Celebrating A Championship

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18 Very Sweary British Words You Need To Use Right Now ~ shitpouch. bawbag, wazzock, fuckwit, tosspot, twatface, jebend, piss stain, wankstain, cock womble, fucknugget, jizzmonger, spunktrumpet, arsebadger, fanny flaps, cunt puddle, cuntybollocks, fuckety bye ~ Thomas Jefferson was in France during the Constitutional Convention, engaged in the pursuit of Sally Hemmings. ~ I was walking back from the drug store. It was getting a bit warm, so I took my tobaggan hat off. I looked for a pocket to put it in, and realized that my baseball hat had fallen out of my pocket. I thought of retracing my steps to find the baseball hat, but decided that it was not worth the trouble to look for an old worn out hat. I then looked up, and saw the baseball hat sitting on the sidewalk, in the place where it had fallen out a few minutes earlier. ~ Every now and then, I look in my email and see another comment to my post on the GSEMH ~ just caught the 50th anniversary! of Alice’s restaurant masacree on pbs. Brought back the memory of seeing Arlo at the Great Southeast Music Hall. I was drunk(and maybe other) and it was my birthday, so my bf said I should try to talk to Arlo because my name is Guthrie! I was just drunk and young enough to do just that. I finagled my way to the tourbus door(was pretty good at talking my way into things back then), announced that I was a cousin, and ended up sitting at the little bus table, smoking and talking with Arlo and fam. Pretty sure all I added to the conversation was a shit-eating grin, but it was one of the highlights of my youthful escapades. Loved going to the Music Hall! Ah…youth and happy times. I also lived at Bordeaux apts for a while! Peace:) ~ I did not see the exchange that led to this “unfriending.” The “nuclear option” may have been justified. I would like to urge caution in using the “unfriend” option. If you are tired of a persons opinions, you can choose “unfollow.” You will not see the person’s posts, but they will remain in your friend collection. I have been unfriended a few times. It can really hurt your feelings. Sometimes it was for trivial offenses. Other times, I honestly don’t have a clue what the problem was. People see something that they do not like. They feel like they need to take action. The act of telling someone they are no longer your friend is just a click away. I wonder if any of these people regret this action later. You can pretend that it never happened, but this “unfriending” will be in the background of your interactions with this person. No matter how friendly this person is to your face, you will always know that they “unfriended” you. The same thing applies to blocking someone on twitter. You can say that you are better off without this person in your life. I don’t like the way this creation of barriers feels. I would rather get along with, and respect, other people. If they say something that you are “offended” by, maybe you are too sensitive. Not everything you hear is going to agree with you. ~ @whitman632 Never ever get behind a zombie at a men’s room urinal. ~ strange fruit ~ If you were north of I85 … ~ Or whining about other peoples racial attitudes. ~ Self righteous mouth running about what other people say. ~ when your idea of taking action is to unfriend a social media contact you take the side of the oppressor ~ Maybe he was a sports fan celebrating a championship ~ Are there gender neutral alternatives to sermon and mammon? ~ Maybe we can quit using labels and two-wrongs-make-a-right logic. ~I was wondering when the snarky response was coming. Then I realized I did not click send. ~ Our addiction to fossil fuels is a problem. Global warming may be the least of our problems. ~ Maybe it is an opportunity to write something. ~ 1- Maybe it is an opportunity to write something. 2- Sometimes an ideological argument is just an excuse for a petty playground fight. You may think you are arguing about _____ but what is really going on is “you are a poopyhead” “are not” “are too” ~ Any holiday that can lead to a picture like this can’t be all bad. Yes, there are lots of issues involved in the treatment of Native Americans. That should not stop us from enjoying this holiday. ~ fancy ~ mice ~ Brian Keith Terrel ~ Marcus Ray Johnson ~ more polite about it ~ GSEMH ~ Hippie Heyday: The Ultimate Flower Power Quiz ~ @chamblee54 made it all the way through this weeks episode_thanks for giving me a challenge, even when i don’t make it through @TheKevinAllison What kinda stories usually make you turn the show off? @chamblee54 (1) the last one was about conversation w. dying father-it brought back memories-it is subjective, often dealing with my @chamblee54 (2)mood when i listen_ my friend had an alzheimers mom, & i doubt i would have wanted to relive that experience @chamblee54 (3) just do what you are doing- if i can’t take the heat i know how to get out of kitchen- this might make good blog post ‏@TheKevinAllison Gotcha. Yeah, many times, people are triggered or tailspun from stuff even we couldn’t predict. ~ this is not a good year for football in georgia ~ pictures from The Library of Congress. ~ selah









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