Gun Violence

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Parents Against Gun Violence Community put up an image recently, “A few of the reasons people shot people in November, 2015.” The commentary went on: “For links documenting every incident, click “see more” or “continue reading.” These are our summaries, written in the first-person voice, of actual reasons people used their guns last month in America.” PG has too much free time, and knows how to click on a link. It is a good excuse for some text, to go between the pictures, from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

There are 18 stories. PAGV exagerrated a few times There is little evidence that Anthony Jackson ” got fired from my job at a glass repair shop for leaving my gun and bulletproof vest in a company vehicle.” There is little doubt that he fired 42 times from his “maroon vehicle.” Most of the targets were inanimate property, with one dog shot in the leg. (While researching this feature, a popup appeared on the page. PG has one page remaining for free viewing. If PG wants to keep up with Enid OK, he should Subscribe today for Total Access.”)

One Florida story does not add up. A lady sees her son watching a porno video in an SUV. The woman tells her son not to do that, and drives off. The SUV follows the lady through a U turn, pulls up beside her, and fires three shots into the passenger side door.

The actors are more or less evenly split between POC, PWOC, and Race not indicated. The ethnicity of Calhoun County Attorney Tina Meth-Farrington is not indicated. Same goes for the star crossed lovers in the bang-up story, Man arrested for accidentally shooting woman during sex. Maybe there is a cover up. “Motel surveillance video shows Fields and Meagher both entering the motel room consensually. Also, sexual battery examination results appear to be negative for any injury consistent with sexual battery.”

Several of the incidents took place in the northern state of Pennsylvania. One story, Man showing how to clean gun accidentally shot friend in leg near Columbia, had an invigorating story to the side: ‘No More Tears’: Ozzy Osbourne gets happy by visit to Hersheypark?

Another Pennsylvania story takes the prize. Here is a condensed version. If you want more details, the original story is Cops: Mother of 8 killed by ex after fight over diaper money.

A single mother of eight young children was shot to death by an ex-boyfriend during an argument over money for diapers and baby wipes … Markese Reese, 20, was arrested … in the death of 28-year-old Marqua Wilson, of Pittsburgh. … Wilson allowed Reese to visit Sunday night into Monday, when he brought baby supplies and some marijuana to her home … The complaint indicates a witness was drinking wine and vodka with Wilson before Reese arrived. Reese and Wilson argued Sunday night when he asked her to reimburse him for the baby supplies, saying the money was supposed to have been spent on marijuana, … The adults went to bed at about 2 a.m. Monday after Wilson agreed to repay Reese, … Reese told police: “We were struggling over the gun and it accidentally went off and I ran.” Wilson died of a gunshot wound to the head … “I didn’t kill the mother of my child,” Reese said. “I loved her.”

Many of the stories involve alcohol. Comments to the Gawain Rushane Wilson story suggest the use of a prescription anti depressant called SSRI. This story has another exaggeration by PAGV. There is no indication that Mr. Wilson made his kid’s mama Hold Infant Twin Daughters While He Killed Them. You can’t believe everything you read in People magazine.












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