New Years Day

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One thing that is accepted without question is the year starting at midnight on December 31. That is, in some cultures. Jews have a new year in September, China celebrates some time in January, and the fiscal year is whenever the bean counters say. If you ask google “why does the year start january first”, you get 436m options.

The earth runs on a cycle, based on it’s annual trip around the sun. The winter solstice is the longest night of the year, and in many ways the logical end of the year. The celebration of Christmas, a few days after the solstice, is not a coincidence. The question today is, why do we start a new year a week after Christmas, or ten days after the solstice?

The top ranked answer at google is from They talk about Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII(13), but never quite say why January first is the big day. It does end on a helpful note:
“Calendars are a way that grownups organize time, but clearly not all grownups do it the same way. Happy New Year, therefore, whenever it happens for you.”
Lifeslittlemysteries continues with the talk about Caesar and the Pope. It is noted that January 1 was the day that Roman officials started their term of office. In England and her colonies, the new year was celebrated in March until 1752.

The rest of the google results do not look promising. PG does not know the answer to this. Maybe the best answer is that the New Year starts January 1st is because the calender says so. This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.











Did Jesus Go To Hell?

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This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Tim Tebow’s fifteen minutes are over.

A blogger named Older eyes put up a post about Tim Tebow and Bill Maher, who recently had a twitterspat. It went like this.
“Maher Tweeted: Wow, Jesus just f—- TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler, “Hey, Buffalo’s killing them” … To Tebow’s credit, he ignored Maher, Tweeting only, Tough game today but what’s most important is being able to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas everyone GB² (according to Tebow’s website GB²=God Bless+Go Broncos).
PG … who forgives Denver for Super Bowl XXXIII … felt obliged to pile on. He left this comment:
1-In all probability, Jesus was not born on December 25. The celebration of his birth was grafted onto a pagan festival day. 2- It sure was fun watching Buffalo run those interceptions back for touchdowns. 3- There is no good choice here. In both cases, you have the option of turning the TV off, or switching away from twitter. If you are in enforced contact (a work or family situation) with someone who will not shut up, who repeats his obnoxious opinions with disregard for his neighbor, then you do not have this option. 4- Jesus said, when Satan was through talking to Hitler, please leave me out of this.
This got PG to thinking. If you saw a mushroom cloud rising over Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, that might have been the result. Did Jesus go to hell?

The party line is that Jesus paid the price for the sins of mankind. Is forty four hours in a cave enough? When you consider the billions of lies, murders, and fornications, you have to wonder. Maybe Jesus is taking the place of man in hell, paying the price for your sins.









War Between The States

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It is a truism that history is written by the winner of the war. This seems to apply to the naming of a horrific armed struggle in North America between 1861 and 1865. The most common name is Civil War. To many in the South, it is the War Between The States. To PG, WBTS is a better name.

In fifth grade, PG had to write an essay about the Battle of Atlanta. The essay was a device for teaching grammar. The contest was sponsored by the Daughters of the Confederacy . The phrase “Civil War” was not permitted. The acceepted name for this conflict was War Between the States.

The conflict started as soon as the colonies became independent from Great Britain. The South was an agrarian society, with slaves to work the fields. The north was becoming an industrial society, with a need for an independent work force. The north wanted high tariffs to protect her industries, while the south wanted to sell it’s cotton to Europe. Many were suprised that the Union lasted as long as it did.

Slavery was an important issue. The south wanted to keep “the peculiar institution,” while many in the north were horrified. There were economic reasons to keep slavery. Numerous compromises over the years kept the Union intact. This ties in with a central dilemma of the american experience … how much power to give to the states, and how much power to give to the federal government.

In 1861, eleven states left the United States of America. These eleven states formed a Confederacy, of more or less independent states. Between 1861 and 1865, the Confederate States of America fought a brutal war with the the United States of America. Very little about the conflict was civil.

PART TWO There was an armed conflict in North America between 1861 and 1865. The most popular name today is Civil War. According to the always helpful wikipedia Civil War was used during the conflict, but was not the only name. Other names include the War of the Rebellion, the War for the Union, the War for Southern Independence, and Mr. Lincoln’s War.

Evidently, the phrase War Between the States became popular after the conflict. This article from the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission makes a case for WBTS. This phrase is more dignified than other southern oriented expressions like “War of Northern Aggression” or “The recent unpleasantness,” although not as much fun.

There was a debate in the US Senate, in 1907, over what should be the “official” name of the conflict. In a commentary on this debate, it is noted: ” I am struck by the reconciliationist tone of both excerpts. Compared with the intensity of the debate in certain camps today (2005) it is interesting to note that the senators who took part in this discussion back in 1907 did not see this question as decisive. Given that many were veterans they seemed content to concentrate on their shared experiences … In the background of the debate was the lingering issue of how to understand the relationship between the states and the federal government at the time of secession and at the beginning of Reconstruction. Our tendency today to refer to the war as the ‘Civil War’ is a reflection of the widespread belief that secession is illegal or at least not worth serious consideration.”

Pictures, of Union soldiers, are from The Library of Congress. This is a repost.

Fifteen Words

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@SHARON_NEEDLES Of corpse it’s great to have people love your work.. But it’s also great to have people hate it !! ~ Is creating ugly graphics part of the gay stereotype? ~ we’re all God’s childr…. ~ I was a bit sarcastic. Many gay men have a bit of aesthetic awareness, and would not have created something that ugly. However, it is possible for a gay man to create something ugly. I might be mistaken. ~ @WernerTwertzog Dear Secret Santas, Your gifts are appreciated, but please no more teddy bears of all sorts, or Edvard Munch merchandise. Yours, Werner @WernerTwertzog No, cashier, I did not “find everything I am looking for.” But I suspect you did not mean it as an existential question. I absolve you. ~ I have listened to the show. I would suggest skipping ahead to the 22 minute mark, when Gus makes his appearance. Dr. Joyce is tough to listen to. As for what Gus said… I have a few opinions. I feel like there is a taboo about white men admitting they are being abused. On the other hand, you made the retreats you do with Franklin sound more appealing than the impression that I had about them. ~ when someone says “not a match” I say “you are not a butane lighter” ~ Sweet as Sugar, Rude as Hell, My Lost Interview with Truman Capote’s Aunt. ~ Aunt Tiny ~ puffho ~ Truman Capote: The Story of His Bizarre and Exotic Boyhood by an Aunt Who Helped Raise Him ~ 2girls1cup ~ war names ~ Philosophy Of 2Girls1Cup Philosophy Of 2Girls1Cup ~ 2 girls 1 cup scam ~ Georgia was going Republican before Slick Willie. Demoze are seen as being the party of black people and liberals. ~ o quote the fruitcake lady, may she rest in peace, “you are gonna ask someone who lives in FLORIDA how to vote?” I was going to link to the video, but NBC blocked it on copyright grounds. ~ “It’s a victory for the Clintons, and for the money machines that both political parties have now become.” This is from the quote that appears when you post a link to a story. The story is in Huffington Post, which does not pay writers. The link was posted on facebook, another “money machine” that depends on free content. ~ @nihilist_arbys It’s almost time to drunkenly cram your shitty kids’ stockings full of Arbys sandwiches & pass out in the snow Merry Christmas, from arbys ~ the evil twin wetlanta is coming back ~ pg paused the interview with erica jong to get a snack the last thing he heard was the hostess saying that ej was sick to death of writing honestly about women and sex ~ That is the second worst. Most people don’t listen at all. They are looking for an opportunity to interrupt. ~ Too Many Opinions Too Little Trust ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









Kitchen Timer Listening

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Philosophy Of 2Girls1Cup

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x004 (2)







Eight years ago, the video “2girls1cup” was the rage of the internet. A trailer for a trash Brazilian movie, the featurette shows two buxom young ladies sharing a plastic cup. The contents of the cup are supposed to be human waste … many suspect it is chocolate ice cream. Later, one of the players shares a technicolor yawn with the other. A plastic supply tube may be a prop.

The video is not in wide circulation today. If you go to the original site, you see nothing but porn, another opportunity to buy smut. It is just as well. Before posting a live address, it is time for the DISCLAIMER.

It is not suggested that you watch this. If you are sensitive, have a heart condition, or have just eaten (like, in the last month), you may want to look at something else. It is gross, disgusting, and without redeeming social value. It is not safe for work, and has great danger for play.

The original film is available at a .ca web address. This commentary goes with it:
What is Two Girls One Cup ? Two girls one cup (aka 2 girls 1 cup & cup video) is a trailer that was released in 2007 for the artistic film “Hungry Bitches” made by MFX Media. The daring work of art is an allegory for the concept of spiritual awakening. It examines the prevalent ideologies that are internalized in our culture, and in true post-modern form; the thematic piece tends to raise more questions than answers. The philosophical film has varying interpretations, which is why the 2 girls 1 cup film is still analysed and debated about to this date.
Chamblee54 has weighed in on this “matter” before. If you google “2girls1cup snopes,” Philosophy Of 2Girls1Cup is result number five. The dreaded “number two” result was from the Urban Dictionary, 2 girls 1 cup scam. “It’s probably a mixture of coffe cream cake filling and crunchy peanut butter”.

PG doubts that the creators of this epic had a message. They just wanted to make a bit of cheesy scat porn. Just because the creators of a work don’t intend for it to be a myth, that doesn’t stop the determined believer. Did the Council of Nicea intend their church canon to be taken as the inerrant Word of G-d? The texts in that canon were often allegorical stories, not literal truth.

Is there a deeper truth inherent in a tawdry vignette of snacking sisters? Maybe the cup is the Christ figure. The deposit in the cup represents the sin of mankind, forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Jesus took the sins of man on his shoulders, and paid the price for these sins, just as the cup received the product of a young lady’s digestive system.

The trouble is, the girls then ate the forbidden flop. This compares to the way the church of Jesus Worship recycles sin. The poisonous anger and rudeness that Jesus paid for on the cross are fed back to the eager believers every Sunday.

After the excremental dessert, the actress hurled onto the breast of her willing dining companion. This stands in for the verbal abuse showered on worshipers every Sunday. Professional Jesus Worshipers project a vile output on the pew warmers. They think they are going to heaven as a result. Was this the message the producers of this video intended? We cannot be certain. The best course of action might be refusing to partake of the product.








Second Opinion

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Eighteen words appeared on facebook. “Nothing is more conductive to peace of mind than not having any opinions at all.” ~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. The FBF is known to have opinions.

In the google age, or le goog, you are only a right click away from too much information. In cases of facebook education, the first impulse is to ask the question, did the person really say that? In the case of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, the probable answer is yes.

“Nothing…” is from The Waste Books (New York Review Books Classics) “German scientist and man of letters Georg Christoph Lichtenberg was an 18th-century polymath: an experimental physicist, an astronomer, a mathematician, a practicing critic both of art and literature. He is most celebrated, however, for the casual notes and aphorisms that he collected in what he called his Waste Books.”

The Sudelbücher, or scrapbooks, were written in German. They are essentially a collection of random thoughts. If twitter had existed then, these thoughts would have gone to 140 character purgatory, never to be seen again. History would not have been affected.

The first thing you learn when you investigate this quote is a translation controversy. Conducive is possibly more appropriate than conductive. German speakers might have thoughts about which word best describes the thoughts of GCL. This would constitute having an opinion.

The cited aphorism does have the aroma of truth. You are not required to have an opinion about everything that goes on. Those rhetoric warriors often do not have your best interests at heart. Sometimes the best thing to do is to realize that the hot trending hashtag is #noneofmybusiness.

While stumbling through google city, searching, like a digital Diogenes, for one honest man, a lovely essay appeared. How to Waste a Notebook: The Waste Books of Lichtenberg. The author might have actually read the Sudelbücher, instead of the Brainy Quotes highlights.

“Last month, however, I chanced upon The Waste Books by 18th century German polymath Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. (Polly Math would be a good stage name.) Containing thousands of aphoristic notes, Lichtenberg’s books read like clippings from newspaper horoscopes, fortune cookie fortunes and one-liners commingling with trenchant observations about the human condition and the existential peccadilloes with which it’s fraught. So, why call these gems The Waste Books?”








58 Things To Be Grateful For

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LBGlass - 043z


There is a meme going on, 50 Happy Things: Bloggers Unite in Flood of Gratitude. PG heard about it from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, the perpetrator of Friday Fictioneers. The idea is to set a timer for ten minutes, and write a list of fifty things you are grateful for, or that made you happy.

It has been a slow year for writing contests at chamblee54. In August of 2014, a poem, Whitehall Street, was published. Almost immediately, an email came from the yeah write writing contest. Apparently, a line had been crossed, and chamblee54 was no longer permitted to participate in the contest. PG has been slow to find another writing contest to catch his fancy. It should be noted that on the list that follows, you will not find political correctness, sjw, or judgmental bullies.

PG read the description of the contest, and realized that he needed to participate. The resulting list might make good text for a graphic poem. At the very least, the list is good text to go between pictures, from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. The remarkable photo collections that PG has acess to (the other one is The Library of Congress ) are a source of enjoyment. They did not make the list by name.

This is the way the list is. It is not supposed to be comprehensive. As soon as PG set the kitchen timer for ten minutes, he realized a touch of gratitude for this clanging device. It is the first item. Only three people names made the list, which is definitely not a reflection on the many wonderful people who were not named. (One of these names mentioned is a single letter, enclosed by quote marks. Not everyone has a friend like that.) There are a few catch alls, like healthy body, rather than naming all the parts. These parts work better than a man of PG’s age, and experience, has a right to expect.

So anyway, maybe we should just quit blabbering and print the list. There are a total of sixty one, one for each year of this life. These are not numbered… numbering them takes time away from writing down more. They are in groups of ten, in the order that they were written. UPDATE: Thinking was mentioned three times, and reading twice. Maybe editing should have been listed, or at least performed. The new total is 58 items.

kitchen timer, Mac, “J”, Robert, running honda, knees, back, teeth, feet, dick

rest of body, skepticism, sobriety, sense of wonder, computers, photography, gimp, WordPress blog, other peoples dogs, black people

mexicans, reading, thinking, faeries, short mountain, bicycle, house with roof, rain, america, georgia

georgia natives, clothes, foam rubber pad mattress, sleeping platform, sticker pictures, any friends not mentioned, not being broke, good health, listening, batteries

phones, internet, pain medicine, memory of mom and dad, food, anything i don’t think of in ten minutes, freedom from religion, g-d, back yard, rocks

poetry, soap, golden rectangle, being queer, not numbering, not wondering if i have enough, not getting caught dui, freedom from the press









Three Day Weekend

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At some point, three holidays started to be observed on a certain Monday. The big three are MLK Birthday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. This post proposes making long weekends out of two more holidays. Whether this will happen is a good question. In any event, it will be a good excuse for text to go between some pictures. These pictures are from The Library of Congress. The pictures are Union Soldiers, from the War Between the States. This is a repost.

The first holiday to be converted is fourth of July. Under the new plan, Independence Day would be observed on the first Monday in July.

It has long been a good question why July 4 is the big day. The Continental Congress voted to declare Independence on July 2, 1776. July 6 saw the Declaration of Independence announced in the PA Evening Gazette. July 8 saw Col. John Nixon give the first public reading of the Declaration.

The other holiday due for an overhaul is Christmas. Since Christmas Eve is considered a holiday by many, Christmas should be celebrated on the fourth Friday of December.

Like Independence Day, there is considerable debate about when Jesus was born. Many scholars think the birth was in spring. Apparently, Rome decided to hold this celebration on a pagan holiday.

Traditionalists are not going to like this proposed change. It is not likely to be enacted anytime soon. It would be a more efficient use of our working time to not have Independence Day, and Christmas, occur in the middle of the week. It also problematic when the holidays fall on a weekend. Pay for holidays is part of the compensation for many, and having the holiday off on another day leads to confusion. If the holidays were adjusted per this proposal, then this would not be a problem.





Christmas Story

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Aunt Tiny

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There was a political comment on facebook. The last sentence was “No wonder Georgia turned Republican after the Clintons sold poor people out.” The person making this comment was born in 1980, the same year Georgia elected a Republican to the US Senate. This person also was born and raised in Florida. PG thought of a smart comeback.

There was a famous video by the Fruitcake Lady. In the first part, a young lady asks who to vote for in an upcoming election. FL makes a face, and said “you’re gonna ask someone who lives in FLORIDA how to vote?” This is along the lines of a Floridian transplant explaining the Republicanization of Georgia. Unfortunately, the video with the Fruitcake Lady had been taken down for copyright infringement. The spell check suggestions for Republicanization: Recapitalization, Cannibalization.

PG wasn’t really doing anything, and was in the mood for a google wild goose chase. This led to an amazing article, Sweet as Sugar, Rude as Hell, My Lost Interview with Truman Capote’s Aunt. A writer for the fishwrapper went to a mobile home in Hudson, FL. He talked to Marie Rudisill, who was best known as Truman Capote’s “Aunt Tiny.” The meeting took place in 1997, and was not what the writer expected. A family friendly version of the meeting was published The journalist received a slice of fruitcake in the mail. Everyone concerned went on with their lives.

Marie Rudisill died November 3, 2006, after becoming famous as the Fruitcake Lady. As for the journalist: “When I left The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2009, I stashed 27 years of old newspapers, tapes and ephemera in my garage. Nothing is more depressing to me than those boxes of old newspapers. It’s my own private morgue — replete with the sickening scent of dust and roach pills…. When I finally mustered the courage to dig around, I found the Lewis interviews — as well as a cache of other recordings. Three of the tapes had Rudisill’s name scribbled on them. I was not quite ready to listen, though. I put them in a box and labeled it.”

In 1924, Truman Streckfus Persons was born in New Orleans LA. His mother, Lillie Mae (Aunt Tiny’s older sister) left here husband behind, and took the boy to Monroeville AL. They lived in a wild household. A neighbor was Harper Lee, who wrote “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Miss Lee was a close friend, as was Sook. This is Truman’s cousin, the fruitcake chef herone of “A Christmas Memory.”

After a while, Lillie Mae married Joe Capote, who adopted the boy. They moved to New York, where Aunt Tiny joined them. Truman was sent to military school. Everyone, except Lillie Mae, thought this was a terrible idea. The effort to butch up young Truman did not work.

Aunt Tiny wrote a book, Truman Capote: The Story of His Bizarre and Exotic Boyhood by an Aunt Who Helped Raise Him. It was published in 1983, a year before Truman died. “The book scandalized Monroeville — and Capote. He told The Washington Post: “If there are 20 words of truth in it, I will go up on a cross to save humanity.” Said Harper Lee: “I have never seen so many misstatements of fact per sentence as in that book.”

There is one story that sticks out…. “Rudisill breaks down just once during our interview. It’s when she recalls “the first time Truman ever had a sexual encounter with a priest.” She was living in Greenwich Village, having followed Lillie Mae and Truman to New York. “He was sitting on my doorstep when I came home from work, and he had blood all in his pants, and then he told me about this priest. And nobody, I don’t think anybody in the world ever knew that but me.”

There is more to the story. If you have the time, you might enjoy reading the full article. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.