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@SlavojTweezek Philosophy aims at explicating the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence through the application of logic and bullshit. ~ “the most popular leftist pastime” is saying racist. The louder the better. Finger pointing and pearl clutching are optional. ~ The celebrity remains beautiful, while the phone turns to crap. ~ jesus wants me for a sunbeam ~ That goes for Fox News as well. The sound off/closed caption tv’s are tough to ignore if it is in you line of sight. Football is like moving wallpaper, and easier to ignore. ~ In the first chapter of “Plays Well with Others” by Allan Gurganus, someone cleans out the apartment of a man about to die. He takes the dildo collection, and puts them in a paper bag. The paper bag breaks open on the subway. ~ @MarkHarrisNYC @AlysiaAbbott Monstrous Asshole Racist Xenophobe= MARX ~ @rgay IDGAF. I like the Kardashians. – I don’t watch their shows but I will read any glossy article about them. ~ @WernerTwertzog The truth will set set you free. Just like the other forms of delusional madness. ~ Is she saying there is one chemical in that can? ~ I like BS less after seeing this video. Right now, I am thinking over a blog post, where I will go into this in more detail. BS is good at rheotoric, and telling his followers what they want to hear. The question was electability. Is BS electable? In the electoral college nightmare that is American presidential elections, does electability matter. Al Gore can tell you how much the popular vote counts. ~ Every cougar that ever lived on the planet earth @natsecHeather @dandrezner ~ It was a debate not a football game nobody won, except for viewers that saw a movie instead ~ procrastination, fear in five short syllables, good day tomorrow ~ haiku happening, equal sign five syllables, make it so easy ~ Man charged in slaying of transgender woman ~ don’t look at this ~ Can you name the 5,000 most common English words grouped by frequency? ~ full rush transcript ~ Can We Sum Up Your Life Story In Just Six Words? ~ What to Do When Someone Tells a Racist Joke ~ ‘You Talk White:’ Being Black and Articulate ~ 33 Questions White People Have For White People ~ cougar ~ come on all you big strong peeps uncle sam has got in deep she got herself in a terrible jam out there in afghanistan put down your phones and give us your loot there’s women and children to shoot ~ #‎Bernie‬ supports the murder of women and children in Afghanistan “I voted to make sure that Osama bin Laden was held accountable in Afghanistan” ~ ‏@VeryShortStory I cooked a special meal for our date, but Adele screamed when I put the fish on her plate. Apparently mermaids don’t eat their friends.~ @WernerTwertzog “It is not a significant apocalypse.” ~ @NightlyForecast We don’t understand the problem. We put all your organs back. Now they’re in even more interesting locations. Trust us. We’re professionals. ~ An SJW heard the first few words of this joke and started shouting. ~ Pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah











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