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@WesleyLowery “Folks unbothered that Darren Wilson never filed a police report on Michael Brown shooting now demanding DNA analysis of campus poop swastika”. In contemporary social discussions, two wrongs equal one right. If you can’t say anything good, you talk about the way your people are treated in the media. The comment by @WesleyLowery is a good place to get started.

About this time a year ago, the grand jury was announcing that they were going to make an announcement on the Darren Wilson/Micheal Brown affair. A lot of people did not know that a police report was not filed. Ferguson police turned the matter over to St. Lous County authorities, and decided not to file a report. There were many reports in the weeks to follow.

It is tough to see a connection between Darren Wilson and a poop swastica. It is tough to see a connection between a Nazi symbol, drawn with (presumably) human waste, and much of anything. The school’s interior design department has some wacky students. How this justifies the football team going on strike, which leads to the President of the school resigning, is a mystery.

The other incidents that led to the football strike involved the n-word. Supposedly, the racial slur was shouted at people on campus. One of the people was student body President Payton Head, who made an incendiary post on facebook. The post had the intended effect of firing up the campus.

After the school President resigned, someone posted on “yik-yak” the following message. “I’m going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see.” The digital community spread the message far and wide. Payton Head made a facebook comment:”Students please take precaution. Stay away from the windows in residence halls. The KKK has been confirmed to be sighted on campus,” Mr. Head later admitted that this was not true. Some observers wonder if Payton Head was telling the truth about the earlier n-word incident.

Meanwhile, the ether has been ablaze. The authorities asked people to report incidents of hurtful speech. Twitter is twinkling tweets in a twisted sisterhood of 140 character affirmations. @Charleeea #Mizzou black students need to stop protesting and start killing. The white supremacy made it clear they aint hearing it.” This account is now private. The same user made a comment on another platform. @Charleeea” I may be over my baby dad but I took many lessons with me on the way out. Game good ova here”

This post is not going to try and make sense out of what is happening. If you expect a slack blogger to explain social justice jihad, then you are in worse shape that Melissa Click. The facially challenged professor was at the center of a sideshow controversiy this week. Dr.Click wrote her Phd dissertation, at from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, about the “commodification of femininity, affluence and whiteness in the Martha Stewart phenomenon.” In the meantime, here are a few comments from twitter. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

@moshpitwhoreThis is probably the most important this I’ve ever posted. #Istandwithmizzou #prayformizzou #BlackLivesMatter
@michaeltheglory White people saying this is fake, are y’all too up your asses to face reality?
@stevesalaita One racist administrator down, hundreds to go. #Mizzou
@BlacknRight Student protests in 60s were about being sent overseas to die. Today’s r over feelings being hurt by words. #Mizzou & others = BS! #endpc
@mirahwood Nobody on the planet are bigger babies than butthurt racist white folk #Mizzou
@RickCanton We are raising a nation of pansies. @chamblee54 pansies are rugged flowers that grow in winter you should use another noun to make your point
@BlackAutonomist Twitter racists are so mad and their tears taste like sweet nectar. #Mizzou
@johnupton Sometimes being a journalist is hard. But when the media spins a civil rights story into a media rights story, #whiteprivilege wins. #Mizzou










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