the Iran treaty. ~ @nihilist_arbys Line up to die, lugubrious, as the masters herd you towards the killing floor. As go the cows, so go men. There is no God here. Only Arbys. ~ Maybe it is more accurate to say that Mr. Trump is winning his grip on reality. ~ VergeLeNoir @VergeLeNoir Elena Ferrante Explains Why She Publishes Anonymously: “Books Once They Are Written, Have No Need of Their Authors” KimKierkegaardashian ‏@KimKierkegaard I feel the same about tweets. ~ This is going to be a long, painful election ~ Where are the videos of white sports fans interrupting a presidential candidate? ~ IT’S HAMMER TIME! / RUDE DUDE ~ hot weather and duration paint ~ @otherppl I want someone to write an essay/review comparing/contrasting my interview w/ @tao_lin & @miragonz and the Bookworm interview w Tao & Mira ~ @SlavojTweezek “For God so loved the Germans, that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in this should not perish but have eternal schadenfreude.” ~ The Blasphemy of Bibleolatry ~ Caitlyn Jenner Is A Dumb Cunt ~ B.E.E. – Sean Baker – 8/10/15 ~ Black Lives Matter Seattle Protestor Is A Former Tea Party Palin Supporter ~ Do We Alienate Our White Brothers and Sisters? ~ “Which twin has the Toni?” ~ Disgusted By Amusement ~ “Caitlyn Jenner Donates Testicles To Cowardly Obama,” ~ Caitlin Upton ~ Why Black People Don’t Like White Liberals ~ Selected Tweets ~ The 199 Most Donald Trump Things Donald Trump Has Ever Said ~ @sam_kriss #AlternativeNamesForWriters wordbags, keyboard cretins, paragraph barfers, that balding idiot who can’t afford a proper car, dictadullards ~ @sam_kriss #AlternativeNamesForWriters i’m not even going to make a joke here. i hate writers. they just make up things that aren’t real. get a job ~ we look down on them for not knowing how to douche it 1:02:18 ~ @popgoesalicia ~ @awkwardpodcast @ 1:02:18 you say “we look down on them for not knowing how to douche it ” the show is fun to listen to overall ~ @DeadCelebLaugh If you’re not laughing along, then we’re not happy! ~ ‏@nihilist_arbys Arbys for lunch Arbys for dinner In this fetid hellscape There are no winners Arbys tomorrow Arbys today Nothing’s certain But death & decay ~ telling someone that they are the problem is not the solution ~ ‏@WernerTwertzog One is not born German, One becomes German through decades of self-recrimination and despair.Also beer. ~ If you vote in Georgia, you don’t have a choice. The electoral votes will almost certainly go for the Republican. ~ pictures from The Library of Congress. ~ selah












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