Recreational $nark

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Opinions are like assholes… everyone has theirs down there. They’re a part of life. The concept of scientific proof for opinions complicates matters. The use of malignant mischaracterizations, snide permission, and preferred pronoun privilege will help, to finance the unicorn ranch Bernie has promised to build. ~ Amy Vanderbilt said not to jump out of a window. ~ A pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. ~ ‘Modern Girl’ Carrie Brownstein Describes Finding (And Hiding) Herself In Music ~ music ~ Don’t Be a Racist for Halloween – Here’s Why Cultures Aren’t Costumes ~ reddit ~ 8 Sneaky Racial Code Words and Why Politicians Love Them ~ Which companies bankroll the candidates? ~ make galileo look just like a boy scout ~ I Don’t Discuss Racism With White People ~ A better title for this piece might be “10 signs that you are an asshole.” Most jerks (the term I prefer) don’t need a reason. ~ Instead of insulting a useful body part, why don’t we call unpleasant people “Trumps” ~ @LibtardLimbaugh Rush Limbaugh’s Libtard Brother From Another Mother & Proud Left Wing Nut Job ~ Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex ~ The primary will be the only time people in Georgia have a vote. The electoral college effectively takes our vote away in November. It is interesting that none of the candidates are calling for reform of the way we choose the POTUS. ~ I realize that campaigning for political office requires money. My comment was a bit of recreational $nark. B$ can take a joke. Which is a good thing, because he is too ugly to fuck ~ “The alternative to grassroots support is a country run by wealthy interests.” I am not sure about that comparison. Hitlery can make more in one corporate blowjob than BS can in a month of grass roots support. BHO did not get a billion dollars for his reelection from five dollar contributions. While the concept of grassroots support is uplifting, the sordid reality is that we live in a bribe-ocracy ~ Johnny Ayahuasca @RealJohnnyAyaOn a Shamanic path. Minimalism, Ayahuasca DMT, machine elves, Consciousness, Synchronicity, Comedy, personal transformation ~ The secret of being a good leader is to have good players with you. ~ I. Ognib is a fine fellow. ~ Is this where the Ramones got their name? ~ No, Your Hardships Don’t Erase Your White Privilege ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









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