Brookhaven Mayoral Election

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Once upon a time, Brookhaven was a neighborhood, just east of the Atlanta city limits on Peachtree Road. There was a man named Bobby, who would stand at the corner of Peachtree and Dresden watching the traffic. Bobby didn’t say very much. Some say Bobby was “challenged’, while others said he was a dinged out Nam vet. Bobby, a big, big man, was called “the Mayor of Brookhaven.” No one seems to know what happened to Bobby.

Years later, the City of Brookhaven was created. The first Mayor was J. Max Davis, another big, big man. After a while in office, Mr. Davis resigned so he could run for the state legislature. There were some amusing rumors about sexual misconduct, involving a can of Lysol.

In a few days, Brookhaven voters will elect a new Mayor. PG took a telephone poll about the election, which mentioned two candidates. PG had been under the impression that three people were running for the office. The thought of a runoff was appalling. PG asked Mr. Google for help.

The confirming article said Williams drops out of Brookhaven Mayor’s race. Acting Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams had dropped out of the race. It seems as though her husband, former fishwrapper columnist Dick Williams, had taken a bad fall. He was facing a lengthy recuperation, and his wife decided to get out of politics to help. The remaining candidates were “attorney John Ernst and competitive eater Dale Boone.

Competitive eater? For someone to replace Bobby and J. Max, a professional eater might work. Mr. Boone clarifies the matter a bit. “I’m not a competitive eater. I’m the defending world champion. There’s a huge difference. I’m the top one,” the 49-year-old Boone said. (For you aficionados, Boone says his top ranking comes through the World League of Competitive Eating, not the International Federation of Competitive Eating.) ”

PG first heard of Dale Boone when he saw campaign signs on Briarcliff Road. This is south of I 85, and outside the Brookhaven city limits. According to a recent financial report, Mr. Boone has spent $624.68, after raising $3,880. “Boone had a handful of donors, including some restaurant ownership groups. His campaign also reports more than $5,000 in debt.”

John Ernst, who will probably win, is running a conventional campaign. There are the glossy mailouts, with pictures of adorable children. Mr. Ernst promises to clean up Brookhaven city government. presumably without using Lysol. Taxes will be cut, and trust in government restored created. The acheive this goal. Mr. Ernst has raised $55,918.28, and spent $22,616.64. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.










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  1. Jon Rildy said, on October 31, 2015 at 1:10 am

    PG first heard of Dale Boone when he saw campaign signs on Briarcliff Road. Hey Smart Ass. That part is in Brookhaven,Ga.

    Dale Boone will win. No one want a Smart Ass Rich kid from Silver Lake as there leader. Brookhaven has been there done that already.

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