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This applies to this video @chescaleigh We live in a society that normalizes oppression of others. So very often the “jokes” you make or things you say are unconsciously hurtful ~ As i read the rent boy story, there are charges of money laundering. This may be a function of the outlaw status that sex work has. Nonetheless, it is tough to say what is really going on here. Prostitution has always attracted a shady crowd, and that might not change even if sex work were to become legal ~ Sted, that is possible. OTOH, alcohol has been legal for 80+ years, and there is still a criminal element in the bar business. I suspect that the cash flow nature of sex work makes it attractive to financial shenanigans. ~ I am not familiar with the government’s case. It could be the opposite. It could be that the reports of money laundering came up, and the prostitution charges are a high profile bonus. Or maybe Rentboys is being made an example, so as to scare other businesses into compliance. ~ candice @VodkaNCandy Mama.. enthusiasts..Midtown.anything vintage..crafty..and a lover of cute and pretty things! ~ Privilege should not be tolerated because it is to the advantage of a minority; nor yet because it is to the advantage of a majority. No doctrinaire theories of vested rights or freedom of contract can stand in the way of our cutting out abuses from the body politic. Theodore Roosevelt ~ @rabbijosh As I work on my High Holy Day sermons, the hardest part is embracing @ANNELAMOTT ‘s advice: allow yourself to write shitty 1st drafts.@chamblee54 don’t worry about the pissy response it might get ~ The beats had a strange attitude about black people. They thought they were being cool, but it seems ridiculous now, and probably caused some eye rolling back then. Listen to this chat It is fifteen minutes long, but the bizarre comments about “the n****” come about halfway through. ~ There is talk about subject-subject consciousness. To me, this means a non authoritarian way of looking at things. Just because you express your ideas with more confidence does not mean you are more in line with the truth. What you do is more important than what you say you believe. Nobody is better than anyone else. Now, I see these discussions about race. Some people have ideas, that they express these ideas with great self confidence. If you disagree, you can expect your personal character to be attacked. Could it be that this bullying about racial attitudes is not subject subject consciousness? Maybe these people who try to establish authority over others with their “superior” ideas about race (and trans issues) are playing the authoritarian game. ~ This might be a safe time for comments like that. I think we are out of popcorn. ~ Whatever it’s shortcomings, Syria has always welcomed refugees. People from Armenia, Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq have come there by the millions. ~ I don’t know is pinning is a good idea. Maybe someone should express these ideas in a word document, that we could put under “files” for future reference. If getting “pinned” sounds like a good time to you … ~ You’ve been blocked by this member ~ Mr. Unknown is a well spoken man. ~ @stereowilliams Trolls blocking you is like an unwanted, uninvited guest storming out of your house and declaring that they’ll never be back. ~ The problem is the dependence on the Jesus worship church as a portal to G-d. When people tire of the corruption and violence of the Christianist church, they often think they have to be without G-d. The truth is that G-d is in your soul whether you want her there or not. To say that a a society, is G-d deficient,when they don’t all agree with your narrow religion, says more about you than it does our society. ~ podcast ~ I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore ~ using spell check on a poem, i found four problems donald sarah palin jesus ~ Sorry, that page doesn’t exist! You can search Twitter using the search box below or return to the homepage. ~ @WernerTwertzog No, Slavoj, I am unconvinced that your stigmata are authentic. @SlavojTweezek ~ be the person #kayne thinks he is ~ ‏@miragonz young, wild and easily upset ~ It is ironic to see that headline, When Did Gays Become the Morality Police?, coming from the PuffHo. They are notorious for not paying writers. ~ And none of those families is Asian? ~ That was entertaining and depressing in equal parts. ~ Androcentrism in Prescriptive Grammar: Singular ‘They’, Sex-Indefinite ‘He’, and ‘He or She’ Here is an academic report on this business of using “they” as a gender neutral pronoun, referring to a single person. All that is available here is the abstract, with an opportunity to buy the paper for $30, or a 24 hour rental at $5.99. The abstract: “This paper demonstrates that prior to the beginning of the prescriptive grammar movement in English, singular ‘they’ was both accepted and widespread. It is argued that the prescriptive grammarians’ attack on singular ‘they’ was socially motivated, and the specific reasons for their attack are discussed. By analogy with socially motivated changes in second person pronouns in a variety of European languages, it is suggested that third person pronoun usage will be affected by the current feminist opposition to sex-indefinite ‘he’ – particularly since the well-established alternative, singular ‘they’, has remained widespread in spoken English throughout the two and a half centuries of its ‘official’ proscription. Finally, the implications of changes in third person singular, sex-indefinite pronouns for several issues of general interest within linguistics are explored.” ~ Rules and restrictions may apply. ~ a prophet is not without honor except in his own mind ~ Our services aren’t available right now We’re working to restore all services as soon as possible. Please check back soon. ~ anagram for consumption: no sin pot cum ~ KimKierkegaardashian retweeted Richard M. Nixon ‏@dick_nixon @KimKierkegaard You are looking very lovely this evening. ~ pictures from The Library of Congress. ~ selah









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