Streets Alive

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on October 25, 2015





There is a thing in Atlanta. They close off a street to motor traffic, and let bikes, people, and dogs take over. This time it was Peachtree, between 17th street and downtown. PG thought the best way to do it was to take the train. Uzi pointed out that for what it took two people to take marta, you could pay to park. After some wandering, a lot behind the Fox Theater was found.

The first unexpected excursion came at a Lutheran Church. A labyrinth was laid out in the lobby. PG decided to walk it, but had to take his shoes off first. This was a quick trip, with a fellow traveler waiting on the sidewalk outside.

Moving north of Peachtree, there were plenty of bicycles and dogs. In front of a bar, cheesecake samples were given out. Uzi felt a pang of nostalgia for the strip. Many people, of a certain age, remember when this part of Peachtree was much less wholesome than today.

Just shy of 14th street, Uzi decided it was time to turn around. A discussion of prescription painkillers came up. Just about then, PG’s knee began to hurt. Was it the talk about medication, or the realization that many of the high rise apartments cluttering the thoroughfare were specimens of ugly architecture? Developers are not known for having aesthetic vision.

At the Federal Reserve building, Uzi went inside. PG stayed on the sidewalk, which was three times as wide as the old sidewalks. This was where a porno theater was converted into Weekends, one of the best dancehalls to ever entertain this town. Next door was a Kresge’s, that had become a theater. A production of Rocky Horror show was staged there, with RuPaul playing Riff Raff.

Soon, PG’s phone went off. The Federal Reserve was open to visitors. PG went through a thorough metal detector, and was ushered into the house of money. A lady stood in front of a processing machine, that went through millions of dollars of bills a day. Out of many, many millions, only twenty or so are counterfeit. Soon, PG wanted to be moving again. Standing still is rougher on your back than doing something. The less discomfort, the better.

The rest of the journey was uneventful. None of the photographed dogs attacked PG. The Krystal on 7th street is still gone. The Peachtree Manor hotel is standing … maybe they found a way to keep the walls from talking. The car was not damaged when PG returned to the parking lot.






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