Sixteen Transwomen

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Yesterday was #transliberationtuesday‬. Rallies were held in major cities to express concern over the trans women, of color, who have been murdered in 2015. Today, a list of names was published.

Elisha Walker, Penny Proud, Lamia Beard, Mercedes Williamson, Ty Underwood, Kandis Capri, Yazmin Payne, Amber Monroe, Taja Gabrielle DeJesus, London Chanel, Ashton O’Hara, India Clarke, Shade Schuler, Tamara Dominquez, Papi Edwards, Keysha Blige.

A list of names does not say much, and tends to dehumanize the deceased. If you look at the stories of these sixteen people, you learn a few things. It is not known why these murders are happening. Every case is different. The conclusions taken below are based on rather shallow research. Police may have suspects in some of the cases, where initial reports say nobody knew who did it. None of the sixteen transwomen of color were killed by a police officer.

There is no suspect in eight of the killings. Again, this is based on the reports turned up by Google, and could have changed. These are the cases with no suspect. Penny Proud, Lamia Beard, Kandis Capri, Amber Monroe, Shade Schuler, Tamara Dominquez, Keysha Blige, and Taja Gabrielle DeJesus. In the case of Miss DeJesus, witnesses report that the killer was a black man. The stabbing took place on McKinnon Avenue, in the Bayview district of San Francisco CA.

In eight cases, there is a named suspect. Seven of the eight are black men. The eighth is Josh Brandon Vallum, suspected in the murder of Mercedes Williamson. “The Herald reports Josh Vallum is a longtime member of the Latin Kings street gang.”

Here are the other seven trans woman, followed by the name of the man accused of the crime. Elisha Walker, Angel Dejesus Arias ~ Ty Underwood, Carlton Ray Champion ~ Yazmin Payne, Ezekiel Dear (known on myspace as “Strength of God”) ~ London Chanel, Raheam Felton ~ Ashton O’Hara, Larry Gaulding ~ India Clarke, Keith Gaillard ~ Papi Edwards, Henry Richard Gleaves II.

Two of the trans women were believed to be in a relationship with their killer. These pairings are Ty Underwood/ Carlton Ray Champion, and Yazmin Payne/ Ezekiel Dear.

Two of the killings took place in Detroit MI. “Federal authorities are investigating the slayings of two transgender women recently found near one of Detroit’s red-light districts as possible hate crimes, local reports said. … The bodies of Ashton O’Hara, 25, and Amber Monroe, 20, were found only weeks apart at the city’s Palmer Park, an area plagued by LGBT violence.” Another, Tamara Dominquez, was in Kansas City MO. Comments suggest that she was in an area known for prostitution.

Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.
















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