Save the Date

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It is a magic moment when you find fresh product from an author you enjoy. One day at the Chamblee library, PG found Save the Date, by Mary Kay Andrews. Those who snicker that this is a woman’s book can skip over the rest of this book report. The pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Cara is a yankee transplant with an unpronounceable name. We never learn if this handle is shared with her ornery father, or a souvenir of marriage to “Leo.” Cara runs a flower shop in Savannah’s historic district. STD … the initials for this book … has lots of “local color,” but few people of color. There is a gay character, who plays (not always wisely) a crucial role in the story.

The flower business has issues. Cara is branching into wedding planning, and has a big budget do that will allow her to pay off debts, and deal with more headaches. One the day of one wedding, Cara’s dog Poppy gets out. By a bizarre coincidence, a man has a similar dog missing, and takes Poppy home. Cara sees this, and an ugly scene ensues. Astute novel readers know that the dognapper is going to be Cara’s boyfriend. They kiss on page 148, and spend the night a hundred pages later.

That night’s wedding is for the brother of the dognapper. The next day, Shaz, the missing dognapper pooch, shows up, and Poppy goes back to Cara. The ac in Cara’s shop, Bloom, is not working, which is a serious problem in Savannah. This leads to a series of events which draw the dognapper, Jack, into Cara’s arms, and then drives them apart. Some of the plot twists, while highly entertaining, are tough to believe. You knew reading this was a dangerous game when you agreed to play.

This suspension of disbelief goes too far at Loblolly. That is a family home on Cumberland Island. Bride With Issues gets mad, and goes AWOL. Cara, seeing a big payday vanishing, sends BWI a text, and finds out where she is. Cara packs a bag, drives to St. Marys, and gets on the morning ferry to Cumberland Island. Cara rents a bike, and finds out where Loblolly was, before they tore it down.

Loblolly used to be on the west side of Dungeness, a bit south of Sea Camp. All that is left is a treehouse. BWI is sitting in this tree house, having sent a text to her boss quitting her job. BWI does not know what she wants to do. Cara convinces BWI to call her family, and let them know what she has done. After all this, Cara gets back to the Sea Camp dock in time to catch the afternoon ferry. PG is a Cumberland Island veteran, and finds that story beyond preposterous.

STD goes on for 433 pages, which is not a problem. While the story is not believable, it is highly entertaining. Cara has more bad days than Bernie Sander’s hairstylist. While STD has a happy ending, we don’t know how she got out of a few of those messes. Maybe there is going to be a part two.











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